San Fran Vape Ban Is “Insane” – Vaping Kids Criminalized – Not OK To Vape In Oklahoma – Vaping and Vice – Vapers Kick Butts! – Scary Anti Smoking Video Game and Ummm Uma Chucks Some Clouds!

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San Francisco Vape Ban Is “Insane” Says Siegel

As I reported last week San Francisco looks set to ban vaping outright and vape advocate Professor Michael Siegel says the whole thing is “insane”.

Citing that old and redundant lie the ‘teen vaping epidemic’ the San Fran ban happy politicians – who already banned all flavoured e-liquids last year – now want to not only prohibit the sale of e-cigs from city vape shops – but also from websites. Add to that vape giant JUUL has an office in the city – they too will be kicked out of town!

The reason given for this bat shit crazy legislation has been explained:

Today we are taking action to protect our kids.

By law, before a new tobacco product goes to market, the Food and Drug Administration is supposed to conduct a review to evaluate its impact on public health.

Inexplicably, the FDA has failed to do its job when it comes to e-cigarettes. Until the FDA does so, San Francisco has to step up. These products should not be on our shelves until the FDA has reviewed the threat they pose to public health.

The brainless bat shit crazy virtue signalling politicians – who turn a blind eye to the growing band of heroin using junkies shooting up and defecating in public – think vaping is the true crisis faced by the city!

san-francisco-vape ban

On his superb blog Siegel spoke for us all writing:

This has to be one of the most insane public health proposals I have ever seen.

This legislation basically says: “We care so much about the health of our kids that we can’t allow e-cigarettes to remain on the market until they have a complete safety review. However, we are perfectly happy allowing cigarettes–which have had extensive safety reviews and been found to be killing hundreds of thousands of Americans each year–to remain on the market.

Let us be honest. We care enough about our kids to take the politically expedient step of making it look like we are truly protecting their health by banning e-cigarettes, but we don’t care about our kids so much that we want to actually protect them by removing from the market a product that we know is going to kill half of those kids who become addicted to it.”

Dr Michael Siegel
Dr Michael Siegel

Siegel suggests – rightly – this is a political move and nothing to do with the wider public’s health and says the politicos pretty much don’t have the balls to take on Big Tobacco:

This is an easy political victory because they know the vaping industry is not organized or centralized enough to fight it successfully.

But if they are justified in banning e-cigarettes, then it is certainly imperative upon them – and actually much more justified – to ban real cigarettes. However, the tobacco industry is organized, centralized, and powerful.

It’s another brilliant read from a brilliant vape advocate.

San Francisco looks set to ban vaping outright

Vaping To Be Criminalized With Severe Punishment For Kids Even Just In Possession Of An E-Cig

Anyone under the age of 18 ‘caught’ in possession of anything vape related will be fined $100 and/or forced to carry out up to 24 hours of ‘community service’.

It’s a bit of a cash grab to say the least and as I’ve said before what is it about these politicos that want to see orange jump suited gangs of kids ‘sentenced’ to manual labour for the ‘crime’ of vaping?

As we all know to well kids like to experiment or rebel as an almost as a rite of passage…and I’d rather see them suck on a JUUL once a month – as the real stats behind the alleged ‘epidemic’ shows – than light up a Lucky Strike.

However there appears to be no plans by the politicians in Bay City Michigan to sentence kids caught smoking or carrying packet of cigarettes to similar punishment…says it all!

Ironically the new legislation is expected to be rubber stamped on April Fools Day…shouldn’t laugh really…


Not OK To Vape In Oklahoma Bars or Bingo Halls

Another week and another state in America plans to lump vaping in with smoking.

Politicians in Oklahoma made sure House Bill 1389 that bans vaping from all public areas sailed through with a 94/1 vote. It will now probably be rubber stamped in the state senate.

ban all the vaping things

Under the law residents of the state will not be allowed to vape in bars or restaurants outside or in – neither will they be allowed to vape on public transport.

The bill is extremely detailed and the vape ban will include anywhere that holds Bingo sessions and Zoos…guess they’re worried about putting the ape into vape…or:

8 and 8 you can’t vape… πŸ˜›

Nothing to laugh about here Neil…move along…

Sate Rep. Tammy Townley, R-Ardmore – who wrote the bill – for once didn’t bring in the ‘what about the poor kiddies argument’ though she did hint she was concerned about the myth of passive vaping:

Although they may be doing something better for themselves, trying to cut down on their nicotine, they’re still infringing on the rights of other people.

What about the rights of smokers taking up a life saving habit?

Local vape shop owner Christopher Osuna who runs E Vapes in Ardmore said:

I totally believe and think that it’s crazy to take it out of public places because it doesn’t stink…

And unlike smoking it doesn’t kill you…


Vaping Is Now A Vice…

Our old friends Phillip Morris Inc has hit the headlines once again – this time after an advertising deal with online ‘trendy’ magazine Vice dot com.

The Β£5million deal which launches next month will mean ads for the IQOS brands – both the HNB and the e-liquid IQOS Mesh version will be shown on a new and ‘separate’ platform that I imagine will have strict age restrictions.

As you might expect some vape insiders are unhappy but me personally I’m happy for smokers to be shown other alternatives to quitting [that work] and yeah that includes HNB. As I said before I’ve had a bit of a Road to Damascus time of it this past year…anything even half as safe MUST be better than lit tobacco surely? Sadly my thought swing hasn’t been caused by a brown envelope stuffed with cash…more pragmatism on my part…

iqos mesh kit review in hand


The new stand-alone platform will be manned by a team of ‘head-hunted’ journalists with the first campaign focusing on:

…a global mission to quit cigarettes…

Those against the deal include Cancer Research UK – who turned down an offer to get involved due to the links with Big Tobacco.

George Butterworth, senior policy manager at CRUK said:

[They] use a host of PR tactics, including celebrity endorsement, to market these products, which increases the risk of the content being seen by children.

I take your point but kids are influenced by all sorts of things in this ad hungry TV and media led day and age. Demonizing anything tends to make it MORE likely for kids to try it just for the sake of being rebellious.

Funnily enough I was recently interviewed by a Vice journalist [ooo get me lol] – that story has nothing to do with vaping and hasn’t been published yet. And sadly I wasn’t one of the ‘journalists’ [including someone from the Financial Times ooo I say!] approached by the head-hunters *sniffs*.

Guess my time has passed – or more likely I ain’t trendy or hip enough these days…not good enough for such a weighty tome or too opinionated – probably lol.

Plus I’m pretty sure our Jonny has me tied up for life with the promise of #freeshit and baby pics for ever…me bitter naw πŸ˜›


Vapers Kick Butt On #KickButtsDay

A day usually spent warning teenagers about the dangers of lit tobacco decided to target e-cigarettes this year and it backfired beautifully with vapers not only taking the piss but taking the opportunity to extol the virtues of vaping!

The yearly campaign is organized by Tobacco Free Kids and supported by our old friends Students Working Against Tobacco [SWAT] who seem to have been ‘hijacked’ by the growing anti-vape crowd of America.

The campaign says it stands for:

National day of activism that empowers youth to stand out, speak up & seize control against Big Tobacco!

This year they specifically targeted the alleged ‘teen vape epidemic‘ and in particular vape giants JUUL.The device isn’t a tobacco product though in part owned by Altria…so at a touch you could say the company now has Big Tobacco money behind it…not that it needed it given its phenomenal profits with $3.4billion projected this year alone!

kick butts day backfires promotes vaping
Kick Butts Day Backfires!

Anyway…vapers in their droves ‘Twitter Stormed’ the #KickButtsday hashtag in a wonderful show of passive activism!

You only need to run that hashtag through Twitter search to see what I mean!

Even the soon to leave FDA boss Scott Gottlieb joined in the ‘fun’ with his tweet:

Nice bit of virtue signalling and really ‘down with the kids’ mate lol.

Sadly your plan to ban all things vape will mean that figure of 480,000 deaths of lit tobacco related diseases will probably treble if you and you pathetic politicians have their way…food for thought hey?

and finally…Anti Smoking Video Game Set To Scare Kids Shitless

The FDA has entered the video game scene with the release of the zombie style scary game Only One Leaves…

Aah! Leaves as in tobacco leaves…clever πŸ™‚

one leaves anti smoking video game

It’s a kind of Saw come Hostel come one of my son’s old favourites Silent Hill maze game type set-up that shows four kids trapped in a cage. The cage in this case a euphemism for smoking [and probably vaping] as the experts say out of every 4 kids that smoke or vape only ONE will quit.

It’s actually kind of a clever idea…I say that begrudgingly lol…especially as the maze changes every time you play.

Game promoter Gary Resch said:

This game is part high school, part hospital and part hell.

You’re trapped. Game over.

Just like three out of four teens who think they’ll escape smoking — but don’t know the real cost of cigarettes.

one leaves video game

Players run through a spooky smoke and vapour filled deserted building and their health bar drops the faster they run and more they inhale what looks like smoke ‘n vapour…Like I said clever stuff.

The team behind the game are hoping to create a real-life Escape Room…wonder what they’ll replace the smoke and vapour with…let’s hope it’s FDA approved and wouldn’t it be a delicious irony if they used the same ingredients as e-liquid… πŸ˜‰

You can download the game for free or just watch the run-through by gaming superstar [lol] Ninja [above]…


Photo of the Week – Ummmmmm Uma!

Couldn’t resist this one given she’s always made my heart beat a little faster on the silver screen…

She’s known for kicking butts in the Kill Bill series of films and Uma Thurman looks like she’s also kicked the cigs!

uma thurman vaping

Uma looks like she prefers high powered DTL devices rather than MTL given she’s chucking some kick ass clouds as this photo from the Daily Mail shows!

Can’t quite see what she’s vaping on…but given she has always been a bit of a pin-up for me – she’s even more so now…

Source and photo

*Shuffles papers*

More Vape News on Wednesday!

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