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World Tobacco Conference Calls For Ban On Selling Tobacco World Wide – Within 3 Years!!!

Yeah you read that right and within 3 years lol.

The 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health ended last week with 11 points or declarations on how they think the battle against tobacco should be handled.

And as I alluded to in the piece ‘Anti Smoking’ Marlboro Man Banned From Tobacco Conference – they’re pretty anti vaping and e-cigarettes too.

You’d think given all the positive research now piling up on the safer and healthier aspects of vaping and indeed the success of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool – this over inflated egotistical almost tyrannical bunch of health despots might see it as a force of good.

world conference on tobacco health


So here’s the 11 points to a tobacco free world and we’ll leave it at that – because these folks are scarily ignorant:

  • We call on governments to unite with civil society to stop tobacco industry interference and accelerate implementation of the WHO FCTC using a whole of government approach.
  • We urge governments, scientists, research entities, foundations, and civil society organizations to reject or cease engagement with the Philip Morris International-funded Foundation for a Smokefree World and other initiatives of the tobacco industry
  • We adopt the Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights and a Tobacco-free World
  • We call on African governments to operationalize the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on financing for development that recommends increasing tobacco taxes as an untapped, sustainable domestic resource mobilization strategy, for accelerating the implementation of the WHO FCTC in Africa
  • We call on Parties to actively engage in the development of the WHO FCTC Medium Term Strategic Framework and Plan and to endorse them at the forthcoming eighth session of the Conference of the Parties of the WHO FCTC.
  • We support the concept of a tobacco free generation and commit to empowering youth involvement and advocacy as a means to achieving a tobacco free world.
  • We call on Finance Ministers to actively support the WCTOH 2018 Declarations by prioritizing sustainable funding for tobacco control and ceasing public and private investment in the tobacco industry.
  • We call on governments to extend as a priority, fiscal policies to continually decrease the affordability and accessibility of tobacco products
  • We call on the Parties to the WHO FCTC to integrate gender based data collection and reporting into Party reports to the Conference of the Parties on their implementation of the WHO FCTC by COP9.
  • We call upon the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to align with the decision of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and end its collaboration with the tobacco industry immediately
  • We call upon governments to develop a plan by 2021 for phasing out the sale of tobacco products.

Not a mention of e-cigarettes but a real push to aggressively tax tobacco products putting already poorer smokers from developing countries under even more pressure.

And of course whilst muttering sinister warnings under their breaths about the ‘dangers’ of e-cigarettes.

Crazy ignorant and downright dangerous times indeed.


Short Fills Under Fire At Science and Technology Committee

UK MPs met with Big Tobacco scientists last week and were told short fill e-liquids were a cause for concern!

The Science and Technology Committee are currently looking into all things vaping with a view to tightening or loosening TPD legislation in a post Brexit Britain – if of course that ever happens…

They also met with two vaping health experts with Professor David Harrison – Chair of the UK Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment – telling the panel of MPs that in his opinion Heat Not Burn products [HNB] still gave users a risk of cancer.

Professor David Harrison, Chair of the UK Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COC)
Professor David Harrison, Chair of the UK Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COC)

However it was the panel of Big Tobacco scientists the MPs gave the majority of the two hour session to and they made sure they came out of the meeting looking whiter than white.

I have covered the full meeting in greater detail in the piece Big Tobacco Tells UK MPs Short Fills Are A Health Concern.

I suggest if you’re at all concerned that short fills may be targeted in any future legislation you arm yourself with the facts and contact your local MP and join any advocacy groups that may fight any moves to remove them from sale.


Thailand: “E-cigarettes Are NOT A Tool To Quit Smoking”

With a full ban on vaping punishable by fines and jail now operating in Thailand health ‘experts’ say e-cigarettes are not any good as smoking cessation tools.

Yeah I know – WTF???

At a recent health seminar held in Bangkok the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, Dr Kachornsak Kaewchamras told those attending e-cigarettes contained nicotine and was quoted as saying they were:

…addictive and poses the risk of lung cancer or esophageal cancer and other health problems.

He also announced that the World Health Organization [WHO] and in particular the Thailand office had recently released a statement saying there was dangers to users and indeed those closest to them from ‘passive vaping’.

*bangs head on desk*

It’s this kind of ignorance that is costing many smokers lives around the world and with WHO leading the charge one doubts the true ‘science’ will ever be acknowledged by these Goverments.


75% Tax On All Things Vaping?

Politicians in New Jersey USA are considering a massive tax on all things vaping.

Assembly Bill No. 1586 states:

Imposes a wholesale sales tax on electronic cigarettes and similar nicotine delivery products, changes tax base and requires licenses to conduct business in tobacco products.

OK the fact e-liquids and vape devices do NOT contain tobacco seems to have passed over the heads of yet another bunch of ignorant politicians especially if they lump vape shops in with stores selling tobacco products making them purchase a license.

However they’ve thought about that adding the rider:

Electronic cigarette” means a device that can deliver nicotine, nicotine and flavor, or other chemicals or substances to a person inhaling from the device that electronically or by other means vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist or vapor, simulating the act of tobacco smoking.

An electronic cigarette includes but is not limited to any components, parts or accessories thereof which contain nicotine, such as cartridges and vials, and includes any delivery device components, whether or not sold separately

They key there is “simulating the act of tobacco smoking.


Yet more politicians punishing smokers that turn to vaping to save their lives.

The bill has been pre-filed and we’ll keep you updated.


People Still Wrongly Believe Nicotine Is A Carcinogen

No – nicotine will NOT give you cancer despite what you’ve been led to believe.

This is another of those myths around both vaping and smoking – people still think it’s the nicotine that causes cancer in smokers.

However health experts from both sides of the debate have long accepted its the chemicals released from the burning of tobacco that causes cancer.

Nicotine and vaping

Researchers from Pinney Associates presented their findings to the recent annual meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

They found 53% of those questioned thought it was nicotine that caused cancer in smokers with only 31.6% believing vaping was considerably safer than smoking.

Lead researcher Karen Gerlach said:

It’s troubling that adults’ misperceptions about the health effects of nicotine persist despite the long-term availability of FDA-approved over-the-counter NRT products

Professor Brad Rodu slammed the FDA for this misconception:

The FDA, since 2009, has had regulatory authority over both tobacco and pharmaceutical nicotine. It could have served as an educational resource for correcting misperceptions about the health effects of nicotine.

It has done nothing.


…and finally…UK Vaping Spies Warned Of Poisonous Vape Pen Plot…

MI5 and MI6 agents are on high alert after a former Russian spy claimed hit men were entering the UK armed with deadly vape pens…and not exploding ones either…

00 Vape?

A former KGB officer Boris Karpichkov – has recently survived a deadly poison attack and warns there’s more to come with Putin allegedly drawing up a hit list of targets – he said he feared for his life:

I’m 59. But I’m not ­optimistic about seeing 60.

Karpichkov told a national newspaper the vape pens were modified to contain deadly nerve gas.

Oh my…

It really does sound like something out of James Bond – as to if there’s any truth in this – I’m afraid that’s classified 😉


*Shuffles Papers*

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