Vaping News Headlines: More E-cig TV Ads – Stop UK Vape Bans – Apologize to Vapers – Smoke Free Foundation Slammed – Glantz Acccused – Superb Speech From Sarah Jakes – Canada’s Homeless to Get E-Cigs


Call For More TV Ads For E-cigarettes

Allowing TV advertisements for e-cigarettes sees a drop in tobacco sales and rise in the sales of e-cigs a new study has found.

It might seem pretty obvious when you think about it but nothing sways politicians and legislation like a a scientific study!

Whilst vaping TV ads are outlawed here in the UK for the time being – the UK government did allow them during the recent and very successful Stoptober campaign to great success with many retailers reporting huge increase in sales.

This particular study has been carried out in the USA where such adverts are not banned.

anna tuchman

Researcher Anna Tuchman – an assistant professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management in Illinois – spent five years looking at sales reports from 35,000 stores and compared it to e-cig TV ad data – and warns a ban of such ads in America could:

…have unintended consequences…This is the first data-driven study on the effects of e-cigarette ads, and the results suggest that the role of e-cigarette advertising may be more nuanced than it initially seems.

In other words banning e-cigarette TV ads will see less smokers trying out the healthier alternatives and she urges policy makers to understand this.

Strange as it seems those in favour of banning these ads believe they lead to an increase in tobacco sales – where do they find these people lol – not so says Anna who says the ads show an increase of 10% in sales and a drop of 0.2% in tobacco sales.

Ms Tuchman says:

It boils down to: How many smokers quitting or moving to e-cigarettes would you need to see in order to feel comfortable with having one nonsmoker or teenager adopt a product?


Campaign Launched To Stop Unnecessary UK Vape Bans

I will have a larger article up next week on this but the NNA is calling on vapers to back their latest campaign to stop vape bans across the country.

Titled Challenging Prohibition the New Nicotine Alliance says banning vaping in public spaces or lumping us in with smokers is ‘dangerous and costs lives’.

For the record vaping IS NOT covered by the current smoking legislation and the NNA is NOT calling for vaping to be allowed everywhere – but wants Public Health England to take a leading role in setting policy on the subject.

As I said I’ll get a more detailed piece up next week.

The USA Owes Vapers An Apology

Researchers in America say the US Government owes smokers and vapers a massive apology for spreading fake facts and news about e-cigarettes and vaping.

The call comes as Big Tobacco is running adverts in the US explaining just how dangerous smoking is – this is in response to a court ‘punishment’ forcing them to do so.

Scientists Sally Satel and Guy Bentley have penned an article saying whilst this admission is long overdue now is the time for the ‘Feds’ to apologies for the misleading and inaccurate claims made that vaping is just as dangerous.

real clear health e-cigs

The article slams the claim that vaping is a gateway for kids into smoking and adds:

If the FDA really wants to give smokers the best possible chance of quitting smoking, it cannot continue to leave them in the dark about the benefits of switching to reduced-risk products. It should grant MRTP status to products like snus and heat-not-burn tobacco and ease the process by which e-cigarettes come to and stay on the market. Big Tobacco’s well-documented sins do not excuse public authorities from their duty to tell the public the truth.


Foundation for a Smoke-Free World Slammed

A leading public health expert says Big Tobacco’s so called Foundation for a Smoke-Free World is nothing more than a ‘front’ to promote it’s business.

Dr Michael Siegel is Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health – with over 30 years experience in the tobacco field.

He says if Phillip Morris Inc – the company behind the $1billion ‘foundation’ was really serious about the harm smoking does they’d immediately stop selling ‘their deadly products around the world

Dr Michael Siegel

In a scathing blog post he points out:

The Foundation calls for “scoping projects” to study strategies to reduce smoking. But nowhere in the five-page document does it mention anything about interventions to: (1) severely restrict or curtail cigarette advertising and marketing; (2) require plain packaging; (3) substantially increase cigarette taxes; (4) promote 100% smoke-free environments; and (5) heavily fund aggressive, state-of-the-art anti-smoking media campaigns.

Anyone who’s read my few articles about this foundation will see there’s been widespread skepticism about what it actually intends to do – personally I think it’s all about the promotion of the yet to be fully tested ‘heat not burn‘ products – but hey I’m a born skeptic!

Dr Siegel’s full article is well worth a read.

Anti Vaping Professor Accused of Racism and Sexual Harassment

Whilst it’s not ever right to make light of sexual harassment and racism – it seems karma has arrived at the door of vehement anti vape opponent Professor Stanton Glantz.

The outspoken professor from the USCSF [University of California, San Francisco] was this week slapped with lawsuit from a former colleague who along with the aforementioned allegations also says he ‘stole her work‘.

The female worker in question claims other women also had similar experiences adding “the leering made them uncomfortable.

I must stress these allegations are as yet unfounded.

The USCF refuse to comment on ongoing investigations.


A Superb Speech From the NNA’s Sarah Jakes – Bravo!

Sarah gave her speech at the recent E-Cig Summit and it really is well worth watching 😉

23 Sarah Jakes from The E-Cigarette Summit on Vimeo.

…and finally…Canada Experiments With E-Cigs to ‘Help’ Homeless Smokers

I had to read this a couple of times to see if it wasn’t from one of those spoof news sites – sadly it isn’t.

A clinical trial in Otaawa aims to enroll 200 people into the ‘experiment’ with 100 receiving patches – gums and inhalers whilst the other 100 will get e-cigs.

Not sure how they’ll charge them or indeed if they’ll create a lucrative black market…

ecig quality

Now before you all jump up and down and say the homeless deserve access to e-cigs as much of the rest of us – I personally think $100,000 could have been spent on far far better things for the homeless – I dunno like shelters – blankets or access to cheap homes.

Yes I know homes cost a lot more than that – but come on as someone who has REGULARLY been homeless [indeed I was on the streets for two years post Army back in the early eighties] and a couple of years ago I stayed in a homeless hostel for a 9 months – I KNOW the last thing you worry about is quitting the fags.

Head researcher Dr. Smita Pakhalé said:

We’re trying to understand if e-cigarettes can be in our toolbox since they have some features that could be attractive: They can deliver calculated doses of nicotine in an inhaled fashion and, secondly, they can give smokers that hand-to-mouth gesture that they crave.

Sorry doc your average homeless person only cares about where their next meal is coming from and where they’ll sleep that night.

What a ridiculous waste of money…

[Rant Over]


*Shuffles Papers*

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