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Save The Vape! The Campaign to Save Vaping In America

It might be a little late but at least one of the largest vaping advocacy groups in America is preparing to take the fight to saving vaping in the US directly to the FDA and politicians.

Save the Vape is being organized by the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association [SFATA] and plans a multi platform blitz to educate the public and politicians of the health benefits of vaping.

They’ve taken the idea we as vapers are an ‘endangered species’ and are calling on anyone inside vaping to donate to the cause.

save the vape

SFATA Executive Director Mark Anton said:

Millions of dollars are being spent to eliminate vaping. This is do-or-die time right now. Vapers are an endangered species, and they are counting on us to speak out for them. So if we do not get the accurate story out to legislators, to industry participants, and to the millions of people who have used vaping to quit smoking, we’ll be regulated and taxed out of existence.

‘Save The Vape’ will help us counter the forces that are trying to put us out of business.

The campaign will include articles in print – TV advertising – PR and lobbying plus merchandise and of course lots of info and call to action on social media.

Save The Vape

Mark said:

We are fighting a battle for survival against the many forces that want to kill the vapor industry, because they have been misinformed about the health risk-reduction properties of these products. We must get accurate information out there, to legislators, to the industry, and to the general public who are not hearing the whole story.

He called on anyone in the vape industry including YouTube reviewers – websites and blogs – vape models – vape’influencers’ and indeed the industry as a whole to get behind the campaign and most importantly donate to the cause.

You can find out more by heading to the Save the Vape website.

As I alluded to in my article The Only Vaping Epidemic In America Is Apathy Idiocy and Stupidity – something needed to be done let’s hope it’s not too late.

Brexit Could Be ‘Totally Wicked’ For the Vaping Industry

Brexit could mean a goldmine for the UK vape industry once it’s released from the shackles of the EU controls.

Totally Wicked’s finance chief Ben Williamson said recently:

Brexit…potentially provides a significant opportunity for the UK vaping sector if we are freed from EU imposed regulation. The UK has adopted one of the most pro-vaping stances in Europe and this has contributed to the significant fall in tobacco use in the UK versus the rest of Europe.

The UK company currently owns 140 vape shops and plans to increase that by 40 this year. Totally Wicked saw a rise in turnover to £48 million last year.


Vaper Expo 2018 – The Return – Wow It Was HUGE!

I spent two days at this years Vaper Expo the Return and can honestly say if it wasn’t the biggest it was bloody close – it was massive!

I shall be doing a larger write up in the next couple of days and once again this old fool managed to lose his notebook!

Sometimes I despair with myself lol – but getting quotes then photos – then handshakes – then popping the samples into my rucksack means my notebook stays on the table…aaand I wander off like an oblivious forgetful old duffer lol.

Mike Vapes and the Vaping Bogan
Mike Vapes and the Vaping Bogan

Anyway enough about me – the Expo itself was nicely balanced this time around with no one product dominating. Sure the popularity of pod vape kits and CBD juices remain with all the stands I saw doing brisk business on both the trade day and public.

There were a few bits of hardware launched notably the Vaping Bogan’s Bonza mech kitSuck My Mod’s Serpent Elevate RTA and Mike Vapes Rebirth RDA – which I actually bought lol.

Unlike last October most of the larger brands were there but as to shiny new mod releases for the masses…none that I could see. However I did notice a few more cotton companies setting up shop to promote/sell their wares and after checking with a few who’d read my Wick Wars article – expect a part two of that soon 😉

vaper expo 2018 saturday
doors open!

As always the vape famous were there in abundance and I met and chatted with most of them which I’ll go into in the larger article next week…and both days I was there the Friday B2B was busier than I’ve seen over the years and Saturday was extremely busy – however the layout meant none of us were too crowded apart from a few booths extremely popular with the visitors.

Anyway if you were there I hope you had a great time and if you weren’t able to make it we’ll be doing it all over again in May 2019…checkout the site later in the week for the full write-up until then enjoy a few photos…click to make them bigger 😉

New York State DETERMINED To Ban Flavoured E-liquids

They’ve been trying for a couple of years to ban all flavoured e-liquids within New York State and now politicians say they are confident this will happen very soon.

San Francisco banned all flavoured e-liquid earlier this year and according to State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker NY is about to do the same.


Speaking at the Public Health Council earlier this month he said:

We are concerned about this. There’s a lot of marketing to children of this and we need to tackle it.

He is of course talking rubbish…but don’t let that stop the moral crusade going on against vaping in the USA right now – adults like sweet flavours too!

He was joined by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal – yeah she’s a democrat a political party that absolutely despises vaping – but seem very quiet on tobacco…she was almost gleeful saying:

Vaping e-cigarettes is definitely a gateway to smoking real cigarettes. We have to take concrete steps to stop young people from getting hooked on e-cigarettes…I expect the administration will support a ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

Again another politician coming from a moral rather than empirical position…must be something in the water over there…maybe…

As it stands now the final decision will be made sometime in 2019…


E-Cigarettes May Still Be Classed As Tobacco After Any Brexit

We’ve all shouted from the mountain tops that vaping products are completely different to lit tobacco and should have their own legislation. But Steve Brine MP – the UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care – was none committal if this would change post Brexit.

Answering a question on this from Jim Shannon – the DUP’s shadow health spokesman he said:

We will look to identify where we can sensibly deregulate without harming public health, or where EU regulations limit our ability to deal with tobacco.

Got to love politician’s and their uncanny knack of not answering any question put to them straight lol…

FDA Now Has Pod Kits In It’s Ban Sights

As I reported last week the FDA is considering removing all vape products from convenience stores meaning they can only be sold in vape shops.

To be honest I don’t really have too much of a problem with that – however FDA commissioner Scott Gottleib’s explanation as to why does give me a problem. ON the back of the over-hyped scare on JUUL he and the FDA are now specifically targeting all pod systems.

Speaking last week he said:

These products are too appealing to kids right now. And it’s mostly the cartridge-based e-cigarette products. The open-tank products that you might find in a vaping store aren’t generally used by kids.</span

It always seems to come down to protecting the kids – slamming the vape industry as a whole and not policing those none specialist vape shops selling devices to minors…crazy times…

Charity Bicycle Ride to Vaper Expo!

If you thought your journey to Vaper Expo was taxing – don’t get me started on the bloody trains – then spare a thought for these guys!

Staff from the Alectrofag vape shop in Ellesmere Port cycled the 90+ miles to raise money for Cancer research UK – however the sad loss of their colleague Martin Hearn – who died through diabetes – meant anything raised over the original £1000 will go to the charity Diabetes UK.

image via: Chester Standard

Shop manager James Benzie said:

The reason this charity ride was chosen was the industry we’re in and we often see the flip side of smokers and deal with people either suffering with cancer and needing to quit or they’ve lost family to it and they want to quit. So as we were attending the expo anyway we sat down in May and decided let’s do something different and ride there and raise as much as we can while doing it.

Let’s hope they made it OK!

If you’d like to donate to the vaping cyclists charity ride you can do so here: Just Giving.


…and finally…Not The Brightest Vape Shop Robbers!

To Belgium where a gang of young robbers confronted a vape shop owner demanding cash from his till.

Quick thinking and a cool head led to shop owner ‘Didier’ suggesting the would be villains returned later when he had ‘more money in the till…’

He called the police who said no way would the hapless thieves return – in fact they did not once but twice! On the second occasion he sent them packing again saying there was still not enough cash in the till! On their third return the police pounced and the vaping vagabonds were arrested!

I know crime isn’t really a laughing matter but it certainly didn’t pay this time lol.

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