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3.3 Million ‘Life Years Could Be Saved By Vaping

Let’s start with a positive piece of news for a change – kind of lol – with the results of a study by American scientists suggesting the health benefits from vaping are immense.

Researchers from the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan say 3.3 million life years could be saved in the US alone by 2070 if more smokers turned to vaping.

Kenneth Warner and David Mendez published the study in the Oxford Academic with a key point being made that the number of young people smoking has dropped dramatically alongside the increase in use of e-cigarettes.

Recognizing that vaping is considerably safer than smoking Mr Warner said:

I don’t think this paper resolves the argument once and for all.

But we have to go with the best evidence available.

I believe the case is strong; the benefits outweigh the risks.

However…why is there always a however!!!

The scientists did suggest vaping may be a gateway to youngsters taking up smoking…

Aaaaarggghhh! *Bangs Head On Desk!!!*

Read the full study HERE

Doctors In Australia Have An ‘Ethical Obligation’ To Offer E-Cigs To Patients

Pro vaping Professor Colin Mendelsohn says doctors that withhold nicotine infused e-liquids to patients desperate to quit smoking are in breach of their obligations.

In a strongly worded peer reviewed report published in the Royal Australian College of Physicians journal, Internal Medicine Journal – he lays out guidelines he wants doctors to follow.

As we all know by now Australia has criminalized vaping with nicotine based e-liquids and despite strong pressure from politicians and health experts – the government refuses to consider lifting the ban.

‘Offenders’ can face huge fines and even imprisonment if they are caught.


Professor Mendelsohn lists the key points as:

  • Medical practitioners have a duty of care to provide the best possible management at each patient encounter. Withholding a legitimate treatment option that could prevent a life-threatening illness is a breach of that obligation.
  • There is growing evidence for the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a quitting aid and, although not completely harmless, the scientific consensus is that they are substantially less harmful than smoking tobacco.
  • More research is needed, but there is now sufficient empirical evidence and real-world experience over more than a decade to consider their use as a legitimate tobacco harm reduction tool for smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit with conventional strategies.
  • Smokers should be advised that the highest success rates occur with daily use with nicotine e-liquid and newer e-cigarette models.
  • After quitting smoking, it is preferable to aim ultimately to cease vaping if possible, but long-term use of e-cigarettes is safer than relapsing to smoking.

Citing a number of studies that now prove vaping with nicotine infused e-liquids is considerably safer than smoking he said:

Medical practitioners have a duty of care to provide the best possible management at each encounter.

With-holding a legitimate treatment option that could prevent a life-threatening illness is a breach of that obligation.

For patients who have repeatedly failed to quit smoking with conventional strategies an e-cigarette is a legitimate, evidence-based option for reducing harm. Their use could lead to substantial improvements in public health in Australia.

He points to the sudden decrease in the number of smokers quitting in Australia compared to the increase of successful quitters in countries where vaping is legal adding:

In Australia between 2013 and 2016, the smoking rate has not declined significantly for the first time in decades, despite very high cigarette prices, plain packaging and strict tobacco control laws.

However, in countries where which support vaping, smoking rates are continuing to fall, faster than ever, in some cases

I’ve been keeping an eye of the situation in Australia and whilst the cracks are showing there still needs to be a lot of advocacy work done to get the crazy ban lifted.

If you’re keen to get involved do check out the excellent Legalise Vaping in Australia advocacy group and join the fight!

And trust me Aussie vapers and indeed visitors to the country have a real fight on their hands especially as New South Wales has just banned vaping in public!


‘Juuling’ Reaches Hysterical Levels In The US Media

A report from the U.S. Surgeon General has prompted an increase in the hysteria surrounding the use of the Juul brand e-cigarette in the American media.

Some headlines have suggested it’s now reached ‘epidemic proportions’ hooking in a whole generation of youngsters into nicotine addiction.

The report was actually written in 2016 but this hasn’t stopped the anti-vaping media using it to cause whats tantamount to a panic situation.


I first mentioned the uproar over Juul and youngsters back in February and suggested then maybe the company’s marketing team may be thinking any publicity is good publicity.

Judging from my email box not a day goes by – seriously – without half a dozen Juul based scare stories – like I said any publicity is good publicity maybe..?

However this latest media blitz has led to FDA Commissioner warning:

No kid should be using any tobacco products.

We’re going to be taking some enforcement actions very soon to target companies that we think are marketing products in ways that they’re deliberately appealing to kids.


It gets worse.

Harvard based assistant Professor Joseph Allen parroted the old what about the gateway effect line adding:

Millions of kids are trying these e-cigarette products.

Studies show that one in five eighth-graders that currently use tobacco products got there by starting with e-cigarettes.

So these e-cigarettes are also a gateway for traditional tobacco use for many young kids.

No they are not!


I’m assuming the ‘action’ the FDA is taking means targeting sweet flavoured e-liquids a point picked up by Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association who said:

Spend some time in a vape shop and see the customers that come in for these wildly named products.

They are adults.

They are over 25 years old, and they are the same type that watches ‘Family Guy’ on Sunday nights.

Nicely put lol.

I’ve said it many times in America nicotine is as big a public enemy as say heroin and this misconception needs to stop.


5th Global Forum on Nicotine Topics and Speakers Announced

Registration for the next Global Forum on Nicotine are now open.

To be held once again in Warsaw in June and the key sessions are:

  • Rethinking nicotine – policy and science
  • Science and the new understandings of nicotine
  • Neglected issues – and those who are left behind

gfn 2018

And also including:

  • Country updates on tobacco harm reduction
  • Clinical and real world contexts for reduced harm nicotine products
  • Regulation and consumers
  • Reduced harm nicotine products and their role in tobacco smoking cessation

The Michael Russell Oration will be given by Dr Joe Kosterich and is titled: Rethinking Nicotine: New nicotine products, the media and the medical profession – which should be interesting to say the least!

For more info head to the GFN website.

Romania Could Ban Vaping In Public Places

Politicians in Romania reckon there’s no proof e-cigarettes are healthier than smoking and want them banned in all of the country’s public spaces.

This includes bars – cafes – playgrounds and on public transport.

State Secretary Dr Raed Arafat – who is also head of the impressive sounding Emergency Situations Department seems to agree.

It’s the country’s opposition party Save Romania Union [USR] behind the idea and spokesman Cristian Ghica said:

There is no scientifically substantiated research demonstrating that these devices pose a lower health risk than the classical and tobacco products.

Therefore, there are no good reasons for the Romanian state to treat differently classic cigarettes and newly launched smoking devices on the market.

Do you want to tell him – or shall I?


Is A Countrywide Vape Ban In India Imminent?

Despite being home to a staggering 12% of the world’s smokers the Indian Government looks likely to ban e-cigarettes countrywide.

The country sees 900,000 smokers die each year from tobacco related illnesses and despite a raft of medical evidence showing vaping is substantially safer the Government has been moving towards a total ban for quite some time.

Association Vapers India fighting to stop the ban

See my articles for more info:

Interview With the Association Of Vapers India

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has told the Delhi High Court:

Nicotine addiction through e-cigarettes among young people may lead to its consumer to try conventional tobacco products and hence is a gateway product.

Absolutely crazy…and downright criminal…


SNUS Ban Can Be Upheld

The European Court of Justice’s advocate general says the EU has a ‘right’ to ban on smoking substitute Snus.

Henrik Saugmandsgaard did agree the evidence around the reason for banning was not ‘clear cut’ – but did not find the ban ‘manifestly inappropriate’.

His decision is bitter news for the New Nicotine Alliance who have been fighting to get the ban lifted.

New nicotine Alliance Snus

Professor Gerry Stimson a Trustee of the NNA said:

Widespread snus use has been behind the extraordinary collapse in smoking in Sweden where only 5% now smoke.

In Norway the effect has been even more dramatic with only 1% of young women now smoking – down from 30% in just 16 years. And that is in a country where selling nicotine e-cigarettes has been illegal.

Smoking is evaporating where snus is widely used and yet the court now seems set to ignore the overwhelming interests of EU citizens.

Current chair of the NNA – Sarah Jakes said:

The European Union still has a big smoking problem with the latest EU figures actually showing smoking going up in France and Italy.

The Scandinavian success with snus makes it imperative that this is tried out in the rest of the EU. Banning snus has been a crime against public health.


Double Whammy As Big Tobacco Vape Devices Boycotted and Recalled!

Oh dear…

Big Tobacco giant RJ Reynolds has had to recall 2.6 million vape devices due to an overheating safety risk…

The company behind such ‘iconic’ cigarette brands as Camel and Pall Mall has moved into the e-cigarette business with Vuse Vibe and it seems rather than heating the devices are threatening to burn…

The company is a subsidiary of British American Tobacco and have urged customers to stop using the devices and return them immediately.

If this wasn’t such a serious matter I’d have used this as an ‘and finally piece’…and maybe say something about Karma…but I wont…

rj reynolds vapor

I tried to have a look at the Vuse website but kept getting the Access Denied error lol…

And if that wasn’t bad enough farm workers across America are now calling for a complete boycott of the Vuse e-cigarette!

Last year the Farm Labor Organizing Committee was furious that RJ Reynolds Tobacco had refused to allow staff to join a union.

The boycott campaign began earlier this week and sees farmers and workers outside convenience stores urging folks to not use Vuse.

Oh dear…the Karma is strong with this one…


…and finally Watch The Aegis Legend Production Line

Not so much a funny – more an interesting look at the testing of the new GeekVape Aegis Legend.

If you’ve got one on order then checkout this sneak peek into the GeekVape production and testing line – fascinating!

*Shuffles Papers*

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