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Instagram Vape Ban – NY Flavour Ban Now Law – Judge To Decide On Montana Vape Ban – US Age restriction On Vaping – And Has Dora the Explorer Been caught Vaping?

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Bad News For Instagram Vape ‘Influencers’?

Instagram post using models and singer Lilly Allen have been banned from the platform.

The Advertising Standards Authority [ASA] ruled the posts were promotional in nature and therefore went against the rules – e-cigarettes cannot be ‘promoted’ on social media.

British American Tobacco [BAT] had argued its Instagram feed was an extension of its website and only showing ‘factual information’.

ASA disagreed and 6 posts – one of which featured a model who was under 25 – were removed.

A spokesman for BAT – that makes the Vype range of pod kits said:

In our response to the ASA we highlighted that the technology now available means social media actually allows us to put in place greater controls than exist with more traditional media, to ensure our content is directed at adult consumers only.

Given that, in its response, the ASA dismissed the suggestion that we targeted anyone other than adult consumers with our communications about our vaping products, we believe the ASA’s view that Instagram may remain a channel that can be used to communicate with adult consumers interested in the category is appropriate.

John Dicey, chief executive of Allen Carr’s Easyway addiction clinic had also submitted complaints suggesting certain vape companies were targeting youngsters – something ASA also disagreed with.

Deborah Arnott chief executive of the UK charity ASH said:

The law has always been clear that any advertising of e-cigarettes online is not permitted.

BAT’s defence that all they were doing was providing ‘information’ on social media not promoting their products, has been blown out of the water.

The ASA ruling leaves no doubt that BAT’s social media tactics for Vype were both irresponsible and unlawful and must never be repeated.

Not quite sure how this will affect those full time Instagram vape models…we shall have to see.

New York Flavour Ban Goes Ahead

A sad day for vapers and vape shop owners in New York as the flavour ban was finally put into law.

As of July 1, 2020 tobacco will be the only flavoured e-liquids and pods allowed to be sold.

New-york vaping

Huge fines will be given to anyone ‘caught’ selling the banned items.

On signing the new bill Mayor Mr. de Blasio said something had to be done as vaping was a:

…man-made health crisis.

Shame on them.

Court Bid To Halt Vape Ban

Vape shop owners in Montana are hoping a judge will block the vape ban that is due to be imposed today [Wednesday].

The Montana Smoke Free Association has filed the motion and face an anxious wait on the judge’s decision.

The ban was brought in by Governor Steve Bullock back in October.

Congress Set To Bring In Age Restriction For Vaping

US politicians appear to be ready to raise the legal age for people to buy tobacco and vape gear to 21.

However anti-vape groups say whilst it’s a start it’s not going to end the supposed ‘teen vape crisis’.

vaping and teens

They want to see a complete flavour ban.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids says:

Raising the tobacco age to 21 is a positive step, but it is not a substitute for prohibiting the flavored e-cigarettes that are luring and addicting our kids.

Juul and Altria have hijacked the tobacco 21 issue for their own nefarious reasons as a shield to fight efforts to prohibit flavored e-cigarettes.

It is deeply disappointing that the budget agreement gives these tobacco companies what they want without addressing the crisis caused by flavored e-cigarettes.

To reverse the e-cigarette epidemic, policy makers must prohibit flavored e-cigarettes and cannot be limited by what the tobacco industry says is acceptable.

President Trump had hinted the 21 age limit would be one way to tackle the alleged epidemic.

Now we wait to see what his administration comes up with regarding flavours.

and finally…Does Dora the Explorer Even Vape Bro?

Kind of!

Well at least the actor who voices the cartoon character does!

dora explorer vaping
image via: Mashable

And this is where reality blends into the fanciful!

OK – Dr Ranti Fayokun – a scientist with the World Health Organization no less had used an image of Dora the Explorer suggesting it was promoting vaping…to kids.

Yeah I know lol…

Add to that she also used the infamous My First Vape meme and you can see why health experts listening to her speech were more than a little baffled.

However and in a delicious twist – the teen who’s the voice of Dora – 15-year-old Fatima Ptacek, has been suspended from school for…wait for it…vaping!

The little lady in question was banned for 3 days however her mate was expelled.

This has outraged the expelled girls parents who are now suing the school and claiming $40,000 in damages!

If you look at Dora’s backpack you can indeed see what suspiciously looks like a vape pen…

Naughty naughty Dora lol.


A quiet few days vape news wise – Christmas slowdown I guess…

More vape news on Sunday and hopefully a little bit more cheerful!

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