GO – A Portable Charging Case Kit From TECC

I recently reviewed the V Scope from The Electronic Cigarette Company and I thought it was a nice, solid piece of kit for the intermediate (and on-wards) vaper.

TECC don’t just cater towards the more advanced vaping group though with box mods, they also have a great range of e cigarettes for the new vapers amongst us.

This is what we are looking at today, the GO E Cig PCC kit.

This kit was sent free of charge for the purposes of this review, as per usual my thoughts are my own.

In the box / Presentation

The TECC GO E Cig PCC kit comes in a simple, professional cardboard presentation box and includes the following.

  • 1 X 220 mAh Battery
  • 5 X Empty (refillable) cartomisers
  • 2 x 10ml e-liquid bottles
  • Portable Charging Case
  • USB charging Cable


The Go battery is available in two colours, black and brushed steel and comes with a 510 thread, depending on how new you are to vaping the latter will probably mean nothing to you! It is simply the most common type of thread used on electronic cigarettes making it cross compatible with other devices, a good thing for sure. ecig size comparison

I received the brushed steel and have to say it’s a slick looking e cig especially when finished with the matching cartomisers. From the off it feels quality and solid in the hand so good first impressions.


The 220 mAh battery performs as I would expect for this size of e cigarette. As a moderate vaper I was getting around 2 hours vaping time before a charge was needed. If you are new to vaping and possibly looking for a ‘cig-a-like’ e cig to start vaping then just keep in mind that the smaller the e cig the less charge time you will get from the battery.

So what can be done to help make your vaping experience better when using small e cigarettes?

First, the Go kit comes with a portable charging case (PCC) which helps keep your battery charged on the go, more on that in a minute. Second, I would recommend buying a second battery, despite this kit having the PCC I still think a second battery to use as back up is always a good idea if budget allows. Just helps cover all bases and ensure you always have an e cig to use.

TECC Cig a like e cigarette


I haven’t seen this design of PCC before, this is likely because it’s been designed and produced exclusively for TECC. It has the familiar rubberised finish that used on many kits but it has a shape that resembles a pyramid with the top cut off. Yep I’m sure there is a name for that particular shape but I don’t know what it is! The image below should the trick though.PCC Go E Cig kit

The other difference is the way in which the battery is charged. Most PCC’s require you to either push or screw the e cig into the charging slot. This has a magnetic charging connection, the e cig is literally sucked into the slot when you get to a certain point. I first saw this on the Vype eStick PCC and it’s a feature I really like, makes things even easier.go pcc ecig power

Once the battery is in the slot, just press the button on the front of the PCC to start the charge.

At this point you will see two sets of lights. The white ‘dot’ lights indicate the actual remaining power in the case (each light represents about 20% of the remaining power) and the red light lets you know that the e cig battery is charging. When the red light no longer shows the battery is charged. Simple.

The PCC case has a 1500 mAh capacity battery and once fully charged should allow for around 6 battery charges.

The idea when using the PCC is to use the e cig, however many drags you take in one ‘sitting’, and then place it back in the charging slot.

With Lithium Ion batteries you don’t need to deplete the battery before recharging, you can keep it topped up so to speak. This, in theory, means that you have no waiting time for your battery to charge, great for e cig users. As long as you get into a routine of keeping your PCC charged then you should never have an issue with the e cig battery running out.Go PCC can hold 3 cartomisers and 2 full e cigs

The other bonus of a PCC, apart from the charging capabilities when on the move, is that it acts as a little container for your e cig bits and pieces. This particular PCC from TECC has space for two full e cigarettes and three spare cartomisers.

So a great design that allows for enough space to keep most levels of vaper going all day, the only slight annoyance I found was that the case tended to rattle from the cartomisers as they don’t fit snugly enough in the slots provided.



The brushed steel battery looks and feels great. The magnetic charging of the battery in the PCC is a nice feature and the PCC itself is well designed with enough space for two full e cigs and three cartomisers.

The only downside was the rattle from the cartomisers in the case when moving about but other than that no complaints here.


Titan RY4 E-LiquidThe Go kit comes with 5 empty (refillable) cartomisers and two 10ml bottles of Titan Fluid e-liquid of which you get to choose.

There are too many to list here, TECC give plenty of flavour options from tobacco to fruits and everything in between in multiple nicotine strengths. I received Tobacco and RY4 flavours.

The 5 refillable cartomisers that come with the kit will of course match the battery in terms of colour and I have to say again, the brushed steel looks fantastic!

There are many positives to receiving empty carts with the main two being

  1. Filling your own carts with bottled e-liquid can work out cheaper in the long run than buying pre-filled carts.
  2. You are also not tied to any one flavour or brand of e-liquid. The options are literally endless.


Once filled (more on that below) it’s time to vape. On taking a drag I found that the amount of vapour produced was pretty good. I did, however, find the draw to be too airy for me as well as being a touch on the noisy side.

Both of these can however be improved. There are four small holes where the cartomiser attaches to the battery, by covering 2 or 3 of these when taking a drag it tightens up the draw a little as well as cutting out a little bit of the airflow noise.

This can just be done with strategic placing of your fingers or if you want a more permanent solution a bit of tape or even blu tack. The former does the job though and doesn’t ruin the looks of your e cig!

As I said though, this is just something that improves the use for me. You may not find the need to do this at all.


Tobacco – I’m not the biggest tobacco flavour fan. Over the years I have moved over to fruity / sweet e-liquids which I enjoy a lot more.

It’s always going to be difficult to replicate the exact cigarette flavour but the Titan Fluid Tobacco flavour comes pretty close and if you are switching over for the first time this could be something that helps make the transition easy. For the reasons above though this isn’t one for me.

RY4 – This is another Tobacco flavour but with a sweet caramel edge to it. This was far better for my taste buds and an easy juice to vape, very good e juice flavour.

Filling the Go E Cig Cartomisers

GO E Cig Cartomiser refill

Very simple to do:

  • Remove white plastic bung from top of cart
  • Inside you will see a white cotton material with a tube running down the middle
  • Important: Avoid getting liquid in the tube!
  • Take your e-liquid bottle
  • Tilt the cartomiser at an angle and slowly drip the liquid onto the fabric. I find if you can drip it down the inside wall it will work its way down to the fabric
  • Drip a couple of drops, then rotate the cart slightly. Do that again until you are back to where you started.
  • You may need to wait until the fabric soaks the liquid before dripping again. Once it has just repeat until you have approx 20 drips or the fabric won’t take anymore liquid.
  • Remember not to get juice in the centre tube! This is what you will be drawing the vapour through
  • Once you have enough e-liquid pop the cap back on and you are good to go! You may need to take a couple of primer drags here to get things going.

Oh no! I’ve got e-liquid in the centre tube!

Don’t panic!! If you have accidentally got some liquid in the centre tube or overfilled then just grab a piece of tissue or paper towel. Place the tissue around the bottom of the cart where the screw thread is and blow gently through the top. This should dispel any excess liquid that got in there, which will in turn prevent gurgling sounds and a spattering of e-liquid in the mouth!

If all this talk of filling your own cartomisers is sounding a bit daunting or maybe you just don’t want to faff around with that stuff then TECC do have a pre-filled cartomiser option as well. You can then choose to either dispose of the empties and continue buying pre-filled or move onto bottled e-liquid and re-fill them.

Even if you go down the pre-filled route it’s best to keep hold of the empties for future use, just in case!

Overall – The refillable cartomisers are easy to get the hang of and the flavour and vapour they produce is good. I did get an airy draw but this can be improved by covering the air holes. Another plus point is the large selection of flavours they sell in e-liquid form, great for trying new things out.


TECC offer a 7 day return policy on product that hasn’t been used. They also offer warranties and guarantees. Please check their website for upto date T&C’s.

Customer Service

TECC can be contacted by phone, via email and they are active on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall – Final Thoughts

The TECC GO E Cig PCC Kit (mouthful) is overall a good bit of kit that has a quality finish to it and would be a great starting point for smokers wanting to give e cigs a try.

Here are the takeaway points

The Good:

  • Great starting point for new e cig users
  • Excellent build quality
  • Brushed steel looks the bees knees
  • Vapour volume is good.
  • PCC is easy to use and design is good allowing for 2 full e cigs and 3 cartomisers to be stored
  • The multiple e-liquid flavour/nicotine options available at checkout
  • Option to buy pre-filled cartomisers if you prefer

The Not So Good:

  • The draw is too airy although this can be rectified by covering holes
  • Cartomisers rattle around a little in the case Find the GO 

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  1. I used to buy Microlite from TECC and they were great. They stopped doing them (when phoning they said it had stopped being manufactured, but I suspect someone out there still does!) so I went for ‘Go’.

    I noticed straight away TECC had put their prices up, but thought it must be better.

    Firstly, I had to buy another two batteries as it only comes with one. I bought the re-filled cartridges. They come with white stoppers, which are as good as useless, because they just fall out!

    I’ve had these for 1 month and batteries are all but gone. Overall spent £40 on this kit with the extra’s and would certainly not buy again.

    Would not recommend to anyone and will never buy off TECC again.

  2. This product is lightweight and easy to maintain. The batteries don’t last as long as I would like but it is a small e-cig so I cant complain as it fits in my handbag and can be easily whipped out in emergencies (and there is always one I am a lady a drama is a must). Very cheap to buy replacement parts and the cartridges have a nice taste. The company was very helpful especially with me ( I am a fussy lady) and I received my order the next day. Very very pleased with it and I got to use a discount code which was even better. I would recommend to all and everyone 🙂


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