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Street Liquid Hospitalizes Kids – FDA Needs You – Another UK NHS Trust Goes Vape Friendly and Buy A Car Get A FREE Vape! It’s Been A Quiet Few Days For A Change!


The Truth About Those Hospitalized Vaping Kids

I’ve resisted writing about the case of 14 or so young people in the US being hospitalized due to vaping until the facts emerged.

The truth behind those scary headlines is simple – the e-liquid they bought was from a ‘street dealer‘ and not from a bricks and mortar vape shop or online.

And the REAL truth here is, this case is a warning of what might happen should the USA decide to ban all flavoured e-liquids and even vape devices themselves.

kids vaping

Add to the fact these kids were vaping on what appears to be cannabis based e-liquid and NOT even CBD, and whilst shocking and terrible for the kids and their families and friends, lumping in this case with vaping as a whole is not only opportunist but also dangerous.

As I said in my post-ban fictional apocalyptic short story: The Rise of the Vapesters – if America does outlaw vaping then as sure as night follows day it will go underground meaning God knows what will be in the ‘street juice’ vapers will be buying.

As to the cases in Wisconsin and Illinois, Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said:

…unless the Department is withholding information, what we know today does not justify discouraging adult smokers from using vaping products as an alternative to cigarettes.

It is absolutely shameful that health departments are blaming vaping generally when the facts point to street-bought THC cartridges as being the likely cause of these hospitalizations.

Absolutely and let’s hope these kids get well soon.

FDA Needs Input On E-Cig ‘Toxins’

The FDA is asking for the public’s input as they look to add warnings of 19 toxins to e-liquids.

There’s already a toxicant list on smoke from lit tobacco, however the agency now wants to include any possible toxins that may be found in vapour.

‘May’ is the key word here and let’s hope those in the know actually take up the FDA’s call and put this matter to bed once and for all.

You can find the full proposed list HERE and how to add your comment.

ned sharpless fda
via: FDA newsroom – Norman Ned Sharpless

Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless, M.D said:

As our oversight and scientific knowledge of tobacco products has evolved, so too should our requirements for manufacturers and importers to provide information about the chemicals or chemical compounds in their products that cause or could cause harm to users and nonusers.

We welcome comment on the proposed additions to the list of harmful and potentially harmful constituents of 19 toxicants that may be found in tobacco products, including electronic nicotine delivery systems such as e-liquids and e-cigarette aerosol.

We remain committed to meeting the important goal of ensuring the public can clearly understand the real and potential risks of tobacco product use as we work to protect kids and significantly reduce tobacco-related disease and death.

I’m no chemist or scientist but I’m pretty sure there’s a HUGE difference between vapour and the smoke from lit tobacco – tar being one as that’s what kills and not the nicotine.


Photo Of The Week – NHS Trust Goes Pro Vaping!

Great to see this tweet from Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys [TEWV] NHS Foundation Trust popping up on my timeline:

Yet another NHS trust leading the way in smoking cessation via e-cigarettes.

The UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA]agreed:

This is top work by @TEWV!

All the evidence shows that smoking cessation is more successful with #vaping.

This kind of evidence-based approach, making room for vapers, helps them even more!

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, so why treat them the same? #HarmReduction

As I always seem to say in this situations…are you watching America?

…and finally…Buy a New Car – Get A FREE Vape Pen!

Forget free insurance or a tank full of petrol, the way to sell a used car these days includes the incentive of a free vape pen!

That’s the case according to one dealership in Utah USA!

The all black 2006 Ford Focus RS is what they call a ‘hot hatch’ and Prestman Auto reckons this is exactly what today’s vaper is driving!

free vape with car

A spokesman for the dealership says most customers arrive with a vape so it was an obvious move:

Yes, there is a vape included in the purchase of the RS.

We have a vape store next to our dealership that the buyer can go to and pick out a vape.

We did that because most of the potential buyers for that car come with vape in hand.

Not exactly sure what the vape device is…maybe a Uwell Hypercar kit 😉

So is this a good or bad idea? Would you buy a car because of free vape gear? Let me know on the comments below.


More vaping news on Sunday!

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