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Does The ROK Star Rock?rok universal

ROK Universal are a UK e cig brand that we have come across before in the form of the ROK Original mini e cig starter kit. While that kit was OK for those that wanted a cig sized e cig but the battery life, as with all these super mini’s, leaves a lot to be desired.

So when we were offered the ROK Star to review we jumped at the chance to see what their ‘higher end’ kit was like. As always even though this e cig kit was received free of charge we will always keep it real and tell you what it is really like!

So onto the review.

ROK Star Video Review

In The Box / Presentation

Unboxing The Rok Star e cigThe ROK Star comes in a nice compact presentation box that contains two layers that on first inspection looks full of bits and pieces! Not to worry though as it all becomes clear what everything is for.

In the box you will find:

2 Batteries (one 650 mAh, one 900 mAh)
2 Atomisers
2 E-liquid chambers/tanks
2 Pen clip lids
6 Mouth pieces
2 Spare airflow bands
1 USB charger
1 Instruction manual

I think that’s pretty much it! E-liquids are sold separately as with the majority of these type of ‘refillable’ kits and if you don’t already have your own then these are available to buy from ROK for £6.29 per bottle.

First impressions are very good.



rok-650mah-900mah-ecigarette-batteriesThe ROK Star kit comes with two high capacity manual batteries, the 650 mAh and a 900 mAh battery.

With my moderate vaping I was getting all day out of the 650 battery and well into 2 days out of the higher capacity 900 mAh battery. 

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology of mAh (milliamp hour) the best way to look at it is the longer the number in theory the longer the battery should last for. 

It is also said that 100 mAh should provide 1 hour of battery life. So a 650 mAh would in theory last 6 1/2 hours and the 900 mAh 9 hours.

Obviously, the time your battery lasts will differ from user to user and what e-cig setup you have but this can be used as a general rule.

Back to the battery in question! There are a couple of things I like about these batteries, the first is that they can be turned on and off. This is done by 3 presses of the button in quick succession, a simple enough function but it does help to stop any accidental powering of the battery if you are carrying it around in your pocket. Which in turn will help prolong the battery life.

ROK Star manual e cig

The second thing which is the first time I have seen something like this is the air flow switch. It might only be a small thing but it really can make a difference to the way you vape. This basically gives you the option to change the air flow as you draw, if you prefer a tighter draw turn it one way, want it a little more free flowing simply turn it in the opposite direction. Great stuff.

The battery performs very well overall, it reacts only when the button is pressed, I had no problems at all. This is all rounded off nicely by the look and feel of the battery itself which is nicely branded with a smooth to the touch finish so great to handle.

Overall 5/5– I struggled to find any negatives with the ROK Star battery, the performance was spot on and it also looks great. I really liked both the on/off and air flow control function that just adds that little bit extra.


ROK Universal E-Liquid

The ROK Star electronic cigarette kit doesn’t come with any e-liquid, this needs to be purchased separately if you haven’t already got some.

I received a bottle of the Original Tobacco 1.1% nicotine from ROK to test the e cigarette with. I am not normally a big tobacco vaper but this was a really good flavour that wasn’t too heavy, I found myself using for a couple of weeks on and off.

I will be trying more of their e-liquid flavours and reviewing them soon.

The chamber that holds the e-liquid is nice and easy to fill, just a case of tilting and pouring/dripping the liquid down the inner wall. The design also fits in seamlessly with the rest of the e cigarette and also has a small window on either side so you can see the liquid level, which comes in handy.


Once the chamber is filled with enough liquid (about 2/3rds full) all that needs to be done is to screw it into the atomiser which will already be screwed into the battery if you have followed their instructions! To finish off just press the mouth piece in to the chamber and you are ready to go! The kit also comes with a cap which finishes off the e cig nicely when not in use and helps keep the mouth piece from getting any crap in it.

The actual vapour volume produced is on a par with anything I have tried so far, a consistent plume of vapour with every drag, this was with both of the batteries.

One thing to be careful with (and I actually stupidly did it twice) is not to unscrew the chamber when the open end is facing down. I know seems obvious. I’m not sure how I managed it once, let alone twice but I did and it does leave a mess! They do warn against removing the chamber the way I did in the instructions though so it is no ones fault but my own.

Overall 4/5– I liked the ease of use of the chamber, filling and cleaning it out is very simple. The vapour volume produced was very good and I enjoyed the Original Tobacco e-liquid.

Starter Kits

ROK Universal have 4 kits currently available that cover most budgets and requirements.

ROK Discovery Hard Pack – £19.99

Includes one battery, 2 cartomisers, USB charger and a hard case.

ROK Original Starter Kit – £39.99

Includes PCC, 2 batteries, 5 cartomisers, mains & USB charger

ROK Jet Black Starter Kit – £49.99

Includes Advanced PCC, 2 batteries, 2 cartomisers and USB charging cable.

ROK Star Starter Kit – £53.99 (Kit Reviewed)

Includes 2 high capacity batteries, 2 chambers/tanks, 2 caps, 6 mouth pieces and USB charging cable.


ROK Universal offer a full refund for unused and unopened product within 7 days of receipt. Full details can be found on their website, please check for the latest terms.

Customer Service

ROK can be contacted by telephone and email, they also have an active Facebook and Twitter account if you really want to get your stalk on!


When it comes to the ‘higher performance’ electronic cigarettes I have tried, the ROK Star has jumped to the top of my list. It is priced at £53.99, a touch higher than the VGO (another quality ‘big battery’ kit) that is £44.99, performance wise there is not much in them but the extra features and the tank/chamber tip it for me.

I personally still use these bigger capacity batteries alongside my mini e cig. I use mini e cigs when I am out and about and the likes of the Jac Vapour VIM or Apollo Ohm Go when at home, this also gives me the chance to have my mini e cig batteries charging and ready for use when I need them.

So if you already have a mini e cigarette such as the Green Smoke or Jacvapour V1P and are looking for an upgrade this is ideal. If you are just looking at a bigger capacity battery kit to add to your mini e cig setup you certainly won’t be disappointed.

If this is your first e cigarette and you just want one that will be good for all occasions then this could still be a good option but you will need to decide if the size is going to be an issue for use when out of the house, I don’t personally like taking big devices out with me, not just because I feel a bit stupid vaping them but I don’t want to be carrying around e-liquid bottles and having to refill and all that jazz. Look at the trouble the guy caused on the M6!! Joking aside mini e cigs are easier (for me) when I am out, no one even notices.

Final ROK Star Review Verdict:

The ROK Star Electronic Cigarette Is Highly Recommended By!


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  1. When i first received my Rok Star e-cig it was fantastic, The vapour was great, the look and feel of it was good and it is even good that you can see how much liquid is in the tank. However after 2 days one of the battery’s stopped working, which to their credit was replaced straight away.
    After using it for a month and a half i have found that liquid is constantly leaking, the vapour production has become very poor unless i constantly adjust and clean it (during each vape) and the battery’s run out VERY quick and take an age to charge.
    Now another battery has stopped working and i am on my 4th Atomiser in under 2 months that are also not working well i have found that this is a very expensive and time consuming product so will be switching to another product.

  2. You can get these for a little bit cheaper through generic websites, but Rok do provide excellent customer support.
    The thing is simplicity itself and ever so easy to fill up the chamber. The air band ring is a real bonus – a simple thing which you actually use depending on how much draw resistance you want. Seems like different eliquids prefer different rates of draw.
    The construction is good and the atomizer is very easy to maintain (dry burn now and again and you have a refreshed atomizer).
    Really don’t understand why anyone would want to use the other type of tank models. This one is quite discrete and can be used outside in company or on the street. Pen top a bit of a waste of time, but I certainly prefer the ‘cigarette holder’ sucker to the things that, frankly, look like dummies!
    The Rok Liquid, whilst a little expensive, vapes well – original tobacco and blackcurrant are particularly good.

  3. My ROK arrived today around 11 oclock ive been vaping for around 4 hours i have been using VIPs for the last 4 weeks. Thought i would give ROK a try, although its early days i am not overly impressed, the amount of vapour can only be described as fair, the plastic mouth piece falls off very easily needs to be a click or screw fit, the air flow band does not seem to do that much, i ordered 2×10 mils of their virginia Tobacco flavour
    its dry and sweet and not very strong, i will be looking for alternatives as Rok charge 7 quid for ten Mils. The build quality is good its early days so it might grow on me we will have to wait and see.

  4. This review is my own thoughts based on my experience..

    Well the packaging was excellent in my opinion, nice looking well packed and solid so this also makes sure your E-cig is not broken in transport.. 10 out of 10 for packaging !! everything slots in THE foam nicely and well it looks great with an information leaflet that’s in English !!

    Now the Rok Star came with two battery’s one 650 and the other 900 . and also comes with two a attys (made by Rok for the Rok Star) and two stealth tanks that have a see through window on the side so you can view what juce you have left (this is a massive plus point here for me as i always used to run out of juice as i could not really check how much i had left before and the way Rok have designed their tanks it adds to an already good looking piece of kit , the Rok Star also comes with a nice pen like cap for it which makes it look just like a fountain pen .. i love it .. nice solid build it does not feel cheap and looks the part also, actually has already turned a few heads and people asking what it was (this never happened with my ego-t)

    Now filling the tank up with the Rok e-liquid was a dream as Rok make a small, long thin dripper on their bottles which makes filling it a dream (no spilling it down the center whole or everywhere else)Even with other juce bottles i cant see it being a problem at all Filling took a few seconds nice and easy and then screwed the battery on the tank (the battery already had the atty screwed on it)

    Now i had fully charged the battery’s so was ready to vape …..WOW this (excuse the pun) does indeed Rok !!! the atty wicked very fast onto the juce as in i had no dry hits at all not one (people have said they have had problems with this) well no not me not once on either attys

    The Vape production was for me outstanding (coming from an ego tank and clearo ce4) this wins hands down on everything. the taste was full and strong with every hit and the atty fired up the very second the fire button was pressed owith nice thick vape all the time every time !!!

    Now i have read that people have had leaking problems and have had to constantly dry the mouth peace padding out well again I have not had this once ..I take nice slow long inhales and have hammered both all day and Nada no leaking not even a tiny bit, I was expecting condensation of course but no not even that .this is one solid e-cig …

    Now the bit i like is that it has a variable air flow adjuster on the battery which allows more or less air when you vape so you can have a light airy vape or a tight vape which adjusts the flavor also.. now i think this is were people may have had problems with leaking if they have the adjuster on so the draw it tight and drag really hard then of course it will leak like anything else would, but nice slow long drags works on every devise i have ever had .. now this air flow makes a real difference to your vape and I could not now be without it !

    The battery’s are still very much charged from this morning and i have honestly hammered them both …the thing i like it the battery’s have a light on them to show you how much roughly how much power is left in them !! they also have a 3 click on and off function and has never accidentally gone off in my pocket ..

    All in all they feel solid look amazing and have a nice weight about them, they look great with the tank window at the top and have a lot of pluses to them like the extra mouth peaces and air flow rings you get, also gravity fed tank which is the correct way round.

    I know their are the provari etc out their but you know what for the cost of these and build quality of them and amazing vapor and taste production i personally will always have a Rock in my pocket (no pun meant ….well maybe kinda)

    also I have to add that Rok have the most outstanding customer service I have come across …Nice, polite, helpful, and honest !!! they actually went out their way for me so a+++++++++ for customer service also !

    Now this is my first ever review so may not be perfect but I gave it a go

    Also the juice rok make is out of this world my fav is milk.chocolate and the coffee wow

  5. i have only of one problem with my rok star after one week of receiving it my 900mah battery broke so called customer services and explained what had happened and they replaced it the next day so very good there.I also like not having to buy their e liquid and been able to explore more. the vaper production is great and really like tthe the air flow band so i can change my vap. so overall a very good product.

  6. This is a great product until it suddenly fills your mouth with the eliquid. Both my colleague and I experienced the same problem – merrily using it and then it suddenly floods – I can only assume it’s a faulty tank design. After the second time of a mouth full of liquid I stopped using it – it really is unpleasant.

    It’s a shame because overall it’s a lovely product, it just can’t be trusted not to try and poison you!

  7. Used to smoke 20+ rollups a day, smoked for 23 years so i thought i would try a disposable e cig and i haven’t had a proper cig since that was 3weeks ago,the disposable e cigs was starting to cost too much so i shopped around on the internet came across this place,read the revews and orderd my rok star, arrived within a couple of days of ordering,nice box looks the the business, the unit itself is nice to use but after a week of using started to leak fluid in to the lid,every time i use the lid i have to wipe the liquid chamber as its always covered in e liquid,the air flow ring needs to be better designed as its really loose or really tight depending which battery i use,the 650 battery is quit poor (don’t think its lasted more than 1/2 a day so far) but the 900 is good and lasts all day easy. Also the second atomizer was faulty when i went to use it (would not heat up at all) but they sent me a new one and it arrived within a couple of days(i think they wanted the faulty one back but a threw it away befor i realized theyd sent another one out with a returns envelope)over all a really good vape,but it takes a lot to maintain.

  8. I’m knew to vaping and wasn’t sure about it so firstly I started with the mini and was really impressed i have been a heavy smoker and have smoked for 42+ years it was time i tried to cut down, so after looking at loads of reviews decided to go with the rok star wow it is so easy to put together, ,easy to charge and enjoyable to smoke filling with the liquid was simple and was delivered the second day of ordering , all I can say is you should buy it because I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  9. I have progressed from the usual beginners ecig (sky cig) must say it done its job but I knew it was going to be short lived.

    The rok star does what it says it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right from the presentation box to the overall styled product, very professional looking piece of kit.

    Never had a problem, from first build/fill to present day just awesome.
    Just remember and use pg solution.

  10. overall i am happy with my rok star. I particularly like the air flow control ring, i can make the draw resistance as loose or almost as tight as i would like.But its feels a bit home made compared to the rest of the thing, it has no resistance at all and i feel it would benefit from either being a much snugger fit or perhaps a ratchet so it will stay were its set.

    At the moment this is my one and only gripe with it.

  11. The ROK Star is excellent and vaping experience is very nice and I really enjoy all of ROK eliquid they are so nice and rich in flavour not like other companies eliquid !

    If you want to stay away from normal cigarettes then this the best ecig for you !

  12. With so much dross out there, this product and shipping service is a no brainer. They also sell brilliant liquids too. You pay for quality but worth every penny

  13. There are many much better e cigs out there that will give the user a far better vaping experience than the Rok Star.
    This really is case of style over substance. Great looking device let down by very poor atomizer wicking.

    • Hey Nick, thanks for the review. I didn’t have any of the wicking problems you mentioned. Did you have the problem with both the atomisers? Did you try with different liquids? Be interesting to hear.

      The only device so far to let me down (burnt taste) was the EGO Tank system which I had big problems with.


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