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California Considers Complete Ban Of Pod Kits

A new bill currently passing through the California Senate is looking to ban the sale of all and any disposable e-cigarette components.

Bill SB-424 cites recent reports from the state’s disposal authority which says its struggling under the sheer amount of waste from e-cigarettes, in particular, Santa Barbara County.

The key piece of the bill is this:

This bill would prohibit a person or entity from selling, giving, or furnishing to another person of any age in this state a cigarette utilizing a single-use filter made of any material, an attachable and single-use plastic device meant to facilitate manual manipulation or filtration of a tobacco product, and a single-use electronic cigarette or vaporizer device.

The bill would prohibit that selling, giving, or furnishing, whether conducted directly or indirectly through an in-person transaction or by means of any public or private method of shipment or delivery to an address in this state.

ban all the vaping things

So that’s your coils – pods – pod kits – and pretty much any device with internal lithium or other battery, and possibly e-liquid bottles.

The bill’s author, California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, says even if the bill passes she wants to see the manufacturers of these devices held accountable with fines of up to $500 per offence:

If this bill passed, this type of single-use product would no longer be allowed, so we don’t really know what the market would look after that but then for the batteries, there would be a program to take these (single-use) batteries back in a responsible way so the lithium-ion isn’t leached into our environment.

California is a leader. Santa Barbara County is a leader and I think this is something that we also really need to lead in.

She was joined by Leslie Robinson, Program Specialist for the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department who said:

E-cigarettes are a new one for us and they are a problematic waste stream because they have an electronic component but they also have residual nicotine which is a classified hazardous waste (so) it’s acutely hazardous.

The primary concern is the lithium battery inside. Lithium batteries are highly reactive and while the e-cigarette batteries are small, they could produce a fire if they were impacted (by a truck in the landfill).

I’m sure they have the same concern regarding lithium batteries in laptops and phones – however banning those would, of course, be ridiculous…

Here’s how the bill if passed, and it is gathering support, would pan out:

(a) A person or entity shall not sell, give, or in any way furnish to another person, of any age, in this state, any of the following:

  • (1) A cigarette utilizing a single-use filter made of any material, including cellulose acetate, any other fibrous plastic material, or any organic or biodegradable material.
  • (2) An attachable and single-use plastic device meant to facilitate manual manipulation or filtration of a tobacco product.
  • (3) A single-use electronic cigarette.
  • (4) A single-use vaporizer device.
  • (b) The prohibition under subdivision (a) applies to any direct or indirect transaction, whether made in person in this state or by means of any public or private method of shipment or delivery to an address in this state.
  • (c) The sale, gift, or other furnishing of one to 20 items specified in paragraphs (1) to (4), inclusive, of subdivision (a) constitutes a single violation of this section.

Based on those points the word JUUL comes to mind…me a cynic? Naw…

Source | Read the SB-424 Bill

Judge Sets Deadline For FDA To Act On Vape Products

As we reported back in May, a federal court judge has stepped into the FDA’s decision to hold up marketing applications for all vape products in the USA.

Judge Paul Grimm has now set the date as May 20th 2020 which gives vape manufactures just 10 months to submit marketing applications. Under ex-commissioner Scott Gottlieb that date had been pulled from 2022 to 2021.

FDA approved drugs

This new ruling means all vape companies will need to submit the expensive and time-consuming applications for every single new product they want to put into the US market, which opponents say will see many smaller companies fold.

Under extreme pressure from the anti-vape brigade, the FDA had suggested the shorter time span last month.

Judge Grimm from the US District Court of Maryland made the ruling last Friday:

I will impose a ten-month deadline for submissions and a one-year deadline for approval, as the FDA suggested.

Acting FDA commissioner Ned Sharpless said:

Today’s ruling is an important step forward for public health and validates FDA’s commitment to accelerate review of these products, particularly the ones that are most attractive to youth.

Any and I mean any new tobacco products – yes vape gear is classed as tobacco – will have to pass through the FDA’s approval before it can be legally sold in America. Given the relatively quick turn over of new vape products this will surely slow to a trickle any new devices for sale in the country.

In real terms, it’s a step closer to prohibition by the back door because I have no doubt the backlog will build-up to the point where the FDA can’t cope with the numbers.

Sad times in the USA once again.

Read more about the Premarket Tobacco Applications.

Hertfordshire Is the Vape Capital of the UK

A recent survey from the excellent Vape Club has found the county of Hertfordshire to be the largest users of e-cigarettes in the country.

The results show that whilst vapers in London and Hampshire buy more vape products when you calculate per person, the county comes out top.

top vaping area UK

The main enclaves of vapers appear to be in the south and midlands with all areas scoring highly.

The survey also looked at the UK’s favourite e-liquid flavours and based on sales in Hertfordshire they found menthol – strawberry and cream came out on top.

It was also interesting to see the average ‘spend’ from each area with London coming out top – probably due to the prices lol – however the mid £30 was the average.

Call To Stop Gujarat Vape Ban

Vape industry advocates in India are urging the Gujarat state government to revoke a ban on e-cigarettes.

Praveen Rikhy is the convenor of Trade Representatives of ENDS in India (TRENDS) and says the current ban will bring in a black market of vape gear and warned many of those products could be dangerous.

TREND wasn’t even consulted in the run-up to the ban and asks the obvious question if e-cigarettes are to be banned then why not lit tobacco. As I keep pointing out India is home to a staggering 12% of the world’s smokers which leads to 1million tobacco-related deaths per year.

india vape ban

Ms Rikhy said India was out of step with the rest of the world’s regulatory approach to vaping:

We have been denied an opportunity to represent the category and help the government make an informed choice on this matter.

Today, all G7 countries and 34 out of 36 OECD countries have regulated and formalised sale, distribution, marketing and manufacture of ENDS.

This arbitrary ban is bound to result in the creation of a ”black market” for ENDS products, resulting in the sale of spurious and unsafe products to the citizens of Gujarat.

We would request you to objectively consider the benefits and harms related to the product and initiate open consultation, which will help to better inform its decision for the ENDS category.

Somehow I doubt the Government will budge but obviously, we’ll keep you informed.


Teen Vape Quit Line Launches In the US

9 American states have now signed up to the online stop smoking and vaping service called My Life My Quit.

The service is run by National Jewish Health – a hospital in Denver and the ‘addicted’ kids can get personalised quit support from a ‘quitting coach’.

As you might expect the section on vaping contains some dire warnings about e-cigs still being classed as tobacco as the nicotine used comes from tobacco plants!


The site says:

Nicotine comes from the tobacco plant, and it’s found in ALL products, including cigarettes, chew, hookah and vape pods. No matter what form it’s in, nicotine can get you hooked!

Don’t be fooled — vaping products are still tobacco.

Tobacco and vape companies will do anything to get you hooked. By keeping you craving more, these companies know they’ll have customers for life.

Teens who start with vaping are four times more likely to smoke cigarettes or use other forms of tobacco, and almost 90% of adults who use nicotine today started as teens.

Don’t get tricked!

There’s also a super long list of all the nasties they say we all vape on – which does make for scary reading I guess – pity most of it is junk science – but hey in their own words ‘don’t get tricked kids – unless it’s us tricking you 😉

Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Utah are the states involved with more to follow. Youngsters can either have chats or texts from their personal coach

Dr Thomas Ylioja from National Jewish Health shot himself in the foot a little with this comment:

We don’t really have good information yet about what health effects might result from using these products, and that’s concerning to everybody.


We have no idea what the health effects might be but let’s scare the kids shitless and get them quitting anyway???

Things that make you go ummmm.

Incidentally, the launch of the site caused a few giggles when one middle-aged politician – Rep Joyce Beatty – tried to ‘get down with the kids’ with this toe curling cringe-worthy tweet:


You really have to check the replies – whilst of course, blowing some ‘fat clouds’ lol.


NextGEN360 Win Vape Business Supplier of the Year

I reported last week the Edge e-liquid range had been snapped up by the Asda supermarket chain and the company behind those juices has just won a major award.

NextGEN360 ltd is based in Stockport and last week won the prestigious Vape Business Supplier of the Year at the annual awards.

image via: News Anyway

Sales Director Chris Carr said:

This award is recognition for all the hard work the team has put into creating and supporting this amazing range of e-liquid and CBD products.

To be voted for by a panel of leading convenience retailers shows that we have created a phenomenal brand that resonates with consumers and retailers.

On making the award, the committee said:

NextGen360 makes e-liquids for some of the UK’s most popular brands, producing 36 million bottles of e-liquid per year, with full batch control and traceability systems in place, meaning it can easily deal with both bespoke blends and large contract orders.

The company represents the best in supplier services and the latest technology.

Congratulations indeed and funnily enough, I’ve just noticed the range appearing in my corner shop – so I might have to have a taste 😉


Vape Shop Ram Raiders Hunted

Police in Wales are hoping CCTV from a recent vape shop ‘ram raid’ will help identify the thieves.

The robbers truck in the early hours of Friday July 12th at the Deluxe Vapours vape shop in Pontarddulais.

Simon Bell, the owner of the shop said such attacks were becoming a regular occurrence:

Deluxe Vape Co was burgled at around 3:20am on Friday 12th July. Me and my business partner Andrew Hughes were alerted by the alarm company and headed straight up to Pontarddulais, where the police were already in attendance.

The thieves made away with a substantial amount of e-cigarette kits and eliquids.

We are saddened by this as it’s the third attempt on one of the stores.

Picton arcade in Swansea was broken into a while back and the Ammanford store also had an attempted break in.

Wales police said:

Police in Swansea are investigating a burglary at Deluxe Vapours in St Teilo Street, which occurred at approximately 3.45am this morning (Friday, July 12).

Anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity, or who has any information about the incident, is asked to contact 101, quoting occurrence 1900252981.

Let’s hope we can get these thieving little shits caught.


…and finally…Quitting Smoking Improves Your Sex Life!

Apparently more people in the UK would prefer to snog Boris Johnson or Donald Trump than kiss a smoker!

Not only that 1 in 10 people on dating websites check if a possible partner is a smoker before agreeing to a meet-up and 1 in 3 say quitting smoking has improved their sex life with even more people saying they’d rather kiss someone with a cold sore than a smoker!!!

smoking and sex life

The study was done by Change Incorporated, a UK based website with a strong anti-smoking message.

Researchers said:

The survey uncovered the five most common words used to describe kissing a smoker are smelly, a turn off, disgusting, vile and dirty.

Prospective partners were found to not only be aesthetically repelled by a smoker’s kiss but were also concerned about the potential consequences to their health with 11% convinced a kiss will contribute to poor oral hygiene.

Without going in to too much detail – eww – my sex life [I should say what sex life lol] has positively dwindled to a big fat zero over recent years lol – but then I guess other factors come into play with me, such as lack of a partner looks and personality lol – apply below ladies I’m cold sore free 😉


More Vape News on Wednesday – unless, of course, I find a date – so yeah, more vaping news on Wednesday ha!

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