FDA Also Announces Crackdown On E-Liquid Packaging and Labeling That Could Appeal To Kids

The survey aimed at helping prevent flavoured e-liquids being banned in the United States may have ended but there’s still time to join the fight.

Vapers in America have until June 19th to add their comments to the regulations.gov – specifically the Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products.

It is to this regulation the results of the Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos backed survey will be given but advocacy groups in America are urging vapers to make their voices heard.
The Consumer Advocates For SmokeFree Alternates Association – CASSA – has published a guide on what to add to the regulations.gov docket:

  • Why you decided to try a smoke-free product.
  • What role did the flavor play in your motivation to try?
  • What flavors do you use regularly and how often do you switch between flavors?
  • How long have you been smoke-free? (If you are still smoking, how much have you reduced?)
  • Did you use cigarettes and smoke-free products for a period of time (“dual use”) before completely switching to a smoke-free product?

You can of course add your own anecdotal evidence on why you think a ban on flavoured e-liquid is wrong and there’s no limit to the amount of comments you can make.

Flavoured e-liquid is a hot topic in America with many anti-vaping groups blaming sweet and in particular candy flavours as a gateway to youngsters taking up smoking.

Dr Farsalinos told the media:

Flavors in e-cigarettes have been a matter of intense and controversial debate.
The balance between appeal to non-smokers (adults and youth) and satisfaction for smokers who use e-cigarettes to reduce or quit smoking needs to be determined.

In that aspect, and considering the FDA advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM), we have just launched a survey trying to understand the patterns of flavors use by adult U.S. vapers.

We plan to submit the data to the FDA, which is exactly what the FDA requests through the ANPRM.

We hope this will be the largest ever survey assessing the patterns of e-cigarette flavors use in the U.S. population.

Many vape famous US YouTube reviewers were urging their subscribers to complete the Farsalinos survey and such was the late uptake it was extended for 24 hours.

There’s no word on how many vapers took part as yet.

Major Crackdown On Child Appealing Packaging

It’s not just flavours the FDA is looking at either.

This week they’ve announced a major crackdown on misleading e-liquid packaging – particularly those ‘disguised’ as “kid-friendly food products, such as juice boxes, candy or cookies, some of them with cartoon-like imagery.”

13 warning letters have been sent out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with some of the companies also cited for “illegally selling the products to minors.”

fda example
FDA example of ‘misleading e-liquid packaging’

A spokesman said:

No child should be using any tobacco product, and no tobacco products should be marketed in a way that endangers kids – especially by using imagery that misleads them into thinking the products are things they’d eat or drink.

Looking at these side-to-side comparisons is alarming. It is easy to see how a child could confuse these e-liquid products for something they believe they’ve consumed before – like a juice box.

These are preventable accidents that have the potential to result in serious harm or even death.

No one in vaping can argue with that and to be honest we’ve looked at ‘child like’ packaging before.

E-liquid companies creating this type of packaging and labeling not only have themselves to blame for falling foul of any law but also bring more sensible brands under fire.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the two organizations were about to get even tougher on companies they deem at fault saying:

While we continue to encourage the development of potentially less harmful forms of nicotine delivery for currently addicted adult smokers, we will not allow that work to come at the expense of our children.

The FDA remains committed to important efforts to restrict youth access, limit youth appeal and reduce toxic exposure to youth from all tobacco products – and we’ll continue to address these issues from every angle.

We’re going to be taking a series of escalating actions under our new Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan, beginning with our actions last week targeting JUUL products, and continuing with today’s effort with our partners at the FTC.

We appreciate the FTC joining us in these actions.

As I mentioned at the start vapers in America have until June 19th 2018 to put their case across as to why there shouldn’t be a ban on flavoured e-liquids and here’s the docket to enter your evidence: Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products.

And there’s a more detailed article I wrote some time ago with more info on the proposed flavour ban HERE.

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