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Fight The EU Vape Tax!

As I reported back in May the EU is considering a vape tax and is calling on vapers to tell them why this shouldn’t be implemented.

Apart from answering an online questionnaire to state your case direct to the EU – there’s now an anti vape tax petition backed by many of the larger European advocacy groups.

OK first up the actual plan to tax all things vape.

There’s more info on that in my article How You – the Vaper – Can Prevent An EU Vape Tax.

But in a nutshell the questionnaire is split into 4 parts:

  • the first section asks for some background information about you, the respondent. This is in order to better understand your perspective;
  • the second section covers the taxation of conventional tobacco products;
  • the third section covers ‘novel’ tobacco products, in particular ‘electronic cigarettes’ and ‘heated tobacco products’;
  • the final section gives the respondents the possibility to upload a position paper to better explain their choices and position

eu vape tax consultation

The EU says:

The online questionnaire is accessible in all official EU languages (except Irish) and replies may be submitted in any EU language.

Some questions require expert knowledge and you are welcome to answer only some of the questions included. At the end of the questionnaire, you will have the possibility to upload a document/position paper.

Once you have submitted your answers, you can download a copy of your completed responses.

This should be your first step to influence the EU’s decision on any future vape tax whilst the second should be the Act now to stop the EU vape tax petition.

Whilst it’s rare petitions really do make a difference to Governmental decisions I still believe as vapers we should get behind this one if only to show that as a group we will stand up to be counted.

The petition states:

Vaping has enabled more than 7.5 million Europeans to stop smoking and helped a further 9 million to reduce their cigarette consumption (2). Sin taxes (excise duties) are not justifiable on consumer products which are not tobacco products and which are far less harmful to health than combustible tobacco.

Any harmonization project should instead look to prohibiting the levy of excise duty on vaping products in the European Union. Vaping products do not contain tobacco and are not combustible.

Vaping does not therefore produce smoke, carbon monoxide or tar, and vaping is at least 95% less harmful to health than smoking combustible cigarettes (3).

Vaping products are not tobacco products and the users of vaping products should not have to suffer a punitive and unjustified tax.

Look just 10 minutes of your time could prevent a dreaded vape tax – so maybe take a break from posting all those hand checks on social media and maybe do something to actually help the vaping community – you know it makes sense 😉

Answer the EU online questionnaire here
Sign the petition here

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