Buy The Iconic Wismec Reuleaux DNA250 At A Crazy Low Price With FREE Shipping Option!

Get your hands on the bronze Wismec Reuleaux DNA250 mod at an absolutely incredible price!

It’s already on sale but use the code WRDNA250 which will get you an amazing 25% OFF the sale price!

This really is a great opportunity to get one of the most popular DNA250 mods ever made and it comes direct from the Wismec store too!

And did I mention there’s also a FREE SHIPPING option!

Get in quick because the offer ends on January 31st 2019 – just in time for payday 😉

What’s the Deal?

  • Devices ship within 48 hours
  • Offer ends January 31st 2019
  • Use code WRDNA250 for full discount
  • Fast worldwide shipping options available
  • Currency exchange rate correct at time of writing

Sold out? Also available here


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