South Beach Smoke – Can They Make A Splash In Europe?

South Beach Smoke are the latest US brand to make it’s way over the pond to join the likes of V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and Apollo. Here we are going to be taking a look at their Deluxe Starter kit which is part of their cig-a-like range, this was received free of charge but as always our opinions are our own.

Hands On South Beach Smoke ReviewPackaging

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit comes in a professional, well branded presentation box and contains the following:

  • 2 x rechargeable batteries (1 Standard & 1 Extra capacity)
  • 10 x Cartomisers
  • Wall charger
  • USB Charger


The South Beach Smoke Deluxe kit comes with 2 batteries, one standard 160 mAh and one ‘Extra Capacity’ at 280 mAh. The design of the battery is in keeping with that of a tobacco cigarette complete with a ringed body, both batteries feel quality and are nice in the hand. South Beach Batteries

The South Beach Smoke branding on the side is taken from the art deco district of Miami Beach and is good touch. The only thing on the design side I don’t particularly like about these batteries is the crystal tip, for me it’s verging on the feminine side. Having said that after a few days use I didn’t notice this and it certainly has no bearing on the performance side of things.

Crystal tip on the e cigarette

Which brings us onto that very subject.

The batteries themselves are very responsive when taking a drag, with no primer puffs needed on my part to get a decent draw, so no issues at all with.

When it comes to the life of the batteries, as a moderate vaper I was getting a full ‘working days worth’ from both batteries. This isn’t too bad for cig-a-like e cigarettes. The kit (as mentioned) comes with two batteries and for me this is essential when looking for your first e cig kit.

Yes you can get an e cig taster kit that supplies just one battery and this is fine if you treat that as a tester but when it comes to buying an e cig kit that you want to switch full time for the cigs then at least two batteries are MUST HAVE! You will want to have a rotation of batteries in use so you don’t run out of power, this = no e cig and only cigs to get your nicotine hit.

With all that said South Beach Smoke does have two batteries included so a good start. Without stating the obvious the longer (extra capacity) battery does of course last longer than the standard, for those new to vaping it might seem huge at first but you will soon get used to it and for me it’s good to have the mix of batteries.

When it comes to replacing or buying new batteries South Beach have both available in either white or black and manual or automatic.

I have to say at this point that prices are very expensive, especially when on the South Beach Smoke US site the high capacity comes in a lot cheaper

Overall – The batteries are quality, performance very good and the two different capacities are good to have. I don’t particularly like the look of the crystal tip but that is more of a personal preference. The only real negative I have with the batteries is the price for replacements, very expensive.

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This is where I have found other US brands to be very good, with both flavour options and quality. Green Smoke especially impresses with their cartomiser flavours.

Battery and cartomiser

South Beach Smoke also have a wide selection of flavours both in cartomiser and bottled e-liquid form.

First though lets take a look at the cartomiser options.

With the Deluxe Kit you will have the option of choosing from ten different flavours each being available in 5 nicotine strengths from zero to 24mg so very customisable which is always a good thing. There are 3 tobacco options, menthol and a choice of 6 other flavours including Peach, Cherry, Pina Colada and Vanilla. South Beach Smoke cartomizer

I was sent a mixed taster pack for review that is available to buy separately. Without reviewing each flavour separately (I tried 11) I’ll just give a brief overview of what my taste buds enjoyed.

From the 3 tobacco flavours (Tobacco Gold, Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue) my stand out favourite was the Tobacco Gold. I prefer a smoother, more subtle tobacco taste and the Gold did just that. The Classic has a touch of sweetness to it and the Blue more of a traditional tobacco tastemthat was my least favourite from the three.

Menthol is a flavour many smokers will be looking to switch to and the South beach version for my tastes wasn’t too good, tasted a little too much like mouth wash for me but as I always stress taste is certainly a personal thing and others may think differently.

Moving on to the other flavours

There are a whole host of flavour options which is a great thing in my book, I personally enjoy trying out new flavours with some of my favourites vapes being dark chocolate mint, Macaroon and Minion Farts to name but a few. The latter luckily tastes nothing like the name suggests!

South beach Smoke do something I think all brands offering a wide range of flavours should do and that is to offer a mixed flavour taster box. This way you can try most of the flavours without being stuck with a pack of 5 you might not like.

Anyway…. Back to the flavours. I received the following; Orange Mint, Vanilla, Peppermint, Peach, Pina Colada, Cherry, Chocolate and Franks Lemon.

The SBS cartomiser flavours, bar a few, just seemed to be quite subdued in taste and lacked a depth of flavour, a punch of flavour if you like. The ones that did offer a more robust taste for me were the Orange Mint, Peach, Grape, Peppermint and Pina Colada. I actually liked Franks Lemon and Lime but again it was just too much on the subtle side to make it a really good flavour.

So a bit of a mixed mag on the non tobacco flavours.

One other good thing that South Beach offer is a mini clearomiser (purchased separately) that can be used with the Deluxe kit batteries. These only hold 0.9ml of liquid but it does give an option to refill yourself using bottled e-liquid and there are even more options, over 80 on the last count, that’s a lot of options! South Beach Mini Clearomizer

South Beach E Cig With Mini Clearomizer

Something interesting that I haven’t seen any other e cig brand offering in the UK at the moment is to make your own flavour mix. If you have something in mind they don’t sell they will make it up for you, very interesting for sure and one for those that like to experiment.

Refill Prices

Cartomiser refills come in at the following prices, the more you buy the cheaper they are:

  • 5 Pack = £14.99
  • 15 Pack = £39.99 (£13.33 per 5 pack)
  • 30 Pack = £69.99 (£11.65 per 5 pack)
  • 45 Pack = £99.99 (£11.11 per 5 pack)

Again, slightly higher than other e cigarette brands if buying just a pack of 5 with the best price available being £11.11 per pack if you buy in bulk.

One important thing to note here though is that South Beach Smoke e-liquid is made to high standards in their own state of the art facilities in the USA, they also use ingredients sourced in the USA so I can see why some vapers won’t mind paying that little bit extra.

If you decide to use their e-liquid then prices are a very reasonable £14.99 per 30ml bottle. The only real downside is that 30ml seems to be the only size they do so I’d say be sure on your flavour before you buy.

Overall – The Flavours were good overall but some of them could have had a bit more oomph to them. Vapour volume was very good throughout and the cartomisers lasted as expected. South Beach also offer bottled e-liquid as well and possibly the widest range of flavours I have seen anywhere, not only this but they will make a custom flavour order. Something I haven’t seen e cigarette companies offer in the UK. So excellent on those last two points.


South Beach offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty if in their subscription program. I can’t however find any information for warranties if you are not in their subs program.

Customer Service

South Beach Smoke can be contacted via email, phone and they are active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Discount Coupons

At present we do not have any South Beach Smoke discount codes. We will post them here if we come across any.


The South Beach Smoke e cigarette certainly has a lot going for it and it’s a quality offering overall. The batteries are good and while some of the flavours didn’t quite do it for me there are still plenty others to go at. To make it a little easier to see my thoughts on the products I will break it down into two areas.


  • Quality batteries available in two different sizes
  • Well suited for smokers looking for a familiar look when moving from cigs to e cigs
  • Mini clearomisers available so e-liquid can be used
  • Choice of cartomiser flavours
  • Numerous flavour options if buying e-liquid, 80+ available plus option to mix your own.
  • E-liquid manufactured in their own US facilities using US sourced ingredients
  • Pass through battery available so you can vape using power via USB


  • Some (not all) of the flavours can seem quite muted
  • Replacement batteries are very expensive
  • Starter kit prices may be out of reach for some

Another solid option from the States that I would recommend.

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Final South Beach Smoke Review Verdict: Recommended By Ecigclick

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Have you used South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes? If so please share your views below!

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  1. I personally like the feel of the batteries, to hold, they feel really nice, and clear quality difference to other brands.

    Also, the classic tobacco flavour really is amazing.

    I will try the eliquids soon, but to be honest I am content with my classic cartridges and they always hit the spot for me.

    I actually feel elated every time I reach into my pocket to vape my south beach! Look forward to it every time.


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