Vape News Headlines: Judge orders FDA To Act – San Fran Vape Ban A ‘Joke’ – Kids Call For India Vape Ban – E-cig Researchers Need You – UKVIA Forum…and Does Katie Price Even Vape Bro?

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Federal Judge Orders FDA To Act On E-cigs

According to a federal judge the Food and Drug Administration has failed in its legal duty after pushing back the review date of all vape products.

The FDA had said vape manufacturers did not need to put their products through the red-tape for approval until 2022…however just before he retired FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb pulled this decision forward until 2021.

However, the anti-vape crusaders – that filed the case last year – say that it is still not enough and blames the so-called teen vape epidemic on the FDA.


Judge Paul Grimm didn’t mince his words either saying the delay was:

…so extreme as to amount to an abdication of its statutory responsibilities.

The case was brought by, among others, The American Academy of Pediatrics, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

The group said:

It is now the FDA’s responsibility to take immediate action to protect our kids and require manufacturers to apply to the FDA if they want to keep their products on the market.

A spokesman for the FDA said no decision was made to appeal the ruling and it was doing all it could to tackle teens that vape.

However Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association said the FDA must consider an appeal in order to:

…protect adult access to less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

The anti-vape scene in the US just seems to get worse…worrying times…


San Fran Vape Ban A Joke Says Local Business Group

The proposed banning of all sales of vape products in San Francisco is wrong and will hurt small business says a city-based commission.

The Small Business Commission says the city is taking ‘nanny state’ measures and warns jobs will be lost as stores are forced to closed down.

The commission voted 6:1 against the proposed ban which if passed in the coming weeks will not only see the closure of shops but also the possibility that JUULs head office in the city will be forced to close.

san-francisco-vape ban

However city politician Supervisor Shamann Walton, who introduced the bill, said:

I care more about our youth then I do about profits.

Stephen Adams, Small Business Commission president said:

You’re harming small business.

I can’t tell you how many store owners I have talked to who have lost revenue over the flavored tobacco ban

Yet, I know people who are driving down to Daly City to buy cartons of cigarettes.

It’s kind of a joke.

A joke for sure and one that could and will cost lives.


Anti Vape Gadget Wins Kids Science Prize

It’s called the VapeMate and designed to limit the amount of nicotine you vape on daily.

Designed by a bunch of kids from the Clark High School in Las Vegas the image shows it looks like it’s designed to fit on a JUUL.

image via KTNV

The idea is the user can set an amount of nicotine to vape each day and when the limit is released the device shuts down.

Over 400 kids entered and the device given the current anti-vape feeling over in the USA was a sure-fire winner.

The winners now get an all expenses paid trip to Italy to pitch their product.

Not sure if vaping company VapeMate will be happy with the name…


Indian Kids Call For Complete E-cigarette Ban

Students in India have joined forces with a number of health organizations calling for a total ban of all things vape in the country.

The kids and their teachers have written a letter to the Prime Minister saying most youngsters see them as ‘fun devices’ and have no idea they contain addictive nicotine.

india vape ban

The letter states:

We are school students and are extremely concerned about a new type of product called e-cigarettes that is gaining alarming popularity among our peers.

We find that students as young as 13 are using e-cigarettes as a fun device and later on getting addicted to it. There is a lot of misinformation about their harmful effects even among parents and teachers.

This latest letter comes after a group of doctors also wrote to the Government warning of a possible ‘vape-epidemic’ in the country.

Which if I’m honest would be no bad thing given over 1million people from India die every single year due to illnesses from lit tobacco.

Incidentally 3,000 vapers from Kashmir recently sent a petition to the Government calling for e-cigs NOT to be banned!

It will be interesting to see how all this pans out…Indian vapers deserve a proven healthier alternative, to say the least.


Have Your Say In E-cigarette Research

There seems to be a bottomless bucket of research into vaping but is there one aspect you’d like to see researched?

The UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies is calling on smokers, vapers and health care professionals to send them suggestions.


We want people to tell us what they think are the priorities for research into electronic cigarettes. It is important that we get responses from lots of different people, especially smokers and vapers, and healthcare professionals.

Your responses will help us decide the Top 10 research priorities for electronic cigarettes and we will share this Top 10 list widely, including with organisations that fund research.

TV GP Prescribes Vaping To Quit Smoking

Last week’s UK Vaping Industry Association Annual Forum saw a keynote speech from TV GP Dr Christian Jessen – a huge promoter of e-cigs as a way to quit smoking.

Attended by the great and the good from the UK vape industry and interested parties, one of the topics up for discussion was titled “Has the UK become vape unfriendly?”

ukvia forum

Led by Mark Pawsey MP it’s a discussion I’d like to have listened to, especially as Andrew Green of the British Beer and Pub Association and Martin Cullip the new chair of the New Nicotine Alliance are teaming up to get better information out to the UK’s pub landlords.

I wrote at length about my own push to get my local pubs’ vape friendly in the piece Changing Those UK Pub Vape Bans One Bar At A Time Through “Considerate Vaping”.

I didn’t attend the event but you can read an excellent breakdown of the events over on the NNA website.

and finally…Z List Celebrity Vape Watch Episode 2

Last week I showed the UK media’s showbiz journalists have a bit of a hard-on for minor celebs ‘caught’ vaping…

Sadly this week they really scraped the bottom of the barrel with the news that big boob reality ‘star’ Katie Price had been booked to open a new vape shop in Preston.

Does she even vape bro?

However such was the interest in the event the Daily Mirror says only 6 people turned up lol…

I suggest any vape shops looking for a celebrity to open their new store would do better booking one of the ‘superstars’ of the YouTube vape review scene…

BTW I’m happy to become their booking agent/manager for a percentage of course 😉


*Shuffles Papers*

More vape news on Wednesday!

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