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Long Term Study Say Vaping Does NOT Damage the Lungs

The longest ever study on the effects of vaping on the lungs shows there’s NO ill effects whatsoever.

Scientists from the University of Catania, Italy led by Professor Riccardo Polosa – a world renowned scientist who specializes in finding cures for smoking related diseases – studied vapers for 3 and a half years and say they found no evidence of any form of damage to the lungs.

They used vapers who’d never smoked a cigarette in the study and the results are yet further proof e-cigarettes and vaping have little if any health impact.


The report says:

Although electronic cigarettes (ECs) are a much less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes, there is concern as to whether long-term ECs use may cause risks to human health. We report health outcomes blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, lung function, respiratory symptoms, exhaled breath nitric oxide [eNO], exhaled carbon monoxide [eCO], and high-resolution computed tomography [HRCT] of the lungs) from a prospective 3.5-year observational study of a cohort of nine daily EC users (mean age 29.7 (±6.1) years) who have never smoked and a reference group of twelve never smokers.

No significant changes could be detected over the observation period from baseline in the EC users or between EC users and control subjects in any of the health outcomes investigated. Moreover, no pathological findings could be identified on HRCT of the lungs and no respiratory symptoms were consistently reported in the EC user group.

Although it cannot be excluded that some harm may occur at later stages, this study did not demonstrate any health concerns associated with long-term use of EC in relatively young users who did not also smoke tobacco.

Welcoming the results of the study tobacco treatment specialist Dr Colin Mendelsohn said the most important findings were:

  • It is the longest study to date on vaping. There are legitimate concerns about possible long-term effects of vaping. This study found no effects from vaping for up to 4 years.
  • Other studies have been in smokers who switch from smoking to vaping. In these studies, it can be hard to disentangle the effects of smoking and vaping. This study focused only on vapers who had never previously smoked.
  • The study was in humans. Sensational headlines are often reported on findings from animal and cell studies which are of uncertain relevance to humans. Testing methods are often unrealistic and do not reflect real-world vaping conditions by vapers.
  • The study was consistent with other studies which showed improvement in lung function, asthma, emphysema (COPD), blood pressure etc in smokers who have switched to vaping.

You can read the full report HERE

It Could Become Illegal To View E-Cigs in Vape Shops

Vape shop owners in Canada are furious that new legislation on the selling of e-cigs could include customers not being able to see or touch the devices before buying them.

The Canadian government is currently trying to pass a bill that will put vaping and e-cigs on a par with smoking and tobacco products and politicians are also looking at banning certain e-liquid flavours ‘that might attract children’.

Maria Papaioannoy, co-owner of Ecig Flavorium a large vape shop chain in Canada said the legislation would have a devastating effect on both vape businesses and the pledge from the Canadian government to lower smoking rates.

wales vaping

Speaking at news conference at the Ontario Legislature she said:

Treating e-cigarettes the same way as tobacco cigarettes “is in direct contradiction” with the government’s goal of getting people not to smoke. No one expects to go buy technology without an opportunity to get educated on how to use it!

However Health Minister Eric Hoskins said the new laws were aimed at keeping young people away from e-cigs adding:


We’re aligning [vaping] to what we do with cigarettes, so places to smoke and places to vape, making them equivalent.

Health expert David Sweanor from Ottawa University said smokers looking to quit were the losers if the bill is passed adding:

The legislation would put really huge barriers in the way of the majority of smokers who say they want to quit. We shouldn’t be doing that for a product that is killing so many people,We need to offer [smokers] something that reduces the risk.

Eric Hoskins has agreed to meet with representatives from the vape industry soon.


An Amazing 18 Months For the Dinner Lady Team

UK e-liquid company Dinner Lady say they’ve racked up £12million worth of sales in under 2 years of trading!

The award winning juice has won a ton of international awards including Best UK Brand and Best Dessert Flavour in our 2016 vape awards.

The company was founded by entrepreneur Mo Patel who said:

In everything we do, we want to make people smile. We stay focused on the customer. Our underlying business – and life – principle is based on taking ordinary people and doing extraordinary things.
I think we’ve achieved that with Vape Dinner Lady.

dinner lady girls

Based in Blackburn Lancs Mr Patel said the company began with just two employees and is now looking to move to new larger premises in the town as the team increases.

As to why he entered the vape industry Mo said:

I was captivated by the booming business of vaping as an alternative to smoking, but the real motivator to set up the brand was driven by my own experience of using e-liquids. Despite the myriad of products and flavours available, the selection on offer simply weren’t up to much, in my opinion.The experience was disappointing, and the flavours tasted synthetic.

You can read our review of the original Dinner Lady e-liquids HERE and if you want to vote for them in the latest EcigClick Awards.


The EU Tax on Vaping Delayed?

Social media was ablaze this week with rumours the European Union was about to publish its recommendations on a vape tax across all member states.

However the excellent Independent British Vape Trade Association [IBVTA] spoke directly with the EU who say whilst a tax on vaping is highly likely it may not be enforced until 2019.


A spokesman for IBVTA said:

Based on discussions IBVTA has had with the Commission, we think it is unlikely that they will make any concrete proposal to introduce common EU rules on the taxation of vape products this year because of the still evolving nature of both the industry and the market and the absence of adequate data needed to assess accurately the impact of any such measure.

If this position is confirmed, a report explaining this reasoning will be issued, in principle before the end of this year.The Commission will also publish the study underpinning their position at the same time.

The next periodic report on the functioning of the tobacco taxation directive is due in 2019 and it is likely that the Commission will keep the taxation of vaping products under review in this context. In other words, the matter is therefore likely to remain on the tax agenda for the foreseeable future.

Let’s hope Brexit is finally done and dusted before then!


More Vape Stores Coming to UK High Streets

The UK vape industry says they’re expecting a bumper Christmas for vape shops and expect the next 3 years to see a boom in bricks and mortar stores in a towns and cities across the country.

UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] says there’s currently over 2,000 shops in the UK but as the larger chains expand this number is set to increase significantly.


UKVIA spokesman Doug Mutter said:

Whilst only 10 years old as an industry, vaping is now big business and significant retail brands are beginning to emerge taking vaping shops from the back street to the high street.

Just as Google disrupted communications; Uber, travelling by taxi; and Airbnb, accommodation provision, so vaping has done so through the seismic shift it has caused away from smoking. Vaping stores are mirroring the growth trajectory of coffee and mobile phone shops.

Great news however the arrival of a major chain in my town saw one of the smaller independent shops close down – food for thought.


Jamaicans Told NOT to Vape!

Despite ALL the medical evidence showing vaping is an healthier alternative to smoking a senior health official from Jamiaca says e-cigarettes are dangerous – can cause cancer and are NOT a viable alternative to tobacco.

Senior Medical Officer Dr Terry Baker who specializes in chest medicine said:

A number of persons have turned to e-cigarettes or vaping in the belief that it is not harmful, including persons who are using it as a transitional tool to quit smoking.

We believe that they are not as innocuous as some people may think. You then run the risk of having a myriad of substances that are going to be inhaled into the lungs. Persons will say that they are not inhaling, but you can’t accurately determine what is going to be entering the body or the lungs.

Might I suggest Dr Baker takes a look at the wealth of scientific evidence out there and reconsiders her outdated ‘opinion’?


and finally…Vaper Loses Job Centre Assault Appeal – ‘Vaping Not a Human Right!’

A Bristol vaper’s appeal over an assault at the city’s job centre has been dismissed.

The man in question was asked by a security guard to stop using his e-cigarette however he responded with the claim vaping in the office was ‘his human right’.

A scuffle broke out and the man was arrested.

Last week a judge threw out the appeal and the original sentence of a 12-month community order – 250 hours unpaid work – £450 costs – an £85 victim surcharge plus compensation remained.


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