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One Kit From UK E Cig Store

We recently reviewed the Aqwa Square Vari and thought it was a great e cigarette so we were looking forward to trying out more of their products.

The next e cigarette on the list was there entry level ‘EGO’ kit named ‘The One Kit’.

This e cig kit was sent for free so we could carry out a review but as always my views are of course my own!

the one kit review from ukecigstore.comIn the box / Presentation

The One kit comes in compact ‘ready for retail’ box and includes the following:

  • 1 Manual 650 mAh Battery
  • 1 Clearomiser
  • USB Charger
  • 5ml Bottle of e-liquid



There is just the one battery in The One kit which I guess isn’t surprising considering the name! The battery itself is a respectable 650 mAh and is available in 5 colours (Purple, green, Blue, Black, White) for those that want a change from the standard black that is seen everywhere. 

650mah ecigarette vs cigarette size comparisonThe battery itself is finished in a black rubberised material that feels nice in the hand with tasteful and discrete branding towards the bottom.

As standard now with batteries similar to this it comes with an on/off function, press the button five times to turn off and the same to turn back on.

Only difference with this battery is that the button doesn’t flash to let you know it has been locked or unlocked and while this kind of visual indicator is nice it isn’t a big deal.

The One Kit 510 Battery/Cartomiser ConnectionThe actual performance of the battery was good which was expected from a battery this size.

I was getting pretty much a full days use before it needed to go back on the charger. What I would say is once you are up and running with this kit I would invest in a second/spare battery.

Only reason being is to make everything run that bit smoother allowing you to rotate your batteries rather than wait for just the one to charge. Not 100% necessary but it does make things easier on a day to day basis, for me anyway! The One Kit 650 mAh Battery

If you think you may benefit from an extra battery for convenience or you are a heavy smoker, I would say go for the One + One kit, this is the same as the kit I am reviewing but include 2 batteries and 2 clearomisers.


The 650 mAh battery performs well, as expected. There are also a few colour options to choose from for those that like to customise and maybe stand out from the crowd a little. 

Vapour / Flavour

UK E Cig Store supply The One Kit with a 5ml bottle of e-liquid and of course a clearomiser. The flavour options on offer are described as Tobacco, Menthol and sweet. So not sure if it is a pot luck kind of thing in what you will get as there are a number of different te-juice each that they sell.

tobacco royale e liquidI myself got the Tobacco Royale in the 8mg nicotine strength, this is a 70% PG / 30% VG mix which I find is a good mix of the two that gives good vapour volume.

I personally am more into my fruit e-juice flavours than I am into tobacco flavours, I found the Tropic Thunder that I had used in another review of UK Ecig Stores to be very good.

When I first started vaping the Tobacco Royale I didn’t actually like it, I did however, stick with it and I’m glad I did as it has really won me over.

It is described on the UK E Cig website as being “Smokey, clean and full of flavour”, I would say that description is spot on with the addition of a slight creamy sweetness coming through. I can definitely see me coming back to this if I fancy a tobacco flavour.

The One Kit ClearomiserThere is also an option on the product page to add a taster pack of either Tobacco, Shisha or Fruity. This basically gives you 5 different flavours in each pack, definitely worth looking at if you are not sure which flavour you are going to be vaping, it’s also a bit of fun trying all these new flavours! Clearomiser Close UpFilling the tanks is very easy due to the design of the e-liquid bottles as well, they have a needle point that allows to squeeze the juice straight into the tank. It keeps mess to a minimum as well, something that can’t be said for other bottles I’ve used!

When it comes to buying replacing the vape tank clearomizer, usually anything from 8-10 refills and up, there are different options you can choose from.

With the e-liquid there is a huge range available!


The Tobacco Royale flavour took a while to grow on me but when it did I enjoyed it. The clearomiser helps add to a good quality vape.To add to this there is a huge selection of flavours available on the UK-Ecig-Store website.


UK Ecig Store offer a 7 day return on unopened product in its original condition. As always check their website for all T&C’s!

Customer Service

Very responsive to email queries, they are also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Discount Codes

The latest discount code for UK E Cig Store to use is ECIGCLICK, simply enter this at the checkout to receive 5% off all orders.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

If you are on the fence about trying e cigs, are finding some of the starter kit prices a stumbling block or simply looking for a cost effective way to upgrade from mini e cigarette then The One Kit is a great option.

If budget allows I would recommend going for the One + One kit, you will get a second clearomiser and battery.

Not really much more I can say, it’s a basic kit that does the job very well at a great price point. There are better options such as the Innokin T18ii.

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Final One kit Review Verdict:

Excellent: Highly Recommended For Those On A Budget By



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