The V2 EX Blank – A Clearomiser option for cig-a-likes

We have covered V2 e cig kits, accessories and V2 e-liquids on Eciglcick and on a whole they have a fantastic selection of products.

To add to this line-up V2 have added a mini clearomiser called the EX Blank that is designed to be used with all of their mini e cig batteries.
v2-ex blank on ex series battery

EX Blank Setup

The EX clearomiser is a disposable product that allows you to refill upto 20 times. Keep in mind this is ‘up-to’, you may get less, you may get more. You will know when it needs replacing when your e-juice starts to taste a little… nasty.

If you currently use the V2 cartomisers then you should be pleasantly surprised not only by how easy these are to use but also with the performance, there is a good amount of vapour production from these.

The clear window with marked ml’s makes them easy to fill as well as keep track of the amount of e-liquid you are using.

Filling the EX tank is nice and easy, just a case of unscrewing the mouthpiece and dripping the e-liquid down the inside of the tank, try not to get any e-liquid in the centre tube as this is where you draw through!

If you do get a little in there don’t worry too much though, you can simply screw the mouthpiece back on, place some tissue at the bottom of the tank and blow through the mouth piece.

This should clear out any excess juice.

How to fill the V2 EX Blank Clearomiser tank

V2 Shisha Pen

V2 Cigs Shisha Pen Kit reviewThe Shisha Pen kit from V2 incorporates the EX Blank giving you an option away from the standard cartomiser set up.

There are 2 battery options available, the short 150 mAh and the long 380 mAh.

Out of the two I would recommend sticking with the long option for the increased battery life.

The kit, which also includes a wall and USB charger, it isn’t necessarily a cheap option for a clearomiser kit (Use this V2 Cigs discount code to save) but the overall performance is good andĀ if you want to stick with a slimline battery then it’s definitely an option to consider.


The V2 EX mini tanks perform well for vapers who want to keep the size of their e cig to a minimum.

I didn’t experience any leaking and the vapour volume was good.

Performance was impaired a little as the battery started losing a little power, this is mainly down to the operating voltage dropping as the battery is used.

No big problem though, this is normal for most e cigs.

The V2 EX tanks are sold in packs of three, this will work out a lot cheaper in the long run by refilling with e-liquid rather than buying pre-filled cartomisers.

If you want to buy them complete with a battery then the V2 Shisha pen kit is worth checking out.

So if you already use the V2 Cigs cartomisers I would recommend giving these a try.

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