Vape Headlines: MPs Told Scrap the TPD – WHO Says CBD Has Healing Properties – Aussie Cancer Society Anti Vaping – No Dangerous Heavy Metals In Vapour – Wales Vape Ban – Vaping Is A Blessing!

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UK Politicians Told To Scrap the TPD

The current cap of the 20mg strength of nicotine in e-liquids is not only daft but is actually stopping smokers quitting by switching to e-cigarettes experts have warned.

Nicotine strengths – tank sizes and the ban on promoting vaping as a healthier option also came under fire from a panel of experts addressing another meeting of the Science and Technology committee last week.

I’ll have a more detailed article up next week but the MPs were once again schooled by true health experts and in a second session they met with representatives of the Heat Not Burn [HNB] products currently being touted as healthier options by Big Tobacco.

However one expert left MPs in no doubt as to what he thought about the HNB ‘healthier’ claim.

Professor David Harrison an expert in carcinogens said:

Tobacco is a carcinogen whether or not you burn it…


If you can’t wait for my article on this meeting then you can watch the whole debate HERE.

WHO Says CBD Can Treat Cancer and Other Serious Health Conditions

As we’ve explained many times CBD – cannabidiol – is extracted from the marijuana plant with the property that gets you high – THC/Tetrahydrocannabinol – removed.

WHO scientists have studied CBD for some time and now say there’s evidence it could be successful in the treatment of among others: Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, psychosis, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

As to any ill effects the report says none were found:

To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

Great news indeed and if you want to find out more about CBD and vaping – then do check out our Guide to CBD here.

You can read the full WHO CBD study HERE.

Australian Cancer Society Remains Anti-Vaping

Last week we reported that the American Cancer Society now supports e-cigarettes however its counterpart in Australia does not.

The Cancer Council Australia says despite mountains of evidence proving vaping is considerably safer than smoking they need to wait for the ‘whole picture’ to emerge.

Director of advocacy for Cancer Council Australia Paul Grogan said there was ‘convincing evidence’ that vaping led to long term tobacco use and pointed out that Australia was doing very well in reducing the number of smokers and agrees with the anti-vape bodies – the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Therapeutic Goods Administration – adding:

These statutory pillars of the Australian health system are one of the reasons we actually have one of the world’s longest life expectancy, which is just the way we do things.

I’m glad this lot can feel smug and warm in their complacency.

Figures show that one Australian dies every 28 minutes in the country from tobacco related illnesses.

Given vaping is considerably safer than smoking – that figure could be cut drastically if the Australian powers that be listened and made vaping with nicotine e-liquids legal in their country.

Nope…Vaping Won’t Give You Brain Damage

Last week saw the media pouncing like rabid wolves on a study that suggested heavy metals leeched into the vapour from e-cigarettes.

Dire warnings were given that these heavy metals were extremely toxic to humans and could result in all kinds of cancers and brain damage.

I wrote a large article once again rebutting this theory using quotes from the excellent pro vaping Dr – Konstantinos Farsalinos.

e-cigarette research

In a nutshell the data baseline the scientists used was in a word ‘faulty’ as Dr Farsalinos explains:

The “significant amount” of metals the authors reported they found were measured in ug/kg.

In fact they are so low that for some cases [chromium and lead] I calculated that you need to vape more than 100ml per day in order to exceed the FDA limits for daily intake from inhalation medications.

The authors once again confuse themselves and everyone else by using environmental safety limits related to exposure with every single breath – and apply them to vaping.

However humans take more than 17,000 breaths per day but only 400-600 puffs from an e-cigarette.

There you have it – and once again the mainstream media is guilty of taking a scientific study and blowing it up out of all proportion without looking at the true facts.

Read my full article HERE.

Vaping Banned In Swansea Shopping Centre

Vapers hoping to have toot whilst shopping in the Welsh town of Swansea will have to go outside with the smokers.

The town’s main shopping centre has now banned vaping indoors in what they say is for the ‘comfort of their shoppers’.

The Welsh Government has and continues to have a firm anti-vaping stance and this ban order is yet another attack on vapers.

vaping in town centres banned?

Shopping centre manager Lisa Hartley said:

Smoking has not been permitted in the centre for a number of years now, and with the growth in popularity of vaping and e-cigs, we thought it was important that we introduce the policy for the comfort of our shoppers.

There are areas outside the centre where people are able to smoke and vape, and we’re sure that our customers will appreciate this decision has been taken in the interest of the majority of shoppers who prefer a smoke or vape-free environment.


OK for one vaping isn’t smoking and for two there is NO evidence that vapour is harmful to passers-by.

Points echoed by Jon Nelsey – MD at E-cigarette Direct who said:

With the amount of misinformation surrounding vaping, it is understandable some people and businesses are unsure how to deal with it.

The evidence shows vaping is far safer than smoking, with no evidence of harm from secondhand vapour. Vaping is not smoking, and the two should not be conflated.

I appeal to the managers of Swansea Quadrant to consider the public health benefit vaping has, and have the courage to allow vaping in their spaces.

Don’t hold your breath on this ban being lifted any time soon – the ignorance is strong.

I’ve tackled this slow creep to ban vaping indoors and outdoors in an article that should be up next week.

Source: Wales Online

and finally…Vaping Is A “Blessing!”

Holy vapes!

Nope the Pope [other religious figureheads are available] hasn’t blessed a vape pen filled with holy e-liquid…

Rather according to one doctor in Iceland vaping and e-cigarettes are a blessing.

Dr Guðmundur Karl Snæbjörnsson – try pronouncing that lol – says he firmly believes the huge drop in the number of smokers in the country is down to greater use of e-cigarettes and Snus and that is undoubtedly saving very many lives.

should e-cigarettes be on NHS prescriptions

Just 3 years ago 14% of the population smoked – that’s around 35,000 people.

Fast forward to last year and that number has dropped to just 9%.

Dr Snæbjörnsson called vaping and Snus ” a great blessing” adding:

Smoking has been falling like a rock like we’ve never seen before.

The biggest contributing factors have been mouth tobacco and vaping, which have clearly been wiping smoking out.

It does make you wonder with these figures why Governments and in particular the EU are so anti vaping and Snus doesn’t it…

*Shuffles Papers*

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