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The NNA’s Guardian Letter – Malaysia’s Vape Laws – Another JUUL Lawsuit – Bonnie Strange VUSE Boob – Under Age Online Vape Sales and Oops! UPS THC Drug Ring Busted

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NNA’s Vice Chair Takes the Anti Vapers To Task – AGAIN!

A group of UK children’s health care professionals has warned that vaping is dangerous to children.

In a joint letter printed in the UK newspaper the Guardian, co-author Professor Warren Lenney – an expert in respiratory illnesses in children, takes a dim view at Public Health England’s stance that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

However, Louise Ross – the vice chair of the New Nicotine Alliance – hit back with a letter of her own firmly putting the anti-vaping 16 in their place.

louise ross nna vice chair

The group had written:

We cannot sit back and accept a blanket message from Public Health England that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking because:

  • (a) nobody knows exactly what substances are in these liquids, although we do know, in direct contravention of EU regulations, they contain chemicals toxic to the lungs;
  • (b) there is an epidemic of vaping-related chest disease and deaths in America and…
  • (c) it took over 30 years for the long-term harmful effects of tobacco to be appreciated.

Before adding:

Children and young people who use e-cigarettes are more likely to smoke tobacco.

The 2016 US surgeon general’s report concluded that “e-cigarettes are unsafe in children and adolescents”.

Public Health England is out of step with him, the European Respiratory Society and other international respiratory societies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, India (where vaping has been banned) and Australia (where a ban seems imminent).

I think the learned professor is the one out of step here and Louise agrees.

She fired back:

The letter from 16 paediatric professionals (Vaping poses serious threat to children, 27 November) is an argument based on error and supposition, starting with the claim that “nobody knows exactly what substances are in these liquids”.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency knows exactly what’s in them, and UK products are highly regulated.

Surveillance by Action on Smoking and Health and Cancer Research UK points to vaping displacing smoking among young people, and that there is only negligible use among never-smokers.

The letter writers might like to consider the positive effect of parents who smoked switching to vaping, avoiding smoking-related disability and premature death.

That surely improves young people’s well-being.

Nicely put!

Read the ASH report Louise is referring to: Use of e-cigarettes among young people in Great Britain, 2019

There’s certainly a small but growing group of anti-vape organizations and loosely tied groups popping up here in the UK.

Whilst we’re not anywhere near the levels of hysteria over in the United States and many other countries, that could change at any moment.

Now is a great time to support the New Nicotine Alliance – especially with the TPD / TRPR 2 review coming up.

vape news nna

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Malaysia Vape Laws Taking Shape

Rather than an outright ban of all vaping products, the Malaysian government is currently writing draft vape legislation.

This will include a tightening up of allowed ingredients within e-liquid and strict age controls.

Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye said:

We want to ensure those aged 18 and below are not exposed to vaping, which eventually leads to addiction and moral decadence.

Apart from that, it is also compulsory for the sale of electronic cigarettes to be labelled with the composition of the vape juice to ensure that it is not mixed with harmful drugs.


Malaysia will also be looking at the pricing and tax of vape products, and unfortunately a probable public inside and outside ban on vaping.

Dr Lee said:

As with tobacco cigarette, we also want to enforce the use of vape in open and closed areas such as in restaurants and public parks, as well as take into account its price and tax.

As it is, we are still in the early stage, with the draft already sent to the Attorney-General’s Chambers, and if everything goes well, it is expected to be ready for tabling in Parliament next year.

It’s a pity Malaysia is considering a public outdoor and indoor ban – but at least this is a far more sensible approach to vaping than many Asian countries.

Now Washington Sues JUUL

Washington State has joined a growing list of those suing vape giant JUUL.

Most of the lawsuits are citing JUUL allegedly marketing its product to teens in the early days – especially on social media.

California announced last week it was taking legal action and New York has already filed.

juul bans own flavoured pods

In Washington the legal move also slams the company for using so called social media “influencers” to market its product.

Washington State’s Attorney General Karl Racine, tweeted:

We’re seeking to stop JUUL from engaging in these illegal practices that have dragged a new generation into nicotine addiction.

Under fire JUUL – the largest e-cigarette company in the USA issued a statement that included:

[JUUL has]…

suspended all broadcast, print, and digital product advertising in the US and are investing in scientific research.

Last week I reported how JUUL had once again thrown the vaping industry under the bus by agreeing on any future total flavour ban.

Given all the awful publicity and the flood of lawsuits – I’m finding it hard to see how the company can remain in the US market.

With the PMTA process upcoming, the FDA will be under severe pressure to not give JUUL the go ahead to sell its product anywhere in America.

Boom time for lawyers though…

Vape Products On Social Media Under Fire

European anti-vape groups say the laws on e-cigarettes appearing on social media need to be tightened.

One group goes further and calls for an outright ban of such posts, especially those from so called “influencers” – there’s that word again!

vape news bonnie strange vype

German actress Bonnie Strange was picked out as an example…nice photo…but I digress…

The EU laws/rules regarding such placement are without doubt cloudy.

It’s typical red-tape gobbledygook which says vape products should be banned on:

…commercial communications of e-cigarettes in “information society services.”

Anti-vaping groups and lobbyists say the internet IS an “information society service” and therefore posts such as the one above are therefore illegal.

Deborah Arnott from Action On Smoking and Health [ASH] said:

The industry will push where the regulations aren’t black and white, where there’s an obvious gray area.

They will push further than the rules allow until they’re stopped from getting away with it.

Looks to me like the EU has made a bit of a boob out of this one…*coughs*

With smoking hot photos like Bonnie’s let’s hope they let them stay…

And BTW – a quick [honest] look at Bonnie’s Instagram page shows more than a few photos of her smoking a lit cigarette.

No one seems bothered about that!

Double standards?

Now…how the bloody hell do you work this Instagram thinggy…asking for a friend 😉

Online Under Age Vape Sales Slammed

A study in New Zealand has shown 90% of kids under 18 are buying vape gear online without any age verification.

The study was carried out by the health department at the University of Otago and as much as I’d like to read it – they’ve hid it behind a bloody paywall.

From what I can gather, the researchers also found that 68% of the online shops targeted didn’t have health warnings on nicotine being an addictive substance either – and neither did the shop’s social media pages.

kids vaping

However 6 of the shops DID have proper age verification needing ID such as a drivers license or passport.

The study’s co author, associate professor George Thomson, called on the New Zealand Government to act:

The Government needs to devise and test effective warnings for nicotine addiction and vaping harms, and require all online vape marketing pages to feature visually salient health warnings.

International research has found warnings may reduce uptake among adolescents.

Vaping has only recently been ‘legalized’ in New Zealand and is still early days.

However it’s imperative that online and bricks and mortar stores across the globe have the strictest age verification policies going.

Sales to under-age users are the one thing anti-vaping groups pounce on!

Jonathan Devy, from the Vaping Trade Association of New Zealand agreed saying he would fully support a Government led ID scheme adding:

I would be incredibly disappointed and surprised if vape vendors would sell to kids.

Absolutely and it should be the first thing online and street vape shops should be considering.

Give the anti-vape crowd an inch and they WILL take a mile and possibly even your shop!

Read more: Challenge 25 – Is It Challenging To the Vape Industry?

Ooops! UPS Employees Caught Smuggling Drugs and Fake Vape Gear!

Cops have smashed an illegal drug gang made up of delivery giant UPS employees and found fake THC infused vape pens and cartridges.

It’s not yet clear if any of the THC devices were contaminated or linked to the spate of deaths and illnesses now called EVALI.

illicit thc cartridges

Read my article: Vaping Is NOT About To Kill You – But Black-Market THC Cartridges Might – for a more detailed look at that topic.

The dealing racket had been going on for at least a decade and the gang used its knowledge of the inner workings of UPS to get past the security procedures.

The gang used delivery routes to smuggle weed – THC vape pens and stronger narcotics over the 10-year period and were confident of never being caught.

The multi-agency task force used surveillance and wire-taps and last week pounced seizing the gang leader’s profits including a large amount of cash – a boat – a Corvette and 50,000 THC vape pens that could possibly be deadly.


William Kaderly, a Tucson police sergeant said:

They’ve been doing it for so long that they were truly comfortable that they were never going to get caught.

He’s been able to provide this service to drug traffickers without being detected both internally and externally by law enforcement for years.

UPS declined to comment.

I have a great relationship with my UPS driver Julie, however the only thing she brings me – apart from a smile lol – is vape mail and sometimes a posh coffee and bun!

BTW if you’re reading this Julie – I miss your muffins 😛

Ha – get me using EcigClick as a dating site lol..!

OK, more vape news on Wednesday!

Bit of a quick one this week – I’m off for another 4 week Sunday stint as Santa 🙂

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I do it for the kids…honest 😉

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