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Fall In Lung Cancer – Canada’s Vape Regulations – EU: E-Cigs ARE Tobacco – Prison For Vaping Flyer – Hong Kong Bans E-cigs – IQOS Sales Fall – Nicotine Patch Inventor Supports E-cigs – JUUL Worth $15 Billion – FDA Gets Hard On Viagra E-liquid!

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And…the vape news is back after an enforced summer break…any news items I missed in August – September will feature in the end of year Vaping News review.

OK and here’s what’s been happening this past couple of weeks in the world of vaping.

US Lung Cancer Deaths Show Dramatic Drop

Scientists funded by the US National Cancer Institute say deaths from lung cancer related to smoking will fall by a staggering 79% over the next few decades.

They put this down to the strict tobacco control methods implemented by the US since the 1960’s and make no mention of the growing use of e-cigarettes in the country by smokers quitting the cancer sticks.


However in the report published in the American College of Physicians it states:

Tobacco control efforts implemented since the 1960s will continue to reduce lung cancer rates well into the next half-century. Additional prevention and cessation efforts will be required to sustain and expand these gains to further reduce the lung cancer burden in the United States.

That could be a cautious nod towards the effect e-cigarettes and vaping has on smokers looking to quit and is something the FDA should consider as it continues its war on vaping over the pond.

That is even more apparent with the researchers finding that:

However, 4.4 million deaths from lung cancer are still projected to occur in the United States from 2015 to 2065, with about 20 million adults aged 30 to 84 years continuing to smoke in 2065.

If they want to stop 20million more smokers over the coming decades and the death and illness that brings…then maybe vaping should be looked at a little more kindly than it is at the moment…just a thought.


Canada Is Now ‘Officially’ Vape Friendly And May Even ‘Loosen’ Current Legislation

Back in May this year the Canadian Government passed into law the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act [TVPA] which in effect ‘legalized ‘the use of e-cigarettes in the country.

That’s not to say they were ever ‘illegal’ it was more a tolerated grey area…and just like politicians the world over they had an urgent need to regulate.


The main framework has be in place since the spring however Health Canada and stakeholders have been engaged in tightening up the vape law with an eye to making sure the laws are not ‘overly burdensome’ – are you watching America???

As it stands now the main crux of the TVPA is very similar to our own TPD:

  • Largely apply existing tobacco regulations to vaping products
  • Prohibit the sale of vaping products to minors
  • Place heavy restrictions on advertising and promotion of vaping products by restricting lifestyle advertising, use of testimonials, and related claims
  • Restrict the promotion of certain flavors—especially those that may allegedly appeal to minors, e.g., dessert flavors
  • Empower Health Canada to implement regulations, including plain and standardized tobacco packaging

Health Canada recently sent out a list of so called seven ‘risk statements’ around vaping asking for input from vape stakeholders – this list is now being scrutinized by the Scientific Advisory Board on Vaping Products [SAB].

The seven statements are a clear indication that unlike it’s neighbors Canada views e-cigarettes and vaping as considerably healthier than smoking:

  • If you are a smoker, switching completely to vaping is a much less harmful option
  • While vaping products emit toxic substances, the amount is significantly lower than in tobacco smoke
  • By switching completely to vaping products, smokers are exposed to a small fraction of the 7,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke
  • Switching completely from combustible tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes significantly reduces users’ exposure to numerous toxic and cancer-causing substances
  • Completely replacing your cigarette with a vaping product will significantly reduce your exposure to numerous toxic and cancer-causing substances
  • Switching completely from smoking to e-cigarettes will reduce harms to your health
  • Completely replacing your cigarette with an e-cigarette will reduce harms to your health.

Compare the Canadian common sense approach to all things vape to the media and lobbyist led hysteria in America eh?


New EU Health Chief Says E-cigarettes ARE Tobacco Products!

She’s new to the job of EU Health Director general and Mrs Anne Bucher seems to have inherited the bias and some might say stupidity of her predecessor/s.

At the recent tongue twisting junket that is the Conference of Parties to the World Health Organization Framework Convention for Tobacco Control – COP8 for short – the newbie ignored the facts and said categorically that e-cigarettes are and will remain in the eyes of the EU…tobacco products.

ecigs and anne bucher
tweet via YaelOss

*Shakes head in disbelief*

When asked by a journalist she appears to unequivocally believe that with e-cigarettes even if there is no tobacco…no lit tobacco…no release of carcinogenic enhancing carbon monoxide…no cancer riddled’s still tobacco and will continue to be treated as such by the almost evangelistic anti-vape mandarins over at the EU…

Christ in a hand cart the woman is an idiot.

BTW I did consider using this as the ‘and finally’ story…but trust me the one I’ve found is even better…trust me…lol…

Vapes On A Plane In China Leads To Prison!

Despite being the spiritual home of vaping China is not exactly the most vape friendly of places especially on an internal flight.

One vaper desperate for a toot headed to the plane’s toilet only to be caught with more than his trousers down!

On landing he was arrested and sentenced to five days in prison.

It’s not the first time there’s been a vapes on a plane emergency over China.

Earlier this year a co-pilot turned off the cabin air-con to stop his vapour spreading through the plane only to cause an emergency descent!

So if you’re heading to China you have been warned lol.

Hong Kong Bans E-cigarettes

Still in the home and birthplace of vaping and Hong Kong has just banned vaping!

It was believed the Hong Kong government was only looking at legislation around e-cigarettes similar to that of lit tobacco – however the new move has even banned the use of Heat Not Burn products and herbal tobacco.

The shock ban was announced by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor last week and she cited the 2014 World Health Organization’s claim of ‘insufficient evidence’ that e-cigarettes and vaping helps smokers quit [WTF] and the old chestnut of e-cigs ‘encouraging’ youngsters to ‘experiment’.


IQOS Sales Continue To Fall

Phillip Morris the big tobacco company behind the heat not burn brand IQOS has seen its sale of devices fall dramatically in its largest market place Japan.

According to influential investment website the Motley Fool the company is looking at a dramatic decline of 4 billion less units being sold – a quite staggering figure.

iqos vaper expo

This follows on from another article the website published recently: Are E-Cigs Fizzling Out for Philip Morris International?

It’s fair to say here in the UK the IQOS brand has been aggressively targeting both vapers and vape shops and even vape reviewers and indeed people such as myself who they call ‘influencers’ – moi? Naw…lol…

Back in the summer myself and a few other ‘vape insiders’ were invited to a lavish three day junket to Switzerland to not only look at the science behind the HNB devices but also to see the launch of the new IQOS Mesh a device that uses e-liquid.

I had ummed and aahed about taking the trip however things were decided for me with a deeply personal family tragedy.

Incidentally I was also invited to the swanky dinner for the launch of the IQOS Mesh here in the UK – but again was unable to attend…

It will be interesting to see how the new kit will be received as I’m sure they’ll be at Vaper Expo later this month – as to whether they’ll be open to chat with me after standing them up [quite expensively] twice now…we shall have to see 😉


Co-Inventor Of Nicotine Patches Slams FDA Attack On Vaping

Not sure how Big Pharma companies will react to one of their own praising vaping but one of the inventors of nicotine patches says the FDA is attacking:

…one of the most promising developments in the field of smoking cessation.

Jed Rose, director of the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation and professor of psychiatry and behavioral science says he finds it difficult to marry the FDA’s belief that pod kits such as the JUUL really are tempting teens into nicotine addiction.

Jed has spent the last 39 years studying the effects of nicotine on the human body and says:

The ‘epidemic’ of youth addiction is greatly exaggerated. This isn’t good, but it has to be weighed against the 500,000 preventable deaths that can be lessened using e-cigarettes.

Nicely put.


JUUL Surpasses Facebook In Speed Of Valuation!

Despite all the media and political hysteria JUUL’s valuation as a company hit $10billion four times faster than Facebook.

It took them just 7 months from the first injection of cash to reach the staggering sum proving the old adage that any publicity is good publicity.


Sadly it’s probably its phenomenal popularity that has become a double edged sword with the brand blamed by the FDA as being the cause of an alleged teen explosion in vaping.

The Fortune website says the company – founded by friends James Monsees and Adam Bowen – is now worth a staggering $15 billion and has recently launched here in the UK.


and finally…Now The FDA Really Does Have A Hard On For E-liquid!

It was quite prophetic of me to use the phrase “lobby groups have had a hard on for anything they see as addictive” in my piece The Only Vaping Epidemic In America Is Apathy Idiocy and Stupidity

The FDA is currently investigating a company selling an e-liquid that contains liquid Viagra or in this case Cialis…

hellocig viagra e-liquid

China based HelloCig E-Liquid was selling the sex aid juice E-Cialis and ‘suggested’ to purchasers it was FDA approved – hence the investigation.

The FDA has given the company 15 days [some say the actual length of an erection an apparent overdose of the pill gives] to remove the frisky fluid from sale.

In the interests of science and facts I have spent a while on the HelloCig website and can’t seem to find the enhancing e-liquid – guess they’ve used the withdrawal method

However there is an old school Ginseng flavour [ask your dad] and one in the ‘Health Care’ section described as Oral Fresher…ahem…

And nope I haven’t contacted the company for samples of the E-Cialis as it would be totally wasted given I’ve been single now for over two years – despite which I’m pretty sure things are in fully working order if a little bemused at the lack of action… 😛

*Shuffles Papers*

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