Vape News Headlines: JUUL Tracker – Hong Kong Vape Warning – Epidemic of Vaping Misinformation – Campus Vape Ban – Chemist Pulls Vape Products and Happy Easter Vaping Is the Work of the Devil!

JUUL To Track Source Of Underage Vape Sales

I a bid to get ahead of the alleged teen vaping epidemic in America vape giant JUUL has set up a tracking website for devices taken from kids.

The company wants teachers in particular that confiscate devices to head to the web site and add the serial number. This says the company will enable them to see how the pod kits have gotten into the hands of youngsters and spot any patterns of shops/stores selling to minors.

JUUL explains the reasons behind the scheme on its page JUUL Youth Prevention and says it is developing a new “user-authenticated JUUL” that will prevent those underage from using the product.

juul report device

The information from the website will be passed on to the FDA:

We are implementing product traceability that will allow us, through confiscated product, to identify where youth are obtaining JUUL products. We will share this information with FDA, and take actions immediately to address these access points for youth.

JUUL also says it will increase its so called ‘secret shopper’ program where youngsters are sent into stores to see if staff adhere to JUUL’s strict selling guidelines.


Honk Kong Could Jail Vaping Tourists

Despite China being the spiritual home of vaping travelers to Hong Kong could face jail time if they’re caught vaping.

The New Nicotine Alliance says upwards of 35,000 vapers could be at risk if visiting the area as the government begins a crackdown.

They say:

  • The Legislative Council of Hong Kong is proposing a new law to ban import and possession of safer nicotine products
  • Unwary tourists could be at risk of jail simply for possessing e-cigarettes which are recommended by UK government and health organisations
  • Up to 35,000 British vapers visiting Hong Kong each year would be forced to get their nicotine from legally available cigarettes or not visit at all

new nicotine alliance

Sarah Jakes the chair of the NNA says:

Under these plans, UK vapers would visit Hong Kong at their peril with their e-cigarette and risk imprisonment or leave their device at home and get their nicotine from conventional cigarettes, which will still be available everywhere, and perfectly legal to smoke.

Vape advocate Clive Bates said:

I just can’t believe they are thinking of banning e-cigarettes in Hong Kong.

If a country wanted to destroy its hard-won reputation for innovation, technology and hospitality, it would prohibit new and better ways of quitting smoking and drive away visitors who have embraced this alternative to smoking.

Vaping is at least 95% lower risk than smoking – why would Hong Kong ban vaping but protect smoking?

Strange days indeed…


US Advocacy Group Slams Misinformation Around Vaping

According to SFATA the only epidemic around vaping in America is misinformation.

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association now wants to make sure the real message about the safety of vaping compared to smoking should be told.


It points to two ‘truths’ around vaping uncovered in the UK:

  • Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.” Source: Public Health England, 2018
  • “There is no evidence that second-hand vapor harms those around you.” Cancer Research UK, 2016

Sadly I doubt any of those virtue signalling politicians over the pond will listen.

A SFATA press release said:

We’ve been on record – in our mission statement, in our bylaws and in how each of our hundreds of members conduct business while adhering to our strict Code of Conduct, that we simply will not sell to anyone under the Legal adult age.

We’ve strengthened our position by signing on with IntellicheckTM, so that each of our member businesses can run customer IDs through their advanced Age Authentication system to verify identity and age.

We don’t want kids – not yours, not ours, not any, to vape. Our member businesses never did and never will sell to them.

What we do want is to allow adults who are benefiting from the harm-reduction of vaping to continue to patronize the vapor retailers of their choice; the entrepreneurs and local community businesses staffed by knowledgeable vapor professionals. Most are in the vapor community because vaping has helped them give up their own tobacco smoking habits.

Read more about the work of SFATA here.

University Campus Vape Ban

It’s been smokefree for the last 6 years and now Arizona State University is banning vaping.

Students will face up $50 fines if caught vaping and repeat offenders will face the wrath of the dean.

The ban kicks in on July 1st 2019 and the university says the reason is because they’re:

…dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable and productive learning environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

You’d think with all those academics they’d understand vaping is considerably safer than smoking and should be encouraged not banned…

Another day and yet another vape ban in America…one wonders where it will end…


Rite Aid Under Fire

Rite Aid has come under fire after removing all vape products from its pharmacy stores but continues to sell lit tobacco!

It’s a weird one for us Brits to think what we call a chemist actually sells lit cigarettes however to stop selling safer vape products is just idiotic.

ban all the vaping things

There’s over 2,400 Rite Aid pharmacy stores across America making it one of the biggest. The company says the decision was made as it was concerned at the so called teen vape epidemic.

A spokesman said:

While many feel [e-cigarettes] are beneficial to those of legal age who are trying to quit the use of tobacco, we have made the decision to remove all electronic cigarettes and vaping products from our offering at all Rite Aid stores.

We’re concerned about some of the alarming statistics regarding the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products by children and teens.

But you’re still selling tobacco products? Things that make you go ummmm.


and finally…Happy Easter! Vaping Is the Work of the Devil!

Not only are you a vaper you’re probably a secret satanic devil worshiper too…

And according to Brother Werks of The Revelations of Jesus Christ Ministries those flavoured e-liquids are the witches brew…

A case of “hubble bubble toil and troubles…wick it right and see the bubbles…

My apologies for bastardizing the Bard…Shakespeare I ain’t lol…

In his video claiming vaping is most definitely the work of the devil, Werks says:

Candy Vapes for the kids.

You ever noticed the flavours they’re coming out with and making it look so harmless.

It’s an old witchcraft move, the old switcheroo. All the youth are smoking it in the bathrooms – it’s everywhere.

Bubble gum flavour, banana split flavour, cherry pie flavour. You can clearly see that the devil has aimed it to the youth and the children on purpose.

He also reckons vaping dates back to ancient times when mystics would inhale the vapour off oils from hot stones and believes it really is the Devil’s work as it is altering human DNA!

After watching the video I had hoped the comments would take the piss out of his ideas…or should that be revelations…however most seem to believe his BS…only in America lol…

I would just like to point out Brother Werks is NOT the approved preacher of the FDA…probably… 😉

Writing this on Easter Sunday I’m not sure what Jesus would make of it all…I was going to suggest he might be a little ‘cross’ but that would be tasteless…

So the question has to be asked…WWJD?

Nope not Jesus…Jonny 😛

Hope you’re all having a great Easter and more vaping news on Wednesday…God and my very sore back willing 🙂

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