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New York Bans Flavoured E-Liquids

It’s just going to take the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo and all flavoured e-liquids except tobacco and ‘flavourless’ varieties will be banned from sale in New York City.

It appears the City Health Committee has passed Ordinance 1362 which in effect sounds the death knell of the 700 or so vape shops in the state and about 70 in the city. Not only that the lives of established vapers and those looking to quit smoking are now at risk and a thriving ‘black market’ looks likely with all the risks that entails.

The pretty much ‘one-sided’ hearing was chaired by one of the co-founders of the bill Sen Mark Levine [Dem] who wasn’t at all unbiased [irony] given he stated:

Vaping has reached epidemic levels among teens, with life-long implications for young people who become addicted to nicotine.

One of the tools the industry has used to draw in teenagers is candy flavors like chocolate mint, blueberry, or cherry crush.

These flavored smoking products disproportionately attract younger consumers, which is why New York City long-ago banned flavored tobacco.

It’s time we did the same for e-cigarettes.

fight the flavoured e-liquid ban

It looks like the silly senator has had his wish and that says New York State Vapor Association president Greg Conley is a disaster:

This proposal represents an existential threat to the future of all 70-plus vape shops in New York City.

Over 90 percent of the flavors sold in vape shops will be banned under this law. There is no hope for these stores to survive if this bill passes.

As to the popularity of flavoured e-liquids he said:

We know from several studies that adults using fruit and sweet flavors are more likely to be smoke-free as compared to those using tobacco flavors.

While some ex-smokers enjoy tobacco flavors, the majority of adult ex-smokers have no desire to be reminded of the taste of a cigarette.


He was joined in condemning the ban by Lindsey Stroud a pro-vaping journalist from the Heartland Institute who said:

There is considerable concern that should former smokers be forced to use only the flavors that stimulate traditional tobacco cigarettes, they will return to tobacco cigarettes.

…Banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes would essentially vaporize tobacco harm reduction in New York State.

As a product that is 95 percent safer than combustible cigarettes, e-cigarettes could alleviate state budgets through reduced health care costs and they are an economic boon, providing local economies with new business opportunities.

Lawmakers should promote their use as a tobacco harm reduction product and refrain from enacting overreaching regulations and prohibition.

Should Cuomo sign the bill into law – which seems pretty likely especially since back in January he called for age restrictions on buying e-cigs – the ban on sales in pharmacies and indeed the call to ban flavours in line with the bill – vaping in New York as we know it is doomed.

It’s with bitter sweet irony I point towards the ‘fictional’ short story I wrote over the New Year – The Rise of the Vapsters – where following an outright ban the New York ‘Mafia’ began selling all things vape at inflated black-market prices. I said then the writing was on the wall…sad times indeed.

Incidentally lit tobacco products still remain on sale…and with this ban – and whilst not trying to make light of it – that famous phrase could be changed to the ‘city that never vapes‘…

Not sure what if anything they can do but the NYSVA can be contacted HERE. However given there doesn’t seem much going on on the site I wouldn’t hope for too much help if you’re one of the shops affected…sad but true…

Hands Up! Is That A JUUL Up Your Sleeve?

Just when you thought America’s ‘war on vaping’ couldn’t get any more intrusive or ridiculous – students in one school district are being told to “roll their sleeves up”.

Nope not to get stuck into their studies – but to prove they don’t have an e-cigarette up their sleeve!

dress code to combat school vaping
sleeves UP = OK!

Yup – if kids attending schools in the Channing Independent School District in Texas want to wear long sleeved shirts they MUST be rolled up at least 2 to 3 inches!!! That way say school officials any student ‘touching his or her face’ can be clearly seen to be not vaping…OMFG the idiocy is strong with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fate of the ubiquitous hoodie hung in the balance for a while there too as they faced an outright ban…however school chiefs decided as some children were naturally ‘cold-natured’ they could stay…trust me I’m trying hard not to cry with laughter over this ridiculousness…

Robert McClain is the superintendent of the school district and he took to the internet to find out just how ‘bad’ the ‘so called teen vaping epidemic’ was…I mean let’s face it everything on the internet is true right?

He told local news:

We went to the internet trying to figure out, OK how big a problem is this?

If they’re wearing long sleeves of any sort they got to pull them up or roll them up basically two or three inches above the wrist.

When they put their hands to their face we know it’s not’s going on.

We considered doing away with hoodies completely but some of our kids are cold-natured. Some of our kids like the hoodies.

I don’t want to punish our kids but I want to keep our kids safe.

Not quite true mate…

Any kid caught vaping faces an immediate school suspension…which I have a feeling is classed as a punishment maybe?

I dread to think what will happen if the internet says kids are hiding e-cigs in their underwear…the mind boggles lol…

The UK Mainstream Media Fakes A Teen Vape Epidemic

Here we go again!

While the many health publications and the vaping media had a positive spin on last week’s Public Health England report showing there was no ‘youth vape crisis’ on these shores – the UK media showed its true colours once again.

Rather than taking the angle there was no USA style ‘epidemic’ they latched on to a report from Action on Smoking and Health – ASH – that showed a doubling of kids trying e-cigs but not actually continuing to use them long term.

And going a step further the Daily Telegraph – once a bastion of sane journalism – ran not one but two hit pieces on vaping suggesting the industry and Instagram infulencers were specifically targeting kids as young as 13 trying to get them hooked on nicotine!


The Daily Mail was also in on the act of scaremongering parents into believing e-cigarettes were the Devil’s work there purely to snare children into the nicotine trap. They managed to dig up an academic – Professor Martin McKee, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – who suggested far from being a beacon of hope in the world of the benefits of vaping – England was ‘out of step’:

We have seen what is happening in the USA, with an explosive growth in e-cigarette use among young people.

So for PHE to be pushing them out to the general public and making them as easily available as possible does not seem like a good idea.

It is further evidence that England is out of line with the rest of the world.

I’d stick to studying mosquitoes – malaria and ‘Delhi belly’ if I was you and leave those that know the subject of e-cigarettes to it…

Despite being asked to stop with the fake news around all things vaping it seems they’re desperate to create or in the very least suggest there’s a ‘teen vaping epidemic’ on or coming to these shores.

Sure it gives them something to write about but the sad thing is it’s risking lives of smokers who wrongly believe vaping to be as if not more harmful than smoking.

Not only that it WILL cause a knee-jerk reaction from politicians desperate to ‘protect the kiddies’ and if you think that’s a bit of a stretch it’s already started with rumblings from the anti-vape brigade about the roll out of JUUL in the UK…expect that to become a thing very soon…

Incidentally the two large investigations by the Daily Telegraph are hidden behind a paywall – which tells you all you need to know about the state of the ‘free-press’ that I left many years ago…


Maoris Defend Vaping

Following an article published in New Zealand that slammed vaping, a Maori health organization has hit back and it’s not mixing its words either.

Mihi Blair is the General Manager of Tobacco Control at Hapai Te Hauora and has vehemently attacked yet another ignorant anti-vape ‘hit-piece’ as containing “false claims” – “deceptive practice” and top heavy with “opinions of those with vested interests in vaping”.

mihi blair
Mihi Blair: image via NZ Herald

She said:

Do you know who has a vested interest in vaping? Anyone who is sick of losing 5,000 whānau members a year to tobacco; anyone who acknowledges the growing body of research showing vaping is helping many to break free of their tobacco addiction; anyone who cares about our people.

We all care- including those members on this Ministry panel- my question is, does this author?

Nicely put and maybe it’s time to create a haka for those with a hacking cough? [ouch sorry!]

For the record New Zealand [unlike neighbours Australia] relaxed rules/laws around vaping last year and is now seeing a huge spike in the vape industry.


Tokyo Olympics To Be Vape Free

Organizers say vaping and smoking will be banned completely from the next Olympics in the toughest stance yet.

Tokyo officials say all areas indoor and out and including public areas in the Olympic zones will be smoke free and this includes e-cigarettes.

Insiders say these will be the toughest rules of any Olympics and the decision comes following pressure from the International Olympic Committee that wants to see improvement in air and water quality before the 2020 games.

A spokesman for the games said:

Tokyo 2020 aims to leave a legacy of improved health for the county at large.

I guess that means trick vaping as an Olympic sport is a long way off…pity it would be pretty cool to see vape rings blown through the Olympic rings 😉


Vaping Addicts Kids To Drugs Says Anti Vape Youth Group!

Another week and another kids against vaping group wheeled out in front of politicians.

This time it’s the turn of the Utah based Students Against Electronic Vaping – SAEV – and 200 of their members hitting the Legislature last week supporting Bill HB252 – putting a staggering 86% tax hike on e-cigs in line with tobacco products…

You see once again it’s the money as the bill’s sponsor – Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield – clearly pointed out saying the increase would add $21million dollars to the coffers this year alone.


It’s all about the money honey!

Not to be out done and to hammer the ‘message’ home – president of SAEV Cade Hyde said:

Youth need to understand that electronic cigarettes are a way for them to get addicted to drugs, it is the way that they are getting addicted to drugs at this time.

No need to show any evidence of that outrageous claim?

Apparently not…just another group of misguided kids talking absolutely sh!te to politicians…


BTW I did try to find SAEV’s website – however it was unreachable…maybe they need some of that $21million to pay their hosting fees lol…

Oh and by the way you missed a trick with the title of your organization! Had you used Students Against Vaping E-Cigs it would read SAVE…much catchier IMHO…no fee required for the tip 😉


…and finally…Vape Shop Classed As Strip Club!

Only in America lol!

Yup you read that right a vape shop has been warned to ‘get out of town‘ a phrase you’d more likely expect to see in an old cowboy movie than coming from a local council!

The owners of Blackwater Vapor in Suffolk County, New York have one year and 99 days to move to a nearby industrial park or face closure.

blackwater vapor
Blackwater Vapor: image via Google Maps

Apparently the vape shop has fallen foul of a local ‘adult law’ that prohibits: adult theaters – massage parlors and strip clubs, prohibiting them from being within 500 feet of churches, homes and parks.

An despite opening in 2015 – a full year before the council added ‘vaping’ to sex shops and clubs the council are unmoved!

Reading between the lines of a very short story I think the shop can stay so long as they don’t vape in there…or I guess sell Naked e-liquid for instance topless…hehe…

Like I keep saying…ridiculous times in America!


*Shuffles Papers*

More vape news on Wednesday!

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  1. Jesus Christ, guys, we have to start organising and this time really seriously, otherwise we can expect to see the same idiocy here in this country in a short time. It’s becoming to be really scary trying to predict the future of vaping in our home.


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