Vape News Headlines: Big Tobacco Are Liars – US Vape Industry Optimistic – Turkey Bans E-Cigs – Big Tobacco Moves On Vaping – Vaping Saves You Money – Phuket Beach Ban – Sopranos Adriana Is A Vape Ambassador!


Big Tobacco Producing Ads Saying They Are Liars

Advertisements showing just how harmful cigarettes are and just how much Big Tobacco has lied to the world will be airing in the US in a couple of weeks time.

Nothing to get excited about I hear you say – however these ads are produced and paid for by the tobacco companies themselves.

This is the result of a court ordered ‘punishment’ delivered back in 1999 when Big Tobacco companies were sued followed by a judge in 2006 finding them guilty of breaking civil racketeering laws by lying to the American public for decades.

big tobacco

Those bringing the lawsuit had hoped for financial recompense however the judge ruled that producing these ads was punishment enough.

The advertisements will appear in print and on TV and will run for just 5 months.

Personally I think Big Tobacco has got off lightly – your thoughts?


Despite Deeming US Vape Industry is ‘Optimistic’

When it was announced the Federal Drug Administration [FDA] was to legislate all things vape in the US many thought it sounded the death knell of vaping in the country.

However a recent survey by online monitoring group E-Cig Intelligence says US vape companies are pretty buoyant especially as the FDA recently pushed back the deadline [again] for submitting vaping prodcuts for government approval:

77% of retailers are feeling some industry optimism, an immediate 25 % increase on responses received before the FDA decision; 50% of respondents are now looking to increase stock levels, and 42% plan to expand their operations.

FDA approved drugs

Sadly it has been too late for some of the smaller companies and indeed the largest scalp to date has been the Johnson Creek Vapor Company.


Turkey Refuses to Allow E-Cigs and Heat Not Burn Products

In a move that has delighted those idiots over at the World Health organization – Turkey has declared itself a no go zone for e-cigs and heat not burn devices.

These products will not be manufactured or indeed sold in the country so far it’s unclear if the use of such devices will be legal in Turkey – bad news for tourists that vape and another one on the list of no vape zones.

The reaction to the decision delighted WHO with one spokesman calling Turkey a ‘global leader in tobacco control and an important example of WHO FCTC implementation.’

vaping in turkey

Turkey was one of the first countries to implement the WHO backed no smoking within indoor public spaces and with no safer alternative now available to the country’s smokers one has to wonder if the country and indeed WHO really cares about health.

Professor Hilal Özcebe, Public Health Specialist and professor at Hacettepe University said:

The tobacco industry states that electronic products have fewer negative effects on public health but this is a totally false argument.” She explained that “electronic devices have the same level of nicotine as widely used products [such as cigarettes], causing similar vascular disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Please join me in banging your head on the desk – though sadly this is not a laughing matter.

Sometimes I despair.


Lines Between Vaping and Big Tobacco Getting Cloudier

As sales of conventional cigarettes and tobacco continues to fall Big Tobacco companies are getting as fuzzy as an afternoon in a vape shop.

Last week we reported that Imperial Brands had bought out Liverpool based liquid nicotine company Nerudia and this week the company announced more plans to get into the vaping market.

IB saw profits slump by 4.1% last year and plan more moves into vaping – they already own Blu.

A spokesman said:

As anticipated, whilst the increased investment impacted current year revenue and profit, it is strengthening the business to support improved top-line growth going forward from both tobacco and next generation products.

We will also be stepping up our activities in next generation products, with new e-vapour launches in new and existing markets and consumer trials of heated tobacco products. We have continued to take decisive cost action to mitigate a tough trading environment and to protect our investments.

Watch this space as they say…


Vaping Good For the Wallet As Well As Your Health

Not only is vaping better for your health than smoking a new poll suggests it’s good for your bank balance too.

A recent poll by student finance website lendedu says vapers in the US save up to $1,500 per year by stubbing out the stinkies.


The company asked 1000 vapers a simple question:

How much did you spend on your vaporizer or vaping device?

The average came out at $60.76.

A second question asked:

On average, how many individual purchases do you make each month on products related to vaping?

It was found the average vaper makes 9.29 purchases per month equating to an average purchase of $6.54 which comes out at $118.05 per month and $1,416.60 per year compared to a smoker.

Interesting until you really get hooked on getting the latest vaping shiny I guess lol…


Phuket – Smoking Beach Ban Includes E-Cigs

Thailand continues its crackdown on smoking and vaping in public places with a ban now on the popular Phuket beach.

The ban on the beach came into force a couple of days ago and ‘culprits’ can be fined up to B100,000 – about £2288 and could find themselves in a Thai jail for up to a year.

A spokesman for the government said:

E-cigarettes, or vaping, create smoke and that is banned under the same DMCR regulation (for banning smoking at the beaches). Vaping is ‘smoking’, and that breaks the law. However, as with regular smokers, people can use their e-cigarettes in the dedicated smoking areas.

Absolutely ridiculous…but you have been warned…


and finally…Sopranos Actress Becomes a Vape Ambassador!

Think smoking is cool?

Fuggedaboutit if you want to impress actress and ‘vape ambassador’ Drea de Matteo.

She played Adriana La Cerva in the best TV series ever the Sopranos and according to an appearance she made on US TV recently vaping finally gave her the same satisfaction as smoking.

She was commenting on a new survey carried out by E-Alternative Solutions which showed vaping is not only better for your health – but your relationships too – ummm not so in my case lol…

Drea de Matteo
Drea de Matteo via FOX25 screenshot

Results showed:

  • More than half (54%) of parents who smoke believe an alternative would help them set a better example for their children.
  • Nearly half (46%) also think an alternative would help them feel better about themselves.
  • More than a third of married smokers (34%) feel pressure from friends and family specifically.
  • Almost all smokers (94%) worried that alternatives will be difficult to use and nearly half (40%) feel that they don’t know enough about alternatives.

You can watch the interview with the gorgeous gangster’s moll in question on Fox25 News

BTW she’s very welcome to come coil and wick with me any time…

Did I really just write that???

*Blushes and Shuffles Papers*

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