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Aussie Politician Shows The Vaping Love On Valentines Day

Beleaguered vapers in Australia received a bit of much needed love on Valentines Day with the support of a politician who took to the wheel of Vape Force One and drove around the Parliament buildings in Canberra.

Vape Force One is the campaign camper bus of the country’s vaping advocacy group Legalize Vaping in Australia.

A team of volunteers have spent the last month traveling around the east coast of Australia campaigning to get vaping with nicotine e-liquids legalized in the country.

As it stands now it is illegal to do so and those caught can be fined up to $45,000 and jailed for 2 years – a ridiculous state of affairs.

The advocacy team were delighted when Senator Cory Bernardi took to the wheel as this meant even more media spotlight put onto the campaign.

Senator Bernadi said:

The government’s position is illogical.

Vaping is a much safer way for people to satisfy their nicotine addiction and cravings.

Sadly and once again the vaping is safer than smoking message seems lost on the Australian Health Department – a spokesman for the annoyingly ignorant Greg Hunt MP said:

The overwhelming medical advice and evidence is that it’s likely to lead to the uptake of smoking and we cannot support that.

No it isn’t – how many times must we say it!

You can read our interview with Legalize Vaping in Australia here.

campaign manager Brian Marlow
Vape Force One campaign manager Brian Marlow

It might be the end of the road for Vape Force One for now – but I feel sure the advocacy group will keep on fighting until the Australian Government comes to its senses.

Vapers vote and let’s hope they vote out these dangerous idiots at the next elections – lives depend on it.


Another Asian Country Preparing To Ban E-Cigarettes?

Anti smoking campaigners in Myanmar say the government should do more to control the use of e-cigarettes in the country – formally known as Burma.

Given much of Asia is vehemently against vaping and in many places it is now illegal – Myanmar currently has a relatively relaxed attitude towards e-cigarettes.

However The People’s Health Foundation [PHF] alongside other anti-smoking groups has called for legislation to make it illegal to purchase e-cigs if under 21 and to tightly control the import of devices.

Head of the PHF – Dr Than Sein said:

We are trying to inform about the health risk of electronic cigarette like tobacco usage. It sales should be under controlled and consumers must be aware of the risk. But, the electronic cigarette is not under the control of current tobacco law.

We expect our proposals on electronic cigarettes to be submitted to the ministries in February.

There is no specific data of those using e-cigarette in the county but we find more people are using than the past. Vaping is become popular among young people.

Worryingly for the country’s vapers a spokesman for the Non-Communicable Disease unit in the Department of Public Health said:

…electronic cigarettes are harmful to public health as they contain chemical ingredients like nicotine.

Although electronic cigarette or vape does not contain tobacco, its liquid contains chemical ingredients and can be harmful to health.

It could also become an addiction and should be kept away from young people.

Back in 2014 a tobacco use survey found that 43.8% of men smoked and just over 8% of women – whilst 62% and over 8% of men and women regularly used tobacco products.

Another day and another Asian country starting the creep towards criminalizing e-cigarettes?

We’ll keep you informed.


FDA In Court Over Deeming Rule Again

Following the defeat last year of a legal case challenging parts of the Tobacco Control Act [TCA] the papers for an appeal have just been filed.

Nicopure Labs LLC and pressure group the Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition had argued two aspects of the act in particular were ‘unlawful’ and against the US Constitution.

They challenged the ruling that vape manufacturers were unable to promote their products as healthier alternatives to smoking and were banned from offering free samples.

smoke free coalition

Both groups strongly believe the court was wrong to uphold those particular pieces of the TCA hence the appeal.

The papers were filed earlier this week and the FDA and its lawyers are expected to respond by April.

The FDA is currently facing another legal battle over vaping with a number of US based vape shops bringing legal action against them for policy and legislation they deem unconstitutional.

You can read more about that case HERE.


Free Vaping Vouchers Scheme Expanded

A scheme that gave smokers looking to quit £25 vaping vouchers has proved so successful it has now been expanded county wide.

Ran by the Hampshire NHS Quit4Life stop smoking team a pilot study in Basingstoke last year has now been extend across Hampshire.

Julia Robson the clinical service manager of Quit4Life said:

Quit4Life is excited to be supporting Public Health England in their message to embrace quitting smoking through the use of electronic cigarettes.

As shown in the Smokefree and Stoptober messages, e-cigarettes can be extremely effective as a means to giving up smoking, especially when combined with additional support from a stop smoking service, when you can increase your chances of a successful quit.

Quit4Life poster

This cost-effective and popular way to switch from smoking cigarettes has already helped many smokers in Hampshire to quit tobacco.

Quit4Life aim to support as many people as possible who would like to improve both their health and wealth by quitting smoking, either with a vape or more traditional medication.

You can read my take on this in the piece No…E-Cigarettes Should Not Be Available On Prescription and Here’s Why .

But I personally think it’s a great idea benefiting smokers – local vape shops and using the dwindling resources of NHS Stop Smoking Services effectively – but as I said I go into more detail in the article.

For more information on how to get hold of the vouchers go to the Quit4Life website.


Another Pro Vaping UK Council Promotes Vaping

It’s always good to bring a bit of positive vaping news and this week its Thurrock Council in Essex.

In a Valentine’s message they told smokers switching to vaping would show love for their lungs!

Cllr James Halden, Portfolio Holder for Health told the local newspaper Your Thurrock the council was 100% behind e-cigarettes adding:

Most people aren’t aware that e-cigarettes are much safer (95%) than smoking traditional tobacco.

We know that smoking causes so many conditions, including stroke, heart disease, lung disease and even cancer. Every minute someone is admitted to hospital with a smoking related health problem.

We are happy to support the correct use of e-cigs as a way to help people quit the habit once and for all. Thurrock has a high rate of lung disease, with smoking playing a big factor in this.

Why not love your lungs and contact the service to see about support to stop smoking?

The newspaper also spoke to a former smoker who had used the council’s Thurrock Healthy Lifestyles programme to make the switch.

She said:

I have previously tried to quit using the patches. I found this difficult and could never completely achieve giving up tobacco.

The advice given to me about the e cigarette and how it was 95% safer than smoking tobacco made me feel confident to try it.

It was good to talk to someone who understood the power of the addiction. I have completely given up tobacco and only used the e-cigarette for three months to help me to quit. Being pregnant, I feel happy that I have done the best I can for my baby.

I generally feel healthier.


…and finally…Food Flavourings Leave Bad Taste In E-Liquid Mix Up…

Mixing your own e-liquid is fast becoming a ‘thing’ with vapers not only enjoying the hobbyist side but also saving money to boot.

Good news for the companies that make nicotine – VG/PG and a bit of a shot in the financial arm of those food flavouring companies – however…

It would appear confusion reigns among many DIYers out there at least judging by the reviews on Amazon with confused amateur mixologists mistaking food flavourings for actual e-liquid!

The sudden spate of bad taste reviews has meant one brand Capella having to slap up a notice saying: THIS IS NOT VAPE JUICE.

food flavourings not e-liquid!

The whole mix-up came to light after eagle eyed Rob Whisman tweeted:

…it’s fun looking up concentrated food flavoring on amazon and finding people who thought it was vape juice.

So please before you complain about a particularly bad tasting e-liquid – do make sure it is actually an e-liquid and NOT food flavouring lol.

And if you’re in any doubt do check Laura-ann’s excellent guide to DIY E-liquid Mixing For Beginners 😉

*Shuffles Papers*

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