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Smart Smoker E Cigarette

If you have ever seen the movie “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie then you may remember the seen on the train with Johnny Depp using an e cig. If you do then that was actually a Smart Smoker e cigarette.

So with that bit of trivia in mind I hopped on over to the Smart Smoker website and bought myself the Hurricane starter kit to see how the product performs for myself..

In the box / Presentation

The Hurricane kit is their entry level product that looks as if it was made for ‘bricks & mortar’ retail sales due to its simple packaging.

Inside you will find the following neatly presented:

1 E Cig Battery (220mAh)
6 Cartomisers
USB Charger


smartsmoker hurricaneThe kit comes with one white battery that has a rubberised finish to and feels decent quality.

The website does state on the sales page that the battery has a 220mah capacity but on the page where you can buy a spare battery it states it is a 280 mAh battery.

So not 100% sure which it is but I would say it is not the latter?

Ok, onto the battery life and performance.

On taking a drag on the e cig everything flows smoothly and reacts as you would expect, there are also no accidental activations due to a poor switch so there is no worry that the e cig will go off on its own when you are carrying it around in your pocket.

As for the actual life of the battery I was getting around the 2 hour mark once I had re-charged the battery 2-3 times, this is quite normal for a battery of this size.

electronic cigarette reviewThe only problem you will encounter (it’s quite a big problem) is that once the battery does run out you will need to wait 2-3 hours for the battery to charge.

To avoid this an extra battery should be added so you can rotate and avoid running out of power.

Smart Smoker do actually sell a kit with a PCC (Portable Charging Case) and 2 batteries, this is normally the kind of kit that I would recommend.

Overall – The battery performs as I would expect helping with a smooth draw and providing around 2 hours for a moderate vaper. The only downside is that the kit only comes with one battery.

Vapour / Flavour

Smart Smoker ReviewIncluded in the kit is 6 tobacco flavoured cartomisers which is more than any other starter kit I have tried.

This is definitely a plus point but what I did find strange was the lack of choice in regards to the nicotine strength for the cartomisers.

I don’t even know the strength as it doesn’t tell you anywhere unless I am missing something?

Even when you come to buy refills there is no choice on strength or indication to what you are buying, this for me is a little odd.

Anyway, that aside the actual tobacco taste for me personally was just ok, again, flavours are a subjective thing so it may not be the same for everyone.

Moving on to the vapour volume and throat hit, I found the vapour volume was good and for me the throat hit was just about right.

If you are used to smoking stronger cigarettes the throat hit may be an issue for you, unfortunately you don’t have the option of increasing the nicotine content of the cartomisers.

If you buy your own e-liquid though to refill your own cartomisers they do offer upto 24mg in strength whichsmart smoker cartomisers should provide a stronger throat hit.

There are a couple of things I do like about the Smart Smoker cartomisers, the first is that they are refillable.

This allows you to buy your own e-liquid, which works out a lot cheaper than buying pre-filled cartomisers.

The other thing I like is that they don’t go down the route claiming that each of their cartomisers are the equivalent to 40 cigarettes. They go with half of that, which may be pushing it a little still but is far more realistic.

When it comes to flavour options though they are very limited with the pre-filled cartos. With this Hurricane kit you have no choice with the initial purchase, if you come back to buy more you will have the addition of a menthol flavour so pretty poor on that front.

Smart Smoker appear to concentrate on their bottled e-liquid for those that want to try other flavours.

From experience I know new e cig users may not want to buy e-liquid separately and refill their own cartomisers straight away so a few more pre-filled flavours would be good here.


The tobacco flavour is OK as is the vapour volume, however the lack of options when buying this particular starter kit along with the fact you don’t know what strength nicotine you are using makes it all feel a bit limiting compared to other brands out there.


Smart Smoker offer a 14 day return, this is on unopened/unused product. They also offer a warranty but as always check their website for upto date terms and conditions!

Customer Service

Contacting the Smart Smoker team is easy and can be done via telephone and email.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

I found the Smart Smoker Hurricane starter kit to be just OK overall, now there is nothing wrong with the actual product itself, it is just what is included with this kit.

If you were to buy this you will find you will need to buy an extra battery and if possible a PCC to give you a complete mini e cig setup.

Now they do offer this as a whole package so if Smart Smoker is the brand you want then I would recommend going for the full starter kit from the off.

Although this is a kit you would not be disappointed with, there are other brands out there that I would recommend ahead of this at this time. Vapour2 Cigs and Epuffer both offer a great product that just gives a more complete and customisable setup to fit your needs from the get go.

Final Smart Smoker Verdict:

Good: Recommended By

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  1. Over a month ago I sent this company money. They have sent no goods, they do not answer emails and the phone is out of service. BE WARNED


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