New Cig-a-like E Cig Brand But Can VStar Compete?

There are many cig-a-like e cig brands entering the market many of which we have reviewed here on ecigclick. Many have failed to hit the mark, some have been decent while others have offered a great all round alternative to cigarettes.

This brings us swiftly on to a new British brand of e cigs, VStar. This product was sent to us free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our views are our own!

Vstar CartonPackaging

We received the VSTAR Starter Kit Light which comes complete with a cardboard ‘carton’ presentation box, similar to that of a 20 pack of cigs. It includes the following: 

  • 1 x rechargeable battery
  • 3 x 12mg Cartomisers (Menthol, Tobacco and Vanilla)
  • USB Charger


VSTAR have gone for a cool black look with their e cigs and while initially it isn’t any different from many other brands out there in terms of looks it does have a quality feel in the hand. I say initially because VSTAR also have skins available for their batteries to customise the look of your e cig and make it a little more interesting.

VSTAR E Cigarette ReviewI was sent the Union Jack flag skin which was easy to put on and it does look good. For me personally I’m not too bothered with that sort of thing but I can imagine there are a fair few vapers out there that would welcome something that little bit different when it comes to their e cigs looks.

The skins come in 4 different designs, Urban Camo, Union Jack, Snow Leopard and Vintage Tattoo. They are available to buy separately but it would be good to see these either included with the starter kits or available as an extra on the starter kit page as they are the point of difference for VSTAR e cigs.VStar Skin and cigarette size comparison

Back to the battery! I always harp on about mini e cig starter kits and the importance of starting with 2 batteries, my view is the same with the VSTAR kits. While the battery reacts and performs well, the life (as with most cig-a-like batteries) isn’t the best and all but the lightest smokers will find after they have made the switch they spend a lot of time recharging batteries. As a moderate vaper I was having to recharge every couple of hours.

Having two available allows you to alternate the batteries. There is no option of a PCC (Portable Charging Case) so starting with one battery means there will be a few hours where you will be without the use of your e cig (while it charges) which really isn’t ideal if you get the urge to get your nicotine hit. At the time of writing VStar don’t offer any kits with 2 batteries which in my eyes is a must!

They don’t have the option of buying a spare battery at the moment which again isn’t good, their website states it is coming soon. I’m not sure if this is because they have temporarily sold out? The only other option of getting a spare battery is by buying another kit which isn’t really a viable option.

Overall – The option of buying skins to customise the batteries is a good one but the main problem for me is that the starter kits only include one battery and without the option of a PCC a second battery is essential. Only other problem is (at the time of writing) they don’t have any spare batteries in stock to buy.


VSTAR CartomisersThe VStar Starter Kit Light comes with three 12mg nicotine strength cartomisers in a mix of flavours, Golden Tobacco, Cool Menthol and Sweet Vanilla.

I have always been a fan of mixed flavours being offered as it does give new vapers a chance to try out e liquid flavours they might not otherwise buy.

The flavours themselves were on the whole good, I enjoyed the Cool Menthol, it did exactly what it says on the tin, nice and icy on the inhale with a good menthol aftertaste lingering in the mouth on the exhale. 

While I’m not a massive fan of tobacco e liquid flavours in general this was decent, not to overpowering and a good smooth vape. Both of these also gave off a decent amount of vapour.

The only problem I had was with the vanilla, unfortunately my cartomiser was a dud and didn’t work at all, these things do happen though but it was a little disappointing, it also has to be said I didn’t get in touch with VStar to give them the opportunity to rectify the situation but I am sure if I did they would have sorted that out no problem.

When it comes to buying refills the Menthol and Tobacco are available in just two nicotine strengths, 12mg and 18mg while the Vanilla wasn’t available at the time of writing. In an ideal world it would be great to see a couple of more nicotine strengths in there as well as more options on the flavours, I do get they are a young company though so maybe the introduction of these will come as the company grows.

Overall – The Cool Menthol flavour was good and while I’m not a huge fan of tobacco I had no problems with the flavour. The cartomisers are a little on the expensive side but they do offer discounts for multi-buys.


VStar ofer a 7 day return should you want a refund. The product must be returned unopened and unused if not faulty.

Customer Service

Vstar e cigs are active on Twitter and Facebook and can also be contacted via email.

Discount Coupons

At present we do not have any VStar e cig discount codes. We will post them here if we come across any.


VStar are up against a lot of brands and while their product is decent there are still a few areas that need improvement.

The main issue for me at the moment is that the only kits available are those with one battery and for me it is essential to have at least two to give a smoker the best chance of sticking with e cigarettes.

They do have spare batteries available to buy although at the time of writing they were not available on site.


  • Cig-a-like – compact enough for those looking for a more familiar transition from cigarettes to e cigs.
  • Starter Kit price reasonable
  • Best suited for light – light/moderate smokers.
  • Skins available to customise the look of your e cig.


  • Battery life (as to be expected with cig-a-like) is not the best.
  • No starter kits available with two batteries.
  • No PCC
  • Limited flavours and nicotine options.

With a few additions to their offer Vstar will be a more complete e cig brand, as it stands at the moment, for me, there are better cig-a-like brands available.

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Have you used VStar Electronic Cigarettes? If so please share your views below!

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