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Sky Cig Freedom – Updated Kit But Has It Improved?

Please Note – SKYCIG has now re-branded as Blu Cig. Follow the link above for full review!

The SKYCIG e cig kit was one of the first we reviewed here at ecigclick and whilst we found the product to be decent it wasn’t until we compared it to other products that we found it was somewhat lacking in certain departments.

The recent release of their new starter kit, SKYCIG Freedom, saw this original kit replaced so we were quite interested to see if there were improvements. So off we went to the SKYCIG website and bought ourselves a new Freedom kit.

SKYCIG Freedom ReviewPackaging

The presentation box is pretty much the same as before, a nice looking, compact cardboard box with the clean SKYCIG branding. Inside is the following:

  • 2 x batteries
  • 1 x PCC
  • 5 x Cartomizers (Mixed Flavors)
  • USB & Wall adapter


The SKYCIG Freedom kit is still focusing on the ‘cigalike’ mini electronic cigarette, meaning they are keeping as close as they can to the size of a cigarette and to a certain extent keeping the look similar as well. The batteries have a smooth white finish that feels nice to handle, I am not 100% sure what the capacity is but they are pretty much the same battery used in the ROK Icon e cig kit and these were coming in at 140 mAh. I have emailed SKYCIG customer services in the past but they couldn’t tell me what they were.

SKYCIG Vs Cigarette size comparison

One thing that you need to take into account if you are considering this (or any e cigarette brand of a similar size) is that the battery life is going to be pretty poor.

If you are a moderate to heavy smoker making the switch to e cigs this is going to be very noticeable. You will find that you are constantly rotating these batteries in the charger. This is the price you have to pay if you are going for a super mini e cigarette though. 

Anyway… back to the review! The actual performance of the battery was good in that it was reactive to me taking a drag, I found that I didn’t need to take any primer drags to get things going.

The only downside (as previously touched on) is that as a moderate vaper I was having to re-charge the batteries every 1.5/2 hours. This can get tedious but this is saved somewhat by the inclusion of a portable charging case, without which things would be hard going.


SKY Cig freedom PCCThe PCC (portable charging case), as the name would suggest, charges your batteries without having a direct connection to a mains power source.

Of course you need to have the case fully charged for it to be fully effective. It is however a must have with these batteries.

The PCC has been updated slightly from the original Sky Cig model. I personally prefer it as it looks more up-to date with cleaner edges, it has a smooth rubberized finish that helps when sliding in and out of the pocket.

Inside the PCC there is space for 3 cartomizers, the charging battery and one full e-cig, so everything you would need to keep you going on a day out. A fully charged case will charge 4-5 batteries before it needs re-charging itself.

The easiest way to use the PCC when out and about is to use a battery until flat then just swap this over and repeat with the spare. This way you constantly have a battery charging and in theory shouldn’t be caught without a working e cig.

The PCC performs as it should but I will say that the PCC that comes with the ROK Icon kit is better in terms of size and aesthetics.

Overall – The batteries have as expected a short battery life, the PCC goes some way to address this but if you are a heavy smoker trying e cigs for the first time then you may find that this type of e cigarette (not just SKYCIG) may not fit your needs. If this is the case then you may want to consider a vape pen or even a box mod vape kit.


SKYCIG cartomiser flavoursThe Sky Cig Freedom starter kit comes with a ‘taster pack’ of cartomisers, the flavors included are Crown Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Crown Menthol and Crown Cherry. All the cartomizers are 12mg nicotine strength which is a good starting point for most.

I like the way this mixed taster pack is offered as it gives you a chance to pick the flavors that you like without having to buy packs of cartomizers. If the nicotine strength is too little or too much again just adjust this to your needs when you make a cartomizer purchase.

So onto the flavors themselves, I will briefly cover them here but keep in mind that taste is of course a subjective thing, you may find they work differently for you.

First flavor was the Crown Menthol, I do like menthol in general and while this isn’t the best I have tried it still provides a nice cool hit and aftertaste that you would expect. The throat hit and vapor volume were both decent. I did have an issue with this particular cartomiser though in that it stopped working after around 30 drags so not too good there.

The Crown Tobacco is a flavor I remembered from the original kit, this is due to a slight coffee chocolate taste that it delivers. Not offensive by any means but I was never a fan of the coffee flavored chocolates so this one wasn’t for me. 

The Tobacco Gold I found was better for me, a nice smooth vape with a touch of sweetness, the throat hit was just enough to notice and vapor volume was good.

The Classic Tobacco was a more robust flavor that was more noticeable on the throat and the vapor volume was again good.

The last flavor was the Crown Cherry which is a sweet version that at the same time has a slight richness to it. I quite like this flavor and while I wouldn’t vape it all day I would come back to it every now and then for something a little different.

To add to the above flavors Sky Cig also offer Vanilla and Cinnamon, neither of which I have tried although from experience I am not a Vanilla e-liquid fan but have tasted some very good Cinnamon flavours so I will most likely give them a go at some point and report back! SKYCIG cartomisers

The cartomizer life is said, by Sky Cig, to be 30 cigarettes worth. As with most claims like this I did find it to be somewhat of an exaggeration, I personally was getting on average 130 drags per cartomizer. This of course is going to differ depending on how you vape.

Overall – The cartomiser flavors were on a whole decent, the only one not really to my tastes was the Crown Tobacco. The Menthol cart also stopped working after a short while which wasn’t ideal. The life of the refills I also found to be less than the stated ’30 cigarettes’ by SKY Cig, I was getting on average 130 puffs.


Sky Cig offer a ’30-day Money Back Promise’ on the Freedom Kit. This does however have T & C’s such as a processing fee so be sure to read up on this before making a purchase. All details are over at the SKYCIG website.

Customer Service

Skycig can be contacted by the usual phone and email methods but they also have a ‘Live Support’ option on their website and are also active on both Twitter and Facebook.

Discount Coupons

We have been given an exclusive Blu e cig discount code that can be found at via that link or at the top of the page!


The SKYCIG Freedom kit is definitely an improvement on their original starter kit and if this was the only electronic cigarette you were to try it may seem OK but for me it is still lacking when compared side by side with other brands.

The first thing with this type of ‘cig-a-like’ e cigarette is the poor battery life. The PCC does address this to a point and if you are a light smoker coming over to e cigs then you may find SKYCIG to be perfectly fine but for moderate to heavy smokers the battery life is likely to be an issue.

For heavier smokers I would recommend taking a look at vape pens such as the Innokin Endura T18ii kit or the Apollo Ohm Go.

If it’s important for you to have a mini e cigarette that looks more like a cigarette then there are better options (with better batteries) such as Vapour2 Cigs or Jacvapour.

Final Sky Cig Freedom Review Verdict:

The Sky Cig Freedom is recommended by (Only if you want a ‘cig sized’ e cigarette!)

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