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Is Trump About To Drop A Total Flavour Ban Bombshell?

According to a ‘leaked’ document Trump is about to ban all flavoured vape products in America.

An ‘exclusive’ article on the AXION website, says the ban will be announced this coming week but will not include menthol or tobacco flavours.

The FDA had suggested its own announcement on flavours would be released this week too – as to if Trump will backtrack who the hell knows.

What we do know is the president has said he’s going to do “something strong” about vaping – God only knows what that could be or mean.

FLOTUS anti vaping

One of the issues here is his missus – the First Lady Melania.

She’s been looking for a ‘proper project’ since entering the White House.

She has recently attached herself to the growing and vociferous anti-vaping soccer mom campaigns spreading like wildfire across the states.

Is it possible the Donald could throw America’s 40 million + vapers under the bus to appease his wife?

Who knows – but if he does the backlash will be fierce and definitely threaten his chances of re-election in 2020.

The president has already been warned by his top advisors, the #WeVapeWeVote campaign is gathering steam and could harm is run at four more years.

There’s a countrywide pro-vape protest planned for Saturday November 9th in Washington DC – and if this flavour ban goes ahead – expect fireworks!

To get involved in that campaign visit the United Vapers Alliance website and follow the hashtag #vaperallydc2019 on Twitter.

This is a developing story and we’ll keep you up to date on any news.

So Is China Really Banning Online Vape Sales?

In a word or two sort of!

Dealing with the Chinese media is a bit like dealing with Trump’s policies on vaping – things get lost in translation.

china vaping legislation

In this case the ‘news’ was splashed in the west on the Bloomberg website – yeah owned by anti-vaping billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

No bias or ‘fake news’ there then lol.

The headlines and subsequent reporting left no doubt that all online Chinese based vape shops would be shut down.

However, the original story came from an article published in the South China Morning Post.

It stated the Chinese tobacco regulator had ‘urged’ not told – e-cigarette companies to ‘temporarily’ close down their websites and bricks and mortar shops.

Then on Friday China Tobacco – the country’s tobacco monopoly that coincidentally also controls the tobacco regulator [lol] reiterated the call.

As it stands right now there’s no countrywide legislation surrounding e-cigarettes though the Government is currently working on them.

So – from what I can gather there’s NO directive to shut it all down, however there could be a law soon that means sales within the country could be severely restricted or even banned.

For now, sites like Heaven Gifts – Fasttech – 3F Vape and Vape Sourcing are and will still be operating.

This is another developing story and as always we’ll keep you updated.

UK MPs Say India’s Vape Ban Will KIll

The current total vape ban in India is not based on any scientific fact and people will die.

UK MPs were responding to the Science and Technology Committee’s 2017 report on E-cigarettes, when outgoing chairman, Sir Norman Lamb MP made the comment.

He was responding to ‘suggestions’ the Indian Government given its shares in x2 of the country’s tobacco companies – had ‘vested interests’ in bringing in the vape ban.

Sir Norman responded with:

My view, based on the evidence that the Committee heard, is that the action taken by India is not based on evidence and is likely to result in more people dying of lung cancer.

On point as always!

He will be an extremely hard act to follow as chair of the committee that’s for sure.

You can read the full transcript of the vape debate or better still watch the video 🙂

Beards And Vape Shops Propping Up UK High Streets

Vape shops are the third fastest growing category opening up on UK high streets just edged out by barber shops and beauty salons.

Judging from the amount of facial hair on show at the recent UK Vaper Expo [from all genders lol] many vapers come with a well trimmed beard – or a bit of wispy bum-fluff!

new uk vape stores

A study from 365 Business Finance shows bricks and mortar shops – whilst showing a slight decline in numbers opening up this past 2 years – are still going strong.

I can testify to that given in my home town we now have x4 independent vape shops with a couple of other stores with a large vape section.

Good news indeed and whilst it’s tempting to buy online – especially via the cheap deals coming out of China – we all really should support our local bricks and mortar shops.

The website has created a ‘virtual’ interactive info-graphic called Recovery Road to explain what’s happening that’s well worth a look.

Gottlieb Calls For Mint Ban Too!

Former FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb just can’t stay away from the USA vape debate.

Here he is being taken to task by Gregory Conley President of the American Vaping Association.

As we know Gottlieb left his post to take up a well funded position on the board of Pfizer – a company that makes the deadly suicide inducing ‘stop smoking’ drug Chantix.

As Greg says – it’s a bit rich for a man so involved in the ‘cure’ to be telling ‘vape’ companies – no matter how unpopular they are – how to run its business.

It’s not the only tweet Gottlieb has sent out this week either.

He’s also calling on a complete removal of ALL pod kits on the US market:

He’s also got it in for menthol and mint flavours – first tweeting that IF any future flavour ban included mint – companies like JUUL would simply change the name!

Before adding:

A key new learning is the 2019 NYTS which showed that kids are now switching to mint.

This data affirms that mint is, in the end, a candy flavor.

Discussions with retailers confirms this trend.

The only way to ban mint is to also ban menthol in the pod based e-cigs that kids use.

Mint is a candy flavour – WTF???

Like I’ve said before – he just can’t let it go…

Many of us in vaping wish he’d just sod off…especially if he’s so keen on the Big Pharma backed drug therapies to ‘stop smoking and vaping’.

and finally…Smoking Gives You An “Ugly Face”

Now this chimes nicely with the story above given beauty salons and barbers edge out vape shops as the fastest growing shops on UK high streets!

And definitely yet another reason to quit smoking and try vaping!

In my case I think – OK know – the damage over 40 years + has been done – photogenic I am definitely NOT lol.

Scientists from the University of Bristol found that many smokers carry a genetic variant that means they are pre-disposed to heavy tobacco use.

Studying data from smokers – none smokers and never smokers – the results were clear – heavy users were uglier.

Vape Expo Reviewers
Proof positive! Smoking makes you ugly – that’s me third from the left] with 3 very handsome gentlemen 😉

Ha! I was a 40+ per day roll-up user and look at me now – this is definitely science bitches 😛

So – if you don’t want to get “Ugly Smokers Face” don’t be like me and QUIT smoking NOW!

If you or someone you know or love is a smoker and heading down the ugly path [lol] show them this article:

What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit? 10 E Cig Kits For Beginner Vapers

It’s too late for me at 58 to reverse the ‘decline’ – being single proves it lol – but NOT too late for everyone else!

Read the full “Smoking Makes You Ugly” study – it’s a page turner 😉

More vaping news on Wednesday!

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  1. Yes, there was a document last Friday which banned online sale. But only domestic market. Nothing influences cross border merchants. Ummm, I mean, until now.


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