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Montana Brings In Temporary Vape Ban – Is LA Next?

Governor Steve Bullock has brought in a 120 day vape ban on all flavoured e-cigarette products.

Meanwhile Los Angeles looks set to go a step further and ban ALL flavours and devices – more on that in a moment.

gov steve bullock bans vaping
Gov. Steve Bullock vape ban

Bullock has brought in the ban he says and yeah you’ve guessed it – to protect the children.

The state has had x2 deaths linked to deadly illegal THC cartridges and the Governor’s statement makes no mention of these nor does it warn against buying them.

It does say the ban includes:

…all flavored e-cigarette products, including flavored nicotine, THC, and CBD vaping products, in-store and online.

The emergency rules were filed yesterday [Tuesday October 8th 2019] after Bullock instructed the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) to act.

His statement says:

Young Montanans are using e-cigarettes at an alarming rate, while officials investigate the possible causes of a national outbreak of e-cigarette-related injury and death, leaving us at a crossroads.

Today, I choose action.

Protecting the health, safety and well-being of all Montanans – especially our kids – is one of my top priorities as governor, and I join the other parents across this state knowing we cannot rest until we do everything we can to keep our kids safe.

This is the right thing to do during the outbreak of these illnesses and deaths and it’s the right thing to do for the future leaders of our state.

About as virtue signalling as you can get and put into perspective perfectly with this Tweet from Matt over at SMM:

The governor was joined by DPHHS State Medical Officer Dr. Greg Holzman, who also ignored illicit and contaminated cannabis cartridges as the reason behind the current spate of deaths and illnesses.

The federal government banned all flavors for conventional cigarettes in 2009, with the exception of menthol.

Since then, current use of cigarettes among U.S. youth has decreased significantly.

However, this ban did not include e-cigarettes which had recently entered the market.

It is evident that flavored e-cigarettes have helped fuel this current epidemic.


Montana becomes the 6th state in the USA to bring in some form of vape or flavour ban.

What a load of bullocks…

Los Angeles Looks Set To Ban ALL Vape Products

LA looks likely to be the next city to implement a complete ban of all things vape.

This comes after LA County voted in a ban on all flavoured tobacco and e-cigarette products including menthol.

san fran vape ban

I reported on that back in September and suggested the bill would be ‘rubber stamped’ and indeed it was.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed the legislation last night and the law comes into effect in 30 days time.

That gives vape and tobacco shops in the county 180 days to clear their shelves of all flavoured products and pay for new bi-annual licenses costing $778.

Online sales will NOT be affected which to me makes the bricks and mortar ban ridiculous and nothing short of a spiteful punishment aimed at local shops.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles city local politicians are drawing up plans for a complete vape ban to include ALL devices as well as flavoured e-liquids and pods.

The ban in this case would only be lifted once vape products were deemed safe by the FDA – as none have been approved yet – the ban would mean ALL.

IQOS Reviewed

Except of course for the Phillip Morris backed IQOS Heat Not Burn device which as received FDA approval and launched in the USA last Friday!

Councilman Paul Koretz introduced the law saying:

The reports of illness and death caused by unregulated vaping devices is a public health crisis.

Los Angeles is not content to wait and do nothing as the numbers of illnesses and even deaths associated with unregulated vaping devices increases daily.

Meanwhile illegal drugs are rampant and no-one is telling people to stop buying contaminated THC cartridges from street dealers.

They’re living in La La land…literally.

Hawaii MAY Ban E-Cigarettes

The state of Hawaii is prepared to ban vaping IF it finds any link to the outbreak of contaminated THC related deaths and illnesses.

Despite that Governor David Ige has urged islanders to stop vaping immediately until the cause of the outbreak is found.

Bruce Anderson and Gov Ige
Bruce Anderson and Gov. David Ige / image via Civil Beat

The department of health had considered an immediate ban – but felt the evidence to implement one wasn’t strong enough.

Ige said they we looking at:

…specific products that are dangerous or harming us.


Hawaii has not yet seen as many cases that have arisen on the mainland.

About the ban, the Hawaii state director of health, Bruce Anderson, said:

We actually considered that but we don’t have enough evidence to take that step yet.

If we find a specific product that is associated with these cases, we will ban or embargo that product. So far we haven’t found any specific products that seem to be causing that illness so we are still investigating.

A sensible move for once.


Are Deadly THC Cartridges Here In the UK and EU?

An investigation by a national newspaper shows that deadly THC cartridges are readily available on line and could be here in the UK.

The Sun for once dropped its fixation on celebrity tittle tattle and actually did a bit of proper reporting.

dark web deadly thc cartridges

It showed how in a matter of moments and by using the so called ‘Dark Web‘ , UK and EU users were able to buy the contaminated cannabis and CBD cartridges for as little as £25 each.

Now European advocacy group ETHRA [European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates], has issued a warning:

It has come to our attention that there are some THC or CBD e-liquids and cartridges being sold online which contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Liquids comprising oils (from any source) or vitamin E acetate are potentially harmful with even short term use and may cause life-threatening or life-changing conditions.

12pt;”>CBD to be vaped is a growing market and not illegal in most jurisdictions.

Responsible sellers will place toxicology reports on their website to show that no pesticides have been involved in production and that the liquids are not oil-based.

The THC content should be as close to zero as possible and not exceed 0.02%.

If a seller cannot or will not provide this information, do not buy from them.

I really shouldn’t have to say this but for goodness sake when it comes to CBD products ONLY buy from reputable sources.

And trust me it ain’t worth dying to get a high from dodgy and deadly THC cartridges bought off the web – they can and do KILL.


Are the Cartridges Containing Contaminated THC Also To Blame?

A specialist lab that studies cannabis products says it’s not only cutting agents such as Vitamin E Acetate that’s killing users, but also the materials used to make the cartridges.

A study carried out by Colorado Green Lab suggests cheap materials used to make the suspect cartridges contain a deadly ‘silver solder’ which contains the chemical cadmium.

colorado green lab

When inhaled this chemical creates deadly cadmium oxide fumes which can completely overwhelm and shut down the lungs and re-create an illness known as Metal Fume Fever – a disease welders and metalworkers are prone to.

The study says:

MotiveMoney and ease of use. Cadmium-containing silver solder is less expensive than cadmium-free alternatives, and has improved flow properties which facilitate the joining of dissimilar metals found in vape pen electrical components.

MotiveCadmium is highly toxic to multiple organ systems. Upon inhalation, cadmium elicits a dose-dependent burst of inflammatory cytokines that promote the systemic effects (fever, headache, joint pain, etc) observed in metal fume fever (Blum, Rosenblum et al. 2014). Cadmium fumes also directly injure lung cells, leading to fluid accumulation, impaired lung function, and respiratory failure. Following absorption into the bloodstream, protein-bound cadmium slowly accumulates in the kidneys and may result in renal injury.

MotiveUpwards of 20-30 mg of solder alloy is permeated with vape juice liquid and directly in the airflow path through the vape pen.

colorado green lab thc study

The results are part one of the labs study and I’ll of course keep an eye out for any updates.


…and finally…Ironic Vape Cartoon

Try as I might I couldn’t find any cheery vape news – seems to have been like that for a long time now 🙁

However I was able to dispel the new study suggesting vaping gives you lung and bladder cancer.

Read the article: No…Vaping Won’t Give You Lung and Bladder Cancer But It Will Kill Mice


Whilst funny in an ironic kind of way, this vape cartoon I found sums up the complete ridiculousness of it all:

vape ban cartoon

Human shit on the streets of San Francisco with junkies getting free needles and shooting up in public…

Yet cops are ready to arrest vapers…

Absolutely criminal and crazy.

More Vaping News on Sunday.

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