SD Keyring – The Smallest E Cigarette In The World?

The Screwdriver Keyring e cig is said to be one of the smallest e cigs in the world (length ways), not only that but the most powerful device for its size. I don’t know if this is true, I haven’t come across anything shorter yet so until I see different I’m a believer!

So there was no way I could pass up the chance to review this e cig and at its current price!

In The Box / Presentation

The SD Keyring e-cig comes in packaging designed for retail hanging space and to be fair does actually look pretty cheap.

It’s not the packaging I am reviewing though so once you get that out of the way you will find the following.

In the packaging you will find:

1 Batteries (300 mAh)
2 Pre-Filled cartomisers
1 USB charger


mini ecig sd keyringThe SD Keyring kit only comes with one automatic battery, but this is a very respectable 300mAh.

As for the size, the battery measures in just 44mm (approx) and with the capacity what is is this is very impressive.

The stainless steel finish also makes the battery feel quality in the hand and the 510 connection makes it compatible with a selection of cartomisers.

The question is though, does it perform as you would expect from a battery with this capacity? Well the short answer is yes!

Using it as the moderate vaper that I am, I got a good half a day out of this on the first charge, after a few more charges I was still getting around 3 hours from this. Which is still great.

SD Keyring From Ecigwizard.comI am now using this mainly as a back up for when I am out of the house and it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s also a great device to vape without drawing attention to yourself as it fits nicely in your palm.

There is also a little cord attached if you want to put it on your keyring so it is always there.

Not something I will find myself doing but it’s a good touch, you can also take this off if it gets in your way.

Overall 5/5– Not much more I can say about this, its a great little battery that packs a fair amount of power. Great to know I’ve got this as a back up when needed.


300 mah SD Keyring with 510 threadYou will have an option of 18mg Menthol, 18mg Tobacco or empty when it comes to cartomisers.

I myself went for the Menthol flavour and have to say it wasn’t the best menthol flavour I have had, not to say it was horrible, far from it, just that there are better.

The throat hit it provides though is good and the vapour volume itself is great. With the cartomiser attached the length of the e cig is just 85mm which is a few mm shorter than the SKYCIG which is classed as a super mini.

The option to choose empty cartomisers with this kit is definitely a good one and with some of the great e-liquids available from Ecigwizard I would advise going down this route.

If you do like menthol then the Vermillion River Minnesota Menthol is good and if you are partial to a desert flavour then Cinnamon Roll e-liquid is a fantastic flavour.

These are all available at Ecigwizard so you can get everything delivered together.

Overall 4/5– The menthol flavour wasn’t the best but this isn’t a huge deal as they offer an option to choose empty cartomisers. This is great if you have your own e-liquids, if you don’t then it gives you an option to experiment with different flavours.


The SD Keyring e cig is available at Ecig Wizard who do have a return policy. Please see their website for full details.

Customer Service

E Cig Wizard can be contacted by phone, email and live chat. They are also active on Twitter and Facebook! I have been in touch through email and they do get back quickly and are very helpful so no problem here.


I have to say I was very impressed with this electronic cigarette, the battery life for such a small device is good, it looks great and with it’s 510 thread is compatible with a wide variety of cartomiser options.

For me this is mainly used as a back up device but whenever I go out now I always have this in my pocket, perfect for a sneaky vape.

If you are looking for a backup device then don’t hesitate to get this, for the money you can’t go wrong!

Final SD Keyring Review Verdict:

The SD Keyring E Cigarette Is Highly Recommended By!

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