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Study Shows E-Cigs Really Do Help Smokers Quit

Contrary to what the anti-vape lobby has to say using e-cigarettes to quit smoking really does work.

In the past we’ve all been led to believe that using e-cigs stops smokers from fully giving up – not so say scientists.

The study published in PubMed shows that the use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool actually increases the chances of successful quitting and very many of us are testament too!

The study concluded:

E-cigarettes increased the stopping rate as well as the reduction of daily cigarettes in participants who continued smoking.

In fact, although all participants reported a significant reduction of tobacco consumption compared to the baseline, the use of e-cigarettes allowed smokers to achieve a better result.

It could be worthwhile to associate this device with new ICT-driven models of self-management support in order to enable people to better handle behavioral changes and side effects.

This is true for ready-to-quit smokers (such as our participants) but can also be advantageous for less motivated smokers engaged in clinical settings.


Insurance Expert Says Vaping Is Like HIV To Insurers!

Despite a wealth of evidence proving vaping is 95% safer than smoking insurance companies don’t seem to think so with one ‘expert’ saying insuring vapers has the same problems as insuring people with HIV!

Sorry what??!!


All of the UK’s insurance companies are treating vapers and smokers exactly the same when it come to life insurance and at last weeks UKVIA Forum – insurance expert Andrew Wibberley said:

In practice, if you are a non-smoker you are paying about £10 a month for a life insurance policy. If you are a smoker, and largely that includes e-cigarette users, you are paying about £20 a month for a policy.

Part of the challenge is the evolution and variety of e-cigarettes … obviously brings doubt as to whether there could be something [harmful] in some of the flavourings.

There is concern that people who use e-cigarettes could go back to smoking … But ultimately there is no evidence on the 25-year history of someone smoking e-cigarettes and much of the industry is cautious about developing trends until we get closer to that point.

Crazy – but hey it’s all about the money right…


The Vape Inquiry UK MPs Sit For the Final Time

Last week saw the final evidence gathering session of the UK Science and Technology Committee on all things vape.

MPs took evidence from a number of experts in the field of health and also from health minister Steve Brine.

steve brine mp

There wasn’t anything earth shattering discussed and certainly nothing that hadn’t been covered in the three previous sessions.

However star of the show was undoubtedly Professor John Newton from Public Health England who came across as a firm supporter of vaping.

The committee will now probably take the summer to decide what recommendations on all things vaping they are to recommend to the Government so watch this space!

You can watch the committee and read my article on it HERE.

UK Vape Firm Goes Public

Slap on you stripy shirt and red braces and get ready to buy and sell stocks and shares in one of the UK’s leading vape companies.

Manchester based Supreme which owns KiK and 88Vape – plans to list its shares on the London Stock market raising as much as £10million – giving it a market value of £150million.

The company had a turnover of £70.7m last year thanks to vape sales in stores such as B&M and Poundland.


The Juul Crackdown Begins

Another week and my inbox has been once again filled to overflowing with scare stories centering around the popular Juul vape pod system.

As I’ve reported over the past few weeks the media over in the US has reached hysteria levels of reporting over the device warning of an ‘epidemic’ of vaping kids!

Now the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has stepped in and last week issued warnings to 40 online and bricks and mortar stores they believe were selling the kits to underage users.

Given the number of vape shops in the US that’s hardly a ‘major crackdown’ is it lol.


Juul is a big player in America with some reports suggesting it controls a staggering 47% of the e-cigarette market over the pond.

However a recent report published in Tobacco Control claimed 63% of users didn’t realize the devices contained nicotine!

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said:

In some cases, our kids are trying these products and liking them without even knowing they contain nicotine.

I really must try and get my hands on one of these given all the fuss around them…


Dinner Lady E-Liquid Now Sold In Asda!

You can now pick up a lemon tart to eat and vape on whilst doing your weekly ‘big shop’ at Asda.

Award winning e-liquid company Vape Dinner Lady has secured a deal to sell their delicious juices in the supermarket giant’s 500 stores following a trial period at another.

Dinner Lady founder Mo Patel was delighted with the deal:

Vape Dinner Lady has always been known for shaping the industry. We see this move as a huge step forward for the vaping industry and community. When a company such as Asda embraces the e-liquid market, awareness of vaping in general will increase.

There are 10 million smokers in the UK that we want to help switch to vaping. Being available at Asda stores 24/7 is such a huge benefit to vapers and will increase demand for quality e-liquids across the board.

Dinner-Lady asda

Asda’s buying manager Leigh Vance said:

We’re really excited to significantly extend our E-liquid range at Asda.

E-liquid is a fast-growing market and Asda wants to ensure that customers can purchase these products in a Fast and Friendly environment for good value.

I think it’s fantastic to see how mainstream the whole vape movement is becoming!

UK Vaping Industry Association Forum

All the movers and shakers from the UK’s vaping industry met last week and those who attended say the future of the vape looks bright in this country.

Those attending included vape advocate Clive Bates and Mark Pawsey MP – the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for E-Cigarettes.

Andrew Allison from the Freedom to Vape Campaign was also there and announced plans to create a ‘Freedom to Vape’ scheme where vapers can go online to check for vape friendly pubs and restaurants.


Switzerland Lifts Ban On Vaping

Vapers in Switzerland were celebrating this week after a court overturned the current ban on vaping with nicotine based e-liquids.

Federal Administrative Court [FAC] lifted the ban with immediate effect opening the floodgates for company’s to tap into the blossoming e-cig market in the country.

The court case was brought by the vape company InSmoke – unfortunate name lol – and they said this was an important signal to the government regarding the health benefits of e-cigarettes.


and finally…Vaper Expo 2018

The long awaited Vaper Expo returns to the NEC in Birmingham next weekend and it looks like being the biggest yet!

There could also be fireworks given the recent spats between big name reviewers – magazines and of course iQOS who are going to be there.

But I’m sure the love of vaping will mean those disputes are forgotten…for a weekend at least 😉

vaper expo 2018

It kicks off with the B2B day next Friday – May the 4th [be with you] and there’s hundreds of vaping brands showcasing their wares.

There will be plenty of ‘vape famous’ folk around too with the our award winner the Vaping Bogan and US YouTuber Mike Vapes confirmed as international guests.

Vaping With VicChris from Empire Vape and Mark TVP (the Vaping Postman) are definitely going as well as a whole host of other UK YouTube reviewers.

I’ll be there Friday and Saturday and if you can’t make it I’ll get up an article with plenty of photos and interviews as soon as I can.

And hopefully this year I’ll work out how to tweet live photos lol and remember a memory card for my camera and try not to lose my notebook like back in October lol…

Talk about getting old…

For more info checkout the Vaper Expo website here.

See you there!

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  1. I guess I can’t really blame insurance companies for treating vapers like smokers… I mean, we don’t really know what the long term effects of vaping will be yet. They’re just trying to play it safe.


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