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Did JUUL REALLY Apologize? – Rise In San Francisco Smokers – Canada’s Advocates Hit Back – Vapers More Likely To Quit Smoking and E-Cigs Are “Health Hazards” says Philippines

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Did JUUL Really Apologize For Hooking Kids On E-cigs?

The mainstream media and some vape commentators are convinced JUUL’s CEO has apologised for the company’s part in the so called US teen vape epidemic.

However if you actually look at what Kevin Burns said – it’s the usual ‘play on words’ media types use – trust me I did it as a journalist and to some extent do it now.

That’s not to say Burns doesn’t give a shit who vapes on the product – far from it.

Kevin Burns - JUUL CEO
Kevin Burns – JUUL CEO

Burns was being interviewed for the CNBC documentary Vaporized: America’s E-cigarette Addiction which aired on Monday night. I haven’t seen the programme yet, but by all accounts it’s a one sided vaping bad – hit piece.

During the program presenter Carl Quintanilla visits the JUUL labs and interviews Burns and asks what he’d like to say to the parents of children who are ‘addicted’ to JUUL – a loaded question to say the least.

Now please read carefully exactly what Burns says:

First of all, I’d tell them that I’m sorry that their child’s using the product.

It’s not intended for them. I hope there was nothing that we did that made it appealing to them.

As a parent of a 16-year-old, I’m sorry for them, and I have empathy for them, in terms of what the challenges they’re going through.

Sure he uses the word sorry twice – but look at the context – he’s sorry they’re using it – but makes it clear it’s not ‘intended’ for them and adds he hopes there was nothing JUUL did that made it appealing to them.

It’s that ‘appeal’ to kids that so much of this current hysteria around vaping comes from and the same can be said for all vape products especially e-liquids – kids have and do experiment with them and will continue to do so -especially if a new ‘bad boy kit’ of the vape scene is released anytime soon – kids rebel it’s that simple.

So no, I don’t believe JUUL has apologized for creating the so called teen vape epidemic and neither should they.

As to the documentary itself I haven’t been able to find a copy to watch – suffice it to say those I follow on social media from the US call it out as one sided and that’s all I need to know.

However, as you can see from the clip above, the documentary ends with a bit of schooling on the benefits of vaping from our old friend and vaping advocate, Professor John Newton from Public Health England.

As to if his support of vaping will have any effect whatsoever on the blinkered politicians and legislators across the pond is doubtful.


San Fran Vape Ban Means More Smokers

San Francisco’s chief economist has said what we all know – the city’s vape ban will mean a rise in the number of smokers.

Ted Egan is in charge of the department that calculates the economic effect any new legislation has on the city’s coffers.

Cigarettes in ashtray

The office carried out a study on if the total ban of all things vape would hit the city in the pocket – the team concluded it wouldn’t.

And why?

Egan told the San Francisco Chronicle the public would simply switch to ‘other nicotine products’ and by that he meant lit tobacco namely cigarettes.

The economist wouldn’t expand on his findings, however City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office did:

The City Attorney, in partnership with Supervisor [Shamann] Walton, introduced the legislation two months before the comments in the Chronicle that you’re referring to.

At no point was tax revenue a consideration.

The U.S. Surgeon General has been unequivocal in warning that we are in the midst of a youth vaping epidemic.

Children’s health is more important than anyone’s bottom line.

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said:

With or without a report from an economist, anyone with a modicum of common sense should be able to recognize that banning the sale of America’s most popular quit-smoking tool will inevitably lead to more cigarettes being smoked.

Sad – crazy and bordering on criminal times over the pond.


Canadian Vape Advocates Hit Back!

As I keep saying the anti-vape brigade of Canada is pushing the Government for a rethink on flavoured e-liquids and e-cigs, however the country’s leading advocacy group has hit back.

The Canadian Vaping Association [CVA] has written an open letter to Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor who recently ‘called out’ the Canadian vape industry claiming it was responsible for the apparent growing ‘teen vape epidemic in the country – sounds familiar lol.

Among other things she called for a ban on all flavours – like I said, it all sounds very familiar.

canadian vaping association

In response the CVA wrote a detailed reply and Darryl Tempest, Executive Director and Lead Advocate of The CVA said:

While the CVA and its membership share the concerns of the Minister regarding youth uptake, we have been working on this issue since 2014 with great success.

As our industry has grown in 2018, there has been a rise in non-age restricted sales channels, which has coincided with the rise in youth vaping. We have also seen national brand marketing unlike anything seen since tobacco advertising was banned, which should concern all Canadians.

Our membership and board members call on the Minister to establish an Industry Advisory Group where we can meet regularly to tackle real issues.

We look forward to speaking with the Minister to see how we can work more closely to protect youth and meet our shared goal of eliminating combustible tobacco forever.

Let’s hope she has a sit down and actually listens rather than go for the annoying 15 minutes of fame ‘save the children’ angle these politicians seem to prefer.

Read the full letter from the CVA.

French Study Shows Vapers More Likely To Quit Smoking

It seems pretty obvious to most of us however we do need these kinds of studies to show vaping really does help smokers quit.

OK this study looked at the smoking habits of 5,000 people in France over a two-year period.

E-Cigarette vs cigarette

It found:

…among daily smokers in France, regular (daily) electronic cigarette use is associated with a significantly higher decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked per day as well as an increase in smoking cessation attempts.

However there was a caveat to the findings that showed some smokers who quit successfully using e-cigs were likely to relapse at some point:

Among current smokers, EC use is associated with a decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked and with an increase in cessation attempts, especially if EC use lasts more than 1 year.

However, among former smokers, EC use is associated with a higher likelihood of relapse to smoking.

Although EC use may help individuals decrease smoking levels and initiate smoking cessation, it is not clear whether it leads to complete long-term cessation.

Lead author Ramchandar Gomajee said:

This study is the first to point out that even if smokers may succeed in stopping smoking with the aid of electronic cigarettes, they still need to be monitored by doctors and health professionals to prevent a relapse in the long term.

I reported on a study that actually looked at vapers that relapse back to smoking back in December 2018

That one was funded by Cancer Research UK and concluded:

Because vaping is a more pleasurable alternative, our research found that a full relapse into smoking isn’t inevitable when people find themselves having the odd cigarette.

There has been a lot of theorising around the process of smoking relapse after quit attempts. But all of these date back to pre-vaping times. This fresh evidence makes us question the usefulness of that understanding now that so many people are choosing to switch to vaping.

For ex-smokers, vaping offers a pleasurable, social and psychological substitute to cigarettes – and it powerfully alters the threat of relapse.

Whilst completely quitting smoking is preferable – dual use and the odd relapse is OK – so don’t beat yourself up – small steps!


Philippines Government says E-Cigs Are “Health Hazards”

The government of the Philippines is continuing its slow creep towards a possible ban of all things vape.

A couple of months ago I reported the country was eying tough vaping legislation – a huge tax or the complete ban of all things vape.

This week the Department of Health cited a number of dubious US based research papers that suggested vaping was a risk to health.

Philippines vape ban

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III seems to be very anti-vape to say the least and in a statement this week described e-cigarettes as “health hazards”.

He added:

The Department cautions the public regarding harmful chemicals in these devices such as nicotine, ultra-fine particles, carcinogens, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds. Results generated from peer-reviewed studies show that e-cig juices contain high levels of addictive nicotine, which can result in acute or even fatal poisoning through ingestion and other means

Echoing the current feeling in the US he just had to bring in the children:

In addition to nicotine addiction, cases of nicotine toxicity in children of epidemic proportion have been documented in other countries with increasing prevalence of e-cigarette use.

E-cigarette aerosol that users and bystanders breathe and exhale also contain harmful and potentially harmful substances including second-hand aerosols (SHA).

The country’s neighbours Singapore has long since banned all things vape and with the Philippines having extremely close ties with the USA, I really think it’s a matter of time before the ban hammer comes down.


More vape news on Sunday!

BTW I’ve taken a detailed look at exactly what the impact of the moving forward of Pre-Market Tobacco Product Applications [PMTA] will mean for vapers in the USA.

I’ve spoken to advocacy group CASAA and drilled into the FDA’s wording of what a PMTA is – how to file one and the repercussions to vapers and the US vape industry.

It makes for worrying reading to say the least: Vaping In America Faces Total Devastation As Anti-Vape Legislation Is Moved Forward

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