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The USA THC Vape Scare Is ‘Leveling Off’

Health officials in America say the number of vapers falling ill or even dying from using deadly illegal cannabis cartridges is “leveling off or even declining”.

A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] says the numbers are now plateauing with 1604 illnesses and 33 deaths across most states.

illicit thc cartridges
Whilst the majority of those affected have admitted to using the illegal drug, the CDC says it’s still not exactly sure what’s caused it adding:

Itโ€™s serious and potentially fatal, but it is preventable.

There could be more than one cause.

The CDC says its bracing itself for the possibility of more cases as the cold and flu season approaches!

Just imagine how many lives could have been saved and illnesses prevented had they got the message out quicker.

Trump’s Campaign Manager Warns Of Voter Backlash Over Flavour Bans

As the Donald eyes a possible total USA flavour ban he’s been warned it could affect his hopes for a second term.

The #WeVapeWeVote movement is certainly having an effect as his advisors warn it could cost him the election.

trump bans vaping
via AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Trump’s manager – Brad Parscale – has had a private meeting with the President after it was disclosed he was even considering a ban on tobacco and menthol flavours.

Former FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb came out in support of allowing flavoured e-liquids:

If mint and menthol e-cigs remain on the market, the biggest beneficiaries are tobacco companies like Altria and Reynolds which mass-produce these products, harming kids who are largely using these brands.

Data suggests that adults who use e-cigs to successfully quit smoking arenโ€™t using these same products.

Whilst not being drawn into the debate, the FDA said it was currently working on a strategy to:

…clear the market of unauthorized e-cigarette products in flavors that appeal to kids.

The FDA plans to share more on the specific details of the plan and its implementation soon.

Keep the #WeVapeWeVote campaign going guys – it’s working ๐Ÿ˜‰

South Korea the Next To Ban Vaping?

Vapers and smokers in South Korea have been left ‘confused’ by the Government’s stance on vaping.

Whilst not coming full out with a total vape ban, yet, an announcement urging vapers to stop has meant shops pulling devices and flavours.

vape health

Just last week the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare suggested in the strongest possible terms that vaping was ‘unsafe’. It recommended vapers stop vaping immediately, using the recent spate of deaths and illnesses in the USA as the reason.

We all know the cause of those tragedies is down to illegal street bought contaminated cannabis cartridges – however this knee jerk reaction is also putting lives at risk.

Patent lawyer Lee Chul-hyung, a vaper for 8 months said:

I honestly don’t understand the government’s recommendation to stop using e-cigarettes while it has not released any tangible information or scientific proof that e-cigarettes are more harmful than conventional ones.

Do they mean that e-cigarette users should turn back to combustible ones? Or do they mean we have to totally quit smoking? Are there any better options available to adult smokers who don’t want to quit?

Who knows!

A spokesman for the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) added to the confusion saying:

Although the government recommends people stop using liquid e-cigarettes, it doesn’t mean it is safe to smoke conventional cigarettes.

The best option is quitting smoking, as we cannot conclude which one is less hazardous yet.

Wow! How about ignoring the hysteria in the states and take a look at the cold hard facts here in the UK that shows categorically vaping is 95% safer!

The Korea E-cig Industry Association (KECIA) called for the Government to pretty much ‘sort itself out’ adding:

The problematic substance of liquid e-cigarettes in the U.S. was THC, which is not included in the products sold in Korea.

The ministry said it would inform people of the harmful effects of e-liquids, but we can’t see any scientific grounds.

We request the ministry show proof that liquid e-cigarettes are more harmful than combustible ones.


And for the record a staggering 36.2% of the adult male population smokes with 46,700 smokers dying from tobacco related diseases.

Utah Vape Shops Law Suit

The ban on flavoured e-cigarettes in Utah came into force on October 3rd and now a law suit is hoping to get it overturned.

9 vape shops and companies have come together to fight the ban which means only ‘un-flavoured’ products can be sold – whatever they are!


The ban was brought in following the recent spate of deaths and illness – which once again we all know is due to contaminated THC cartridges.

Only one person in Utah has died as a result of using the illegal carts and around 100 cases of the illness known as EVALI – have been reported.

A spokesman for the lawsuit said:

The UDOH Investigation Report does not link the recent spate of lung illnesses to flavored electronic cigarette products, but, instead, links the lung illnesses to there person’s use of black market THC cartridges.

94% of people surveyed reported vaping THC cartridges while two of the 36 people “reported only smoking nicotine products… that contained no THC “or other ingredients” associated with adulterated THC cartridges.

…therefore there are no grounds to declare youth/adult vaping an ’emergency.

The judge will make a ruling on Friday.

Don’t Ban Vaping Regulate It!

As health groups in Malaysia begin lobbying the government to ban vaping – vape groups say that would not only be dangerous – but cost lives.

47 health based organizations are calling for a total vape ban however advocacy groups in the country are fighting back.

ban all the vaping things

The Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) has joined forces with the Malaysian E-Vaporizers and Tobacco Alternative Association (Mevta) and say any ban will mean even more youngsters turning to vaping.

MVCC president Syed Azaudin Syed Ahmad said:

We note that the NGOs are concerned with the use of vape among those below 18 years old and the recent cases in the US where the products have been abused through drug use.

This is exactly why regulations have to be introduced to ensure there are controls to prevent children from having access to the products and that the products are regulated with standards to ensure no harmful substances such as drugs can be used.

Whilst Zain Azrul from MEVTA said:

A ban on vaping will impact the industry and the livelihoods of the industry workers.

On top of that, Malaysian vapers will be forced to access the products illegally and consumers have the right to access regulated products.

Even (the) UK, Canada, and New Zealand health authorities have also stated the same, encouraging cigarette smokers to switch to vaping which is proven to be a less harmful alternative.

Let’s hope sense prevails.

UK Vaper Expo – The Return

I spent two days at the Vaper Expo and will have a full write-up on the event tomorrow!

First impressions?

vaper expo uk 2019

It was one of the better one’s I’ve attended with a decent mix of hardware and juice, though CBD vape juice booths and of course pod kits were in abundance.

I didn’t come away with any of the brand new hardware, but did have a good look at the SteamCrave Hadron mod – including the squonk backpack which is mahooosive!

steamcrave hadron

The Vaping Bogan’s new Dovpo Odin DNA 250c mod was also popular [photo tomorrow] though at ยฃ170 a pop was a little out of my price range lol.

vaping bogan uk vaper expo

I did like the fully mech Dovpo Topside SQ squonker from Brian at the Vaper Chronicles and picked up the MYLE pod kit with a review on that coming soon.

dovpo sq topside

I had some great chats with Mark TVP and Aiden from Little Bro Vapes as well as ‘bumping into’ John Dunne from UKVIA – we’re planning a larger interview very soon.

advocacy uk vaper expo

As I said I’ll have a detailed article with you all tomorrow – as an old bloke and after walking over 15miles I’m still more than a little sore and stiff!

vaper expo girls

And the good news is I didn’t lose my notebook – first time in 3 expos haha!

I do have an ‘exclusive’ for you…

I met up with EcigClick award winning reviewer Mr Vic Mullin (Vaping With Vic) and was able to get a photo of the new Kelpie RDA deck!

Check this link out for our full Ehpro kelpie RDA review

kelpie rda deck

Sadly I missed meeting EcigClick reviewers Gaz (Flat Cap Vaper) and Will and didn’t see Ian aka Neash Vape anywhere – blind as a bat me!

ecigclick poster vaper expo uk

Great to see the EcigClick logo on plenty of banners too ๐Ÿ˜‰

and finally…Anti JUUL Lawyers Website Goes ‘Viral’

Vape giant JUUL always seems to be making the news and this time it’s down to a lawyers website going viral on social media.

juul claims website

The site is Houston based and reckons it can win “significant compensation” for anyone who says they are affected by vaping!

America is a little law suit crazy to say the least but in this case a whopping 3.6 million folks clicked on the link making it Facebook’s second largest post of September!

Looks like the company’s huge profits might be taking a bit of a hit over the coming months ๐Ÿ˜‰

More vape news on Wednesday!

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