Science And Technology Committee To Quiz Experts and UK Health Minister

UK MPs on the Science and Technology Committee sit for the final time on Tuesday to gather more evidence on e-cigarettes and vaping.

The session will be split into three parts with the last one giving the sitting MPs the chance to quiz Health Minister Steve Brine MP on the UK Government’s current policy on vaping.

This has been an extensive parliamentary look at vaping and has covered everything from Heat Not Burn to vaping in pregnancy.

You can see my earlier reports on the committee meetings here:

Before quizzing the minister on the current UK Government e-cigarette policy the committee will hear from experts and consider issues around:

  • Recent and future guidance by the relevant health authorities
  • Advertising regulatory body on risks and recommendations on e-cigarette use

Those appearing are:

Session One

  • Rob Morrison, Senior Regulatory Policy Executive, Advertising Standards Authority
  • Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement, Public Health England
  • Professor Gillian Leng, Deputy Chief Executive, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  • Dr Ian Hudson, Chief Executive, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
steve brine minister
Steve Brine MP

Session Two

  • Steve Brine MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care
  • Dr Tim Baxter, Deputy Director of Healthy Behaviours, Department of Health and Social Care

Once they have all the facts the MPs will consider the evidence and send a report to the Government with recommendations as to how the UK Gov should legislate e-cigarettes.

This report will be published on the UK Gov website and a response has to be made within 60 days – though this can be extended.

I’ll have an article on the latest session early next week and will obviously keep you informed of the recommendations the committee makes.

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