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Malaysia Tightens Up Border Control To Stop E-Cigs!

Whilst many countries are worried about illegal immigrants crossing their borders, in Malaysia it’s all about stopping e-cigarettes and nicotine!

This week the country’s health chief – Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad – called for enforcement agencies to work together to stop an influx of vape gear.

He called upon the Customs Department and Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (MDTCA) to work together adding:

I would like to emphasise that the enforcement at entry points involving the Customs Department should be enhanced, especially on the entry of products with nicotine.

The MDTCA could also help play a role in the influx of these vape and e-cigarette products, for example, by discussing with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) on the standard control of the products in the country.

Malaysia has an ongoing committee looking at all things vape and is leaning towards the tightening of current enforcement rules – with either higher taxes or a complete ban.

It is now in talks with the media with a view to banning vape ads and with the education department to advise on how to tackle kids that vape – all sounds very familiar lol.

singapore vape smuggler

You might recall the story I did back in June where two Malaysian vapers were caught on the border with neighbouring Singapore trying to bring in vape gear. Singapore has banned vape products completely in effect criminalizing them whilst lit tobacco is openly available.

Malaysia has tough anti-smoking laws with a ban in public spaces. The country is in the grip of a lit tobacco fueled cancer epidemic with stats showing just under 5million smokers which is about 23% of the population.

Whilst vaping is not yet banned outright in Malaysia, the laws are very sketchy indeed with some areas banning them from sale, whilst some reports say travellers are not allowed to bring vape gear into the country.

The Government is expected to tighten the legislation later this year or early next.


Lower Nicotine Levels Worries New Zealand Vapers

Vape industry insiders in New Zealand are worried their government is about to cap the nicotine levels in e-cigarettes.

They believe bringing in a similar limit of 20mg as we have here in the UK might slow down the number of smokers quitting via vaping.

Nicotine and vaping

The NZ Government is looking to regulate all things vape later this year and this, says Vapo co-founder Ben Pryor, is wrong:

If the Government drops the nicotine levels by regulation to say one-fifth of that found in a conventional cigarette, then that will decimate the local vaping industry with only Big Tobacco coming out on top.

It would mean less smokers make a successful transition to vaping, so we’d see Kiwis quitting tobacco at a much slower rate.

In fact, it’s highly likely the outcome of all this could deliver the complete opposite of what the Government actually wants.

As it stands now there’s no regulation on any vape products including e-liquids. The NZ government plans to change all this with amendments to the Smokefree Environments Act.

To be honest I think 20mg is too low and would really like to see it raised here in the UK in any post Brexit changes to the TRPR.


Passive Smoking Classed As Domestic Abuse

From August passive smoking in your own home in Thailand could be classed as ‘domestic abuse’ and the smoker prosecuted.

The tough new law is part of the country’s Family Protection and Development Promotion Act which comes into force next month.

It’s mainly aimed at homes with children after Government tests showed many kids living in homes with a smoker showed traces of nicotine in their systems.

smoking kills

The Government says over 10million people have unwittingly become passive smokers with children at most risk.

Thailand has an outright ban on all things vape as many western tourists have found to their cost with heavy fines and even jail time.

As we know so called passive vaping has no such threat.

Since the criminalization of vaping, smoking rates in the country has soared and so have deaths with over 70,000 reported each year from lit tobacco related diseases.


Vaping Has Increased Nicotine Sales

Shock horror story doing the rounds this week is the news the popularity of vaping has seen a rise in the sale of nicotine.

Well imagine my shock!

Of course the tabloid press has leapt on this little nugget proclaiming we’re all nicotine addicts and I guess doomed like some kind of middle class crack addicts.

OK, nicotine is not carcinogenic – it’s the tar and other nasties from the burning of tobacco, and rather than addictive it’s a bit like caffeine as in a pretty mild dependence rather than all out addiction – and lest we forget, there’s not much difference in make-up between caffeine and nicotine.

rise in nicotine use

And hey hands up those among us who began on higher levels of nicotine in our e-liquids and are now on 3 – 1.5 or even 0mg? And hey, if it was that bad why put it in patches, gums and sprays?

Oops, I appear to gone off on a tangent – as per usual lol.

So what’s the story?

Papers from British American Tobacco [BAT] were leaked to the media showing a rise in nicotine use from a decline in 2007 until 2017 and according to BAT’s research:

5% of vapers had never smoked before, 8% were relapsed smokers and 70% both smoked and vaped.

Not sure where they get that vapers who’d never smoked before figure as that goes against the figures in the recent NHS Statistics on Smoking England: 2019, which shows never smokers trying an e-cigarettes was much lower.

I have a simple question about the use of nicotine…So what?


Ireland Clamps Down On Under-Age Vape Sales

The Irish government is ‘fast tracking’ new legislation to prevent kids from buying e-cigarettes and opening up a cash flow for more research into the effects of vaping.

The news has been welcomed by the country’s vape industry that say they already have strict age restrictions in force but welcome a tightening of the law.

Vape Business Ireland has a code of conduct for its members to stop under age sales and to ask for ID on anyone that appears to be under the age of 18.

kids vaping

Chair of the VBI, Keith Flynn, urged his country to take the lead from The Royal College of Physicians in England adding:

I do not believe that vaping is the only answer to quitting but it should be part of a suite of products advised by the HSE for smokers who find it hard to quit.

Ireland’s version of the RCP called on the government to inject cash into more research and chair Dr Des Cox, said he was concerned at the possible use of e-cigarettes by those underage:

Urgent action needs to be taken in order to prevent this phenomenon transposing to Ireland.

We are calling for research funding to examine the role of e-cigarettes in tobacco cessation and to examine their health effects, particularly in young people.

We are also calling for the proposed legislative measures on prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to under-18s to be fast-tracked through government as a matter of urgency.

Good news indeed.

Read my article on the RCP report Nicotine Without Smoke – the study the Irish counterparts are using.


China Looks At Regulating E-Cigarettes

It might be the spiritual home of vaping but China has a mixed approach to e-cigarettes.

In some parts of the country vaping is banned outright but the Government is now considering legislation to regulate all things e-cig.

china vaping legislation

According to a survey carried out last year by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of vapers in China is low, however figures had doubled since 2015, with those between 15-24 years-old the biggest users.

Mao Qunan, head of the country’s health commission said:

According to international studies, vaping tends to induce juveniles to try traditional cigarettes, which will accelerate the trend toward a younger smoking population.

In light of their risks and negative impact on juvenile’s health habits, e-cigarettes should be regulated more strictly.

One third of China’s population currently smokes meaning more than 350million of them regularly light up with many starting as children! Deaths from lit tobacco related diseases were reported as being over 1million per year back in 2010 – so expect that figure to have grown considerably.


Apology For Angel’s Wings Vape Ad!

Vape company VPZ has had their wings clipped following the vaping advertising stunt involving the Angel of the North.

You might remember the news article I wrote back in January where the Scottish based vaping giant beamed an e-cigarette onto the iconic statue’s wings!

angel of the north vaping

It was part of the company’s rebrand and meant to show the virtues of vaping over smoking.

However the stunt drew the wrath of the designer who called for an apology.

VPZ responded this week with adverts taken out in a few national newspapers and donations to the artists favourite charities!

A case of an expensive and fallen angel from the clouds one might say 😛


…and finally…FDA Conjures Up Bad magic!

I’ve written a larger article on the FDA’s new anti-vaping magic trick TV ads and you can read that here: FDA Magic Tricks Tackle USA Teen Vape Epidemic

In a nutshell the ads feature UK street magician Julius Dein who turns e-cigs into cigarettes right before your eyes with the catchphrase “that’s not magic its statistics…”

As I say in the piece the stats in question are blatantly false as is the info contained throughout the FDA’s Real Cost website and campaign.

Do take a look at the story and yeah it does feature the ads in which I have to say the magic tricks are very cool indeed – shame the message is black magic to say the least.

However I do include the ‘real’ edited video as you can see below 😉

As I said – now that’s magic!

More vape news on Sunday!

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