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UK Nurses Debate the Vape – Remove E-cigs From TPD – Pro Vaping Minister Quits – Vapril 2019 – JUUL Bans UK Shops – Washington’s HUGE Vape Tax – LA Bans Public Vaping and Now Mickey Mouse Bans It Too!

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UK Nurses Debate The Safety Of E-Cigs – Have Your Say!

Two of the UK’s top nurses have gone head to head in the great vape debate and now’s the chance to have your say.

On the e-cigarettes are good side is the NNA’s Louise Ross who’s a freelance clinical practitioner for National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training. And facing her is Jane Watson a senior lecturer in community nursing.

Both sides have decent arguments and taking off my bias hat for second – honest! – I have to say Jane’s anti-vape stance is shall we say a little wishy washy!

nursing times vape debate

Summing up her argument for – Louise said:

We can see from the evidence that many smokers stop when they try a good-quality EC.

If all health professionals got on board with this message, we would see an even more dramatic fall in smoking rates – and there would likely be no, or little, expense borne by the NHS as most people are willing to buy these devices themselves.

All smokers should be encouraged to vape and all vapers should be encouraged to stop using tobacco cigarettes entirely.

And in her closing points against – Jane said:

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK and we must support smokers to quit at every opportunity. Our responsibility is to ensure we advocate smoking abstinence using the best-available evidence.

There is insufficient evidence to conclude that vaping is harm free in the long term, or more effective than existing licensed pharmacological treatments; we must communicate this to our patients, while supporting and acknowledging the challenges smokers face in their efforts to quit.

It really is a great debate and the Nursing Times is now asking you to get involved.

Have your say on Facebook or on Twitter using hashtag #NTVapingDebate.

BTW Louise features in a superb video called Nicotine Hunger in which she talks about vaping and mental health and offers much needed advice to America – well worth a watch.


E-Cigarettes Should Be Removed From the TPD

E-cigs have no place in the Tobacco Products Directive and should be treated as a consumer good with less regulation says a senior manager of Big Tobacco company BAT.

A new report on the TPD is expected in 2021 with many in the anti-vape lobby calling for stricter regulations rather than a softening. Giovanni Carucci, the vice president EU affairs at British American Tobacco (BAT) pointed out the obvious – e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco:

As e-cigarettes contain nicotine, they should be targeted to adults and there is also an issue of standards and quality to regulate. This should not be a jungle.

Dr Chris Proctor, Chief Scientific Officer, British American Tobacco
Dr Chris Proctor, Chief Scientific Officer, British American Tobacco

Indeed and he was joined by Cristopher Proctor, Chief Scientific Officer at BAT – who appeared before the UK’s Science and Technology Committee. He said:

We don’t have the long term risks really sorted out yet, but we are doing research on our own product.

Public health professionals in the UK advocate that people should switch to e-cigarettes as a way to switching out smoking.

Wise words however it’s Mr Proctor who has told UK MPs he was ‘concerned’ about short fill e-liquids…ummm strange bedfellows in vape advocacy these days…

As to IF e-cigs will ever be removed from the TPD we shall have to see…I mean who the hell knows what the EU’s thinking is on most things…


Pro Vaping UK Health Minister Resigns

The current farce that is Brexit has led to the resignation of an extremely pro vaping senior politician.

Steve Brine MP was, until last week, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care. Part of his role was overseeing and helping implement the findings of the Science and Technology Committee’s proposals on a shake up of UK vape laws.

Brine said he had to resign due to the current mess of the Brexit deal or no deal situation and tweeted:

Despite being such a vaping advocate I did find him a little pretentious at times…he really did adopt a caricature of a minister in all the hearings I’ve watched him in. But saying that he was an exponent of the health benefits of e-cigarettes.

However he did come under fire for not extolling the virtues of vaping enough – however he hit back saying at the time:

I get criticized for not being a cheerleader for e-cigarettes. I do not think it is my job to be a cheerleader for a sector of industry necessarily.

I think that our pragmatic evidence base, keeping it constantly under review, puts us in rather a sensible middle.

There’s no doubt the UK vape advocacy scene has lost an very supportive and influential member – let’s hope the new minister will be at least just as supportive of the vaping industry.

Vapril 2019 Launches Tomorrow!

This year’s vaping awareness campaign Vapril 2019 kicks off tomorrow April 1st!

And yeah you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the full month of pro vaping promotions and this year the campaign looks even bigger.

The New Nicotine Alliance has penned a ‘Switch On To Vaping‘ guide which includes tips to choosing the right set-up and nicotine strength for you.

Vapril 2019 is once again run by the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] and will be ‘fronted’ by extremely pro vaping celebrity GP Dr Christian Jessen – he of the Embarrassing Bodies show.

vapril 2019 campaign

It launches in Leicester Square London and master classes in vaping will be held up and down the country.

Dr Jessen said:

I am excited that there are now over three million vapers in the UK who have made that life changing decision to switch from smoking. But yet, according to Public Health England, an incredible 40% of smokers have never even tried vaping.

This is why I am supporting VApril, the national vaping awareness month which aims to change this by encouraging more smokers to consider making that switch to a far less harmful alternative.

The Switch on to Vaping Plan, written independently by the New Nicotine Alliance, draws on the experiences of those that have been there and done it, successfully giving up conventional cigarettes for vaping. The plan is created by vapers to help smokers on their own journey to vaping so that they never look back once they’ve made the successful switch.

Research suggests that if you can make it to 28 days without a cigarette you are five times more likely to quit for good.

So get involved in VApril this month and take the Switch On to Vaping Plan. You won’t regret it.

Indeed you won’t and as always we have everything you need to help you make the switch right here on the website.

Good luck and you know you can do it!

More info on the Vapril 2019 website.

Do check out our Guide For Vape Beginners and our Michelle’s superb guide to nicotine salts and how they are perfect for those of you coming off the fags.

JUUL Gets Tough On UK Shops

The vape giant has removed its Juul pod devices from 16 UK shops for failing to conduct the Challenge 25 scheme that is meant to weed out under age shoppers.

Devised by the alcohol trade JUUL and many other vaping shops and manufacturers has adopted Challenge 25 which asks those who maybe 18 but don’t look it to produce approved photo IDs.

JUUL has made it very clear that any shops or stores not carrying it out will be banned from stocking their products.

JUUL Labs UK boss Dan Thomson
JUUL Labs UK boss Dan Thomson

Dan Thomson – JUUL Labs UK MD said:

As a responsible company that operates in an age-restricted product sector, we mandate a very strict Challenge 25 policy for every retailer we partner with and have conducted over 2,500 audits in the last six months.

Signing up and adhering to Challenge 25 is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to do business with us.

We are very pleased with the overall compliance rates of our partners and will continue to monitor actions in this space, but where there is failure to comply, we are swift to act and take the necessary sanctions needed.

Over in America JUUL recently came under fire after it was claimed so called secret vape shoppers had reported being sold the devices from shops that didn’t stock the devices or pods!

As I reported last week JUUL has recently joined the UKVIA and its members also adopt the Challenge 25 scheme.

Mr Thomson said:

Challenge 25 has to be the industry standard – not just the Juul standard.

The vape channel is incredibly important to us and was the first channel we entered into when we launched in the UK.

There is still headroom for growth in this channel but we will only work with partners who share our vision and mission to improve the lives of the UK’s 7.4 million adult smokers – while keeping the product out of the hands of young people.

I really don’t have a problem with Challenge 25 for any item or product with the 18 age restriction – so long as the undercover shoppers are well trained and above all honest.

Read more about Empire Vape Co and Juul Challenge 25.

Washington State Proposes Huge Vape Tax

If politicians have their way vapers in Washington State could face a massive 60% tax on all things vape.

Bill HB 1873 is as you’ve guessed a way to combat the alleged ‘teen vape epidemic‘ and would bring vape products in line with the taxes on lit tobacco.


State Rep. Gerry Pollet – who proposed the bill said:

E-cigarettes and vaping products are dirt cheap, you won’t believe how cheap they are.

A pack of cigarettes in the state of Washington, on average, costs about a little more than $8. Vaping the same amount of nicotine will cost you about $2.

Pollet is hoping such a tax would drop the number of kids vaping by a quarter. What he fails to see is the impact that might have on current vapers and those looking to quit smoking for financial and health reasons.

Local vape shop owner Joshua Baba agrees and he told his local media that would have a huge impact:

Sixty-percent — we owe that to the state just all of a sudden?

That’s crazy. That does put me out of business.

The tax would be on top of the ‘user fee’ suggested in Trump’s budget…

The state is already considering raising the age to legally buy e-cigarettes and tobacco to 21.


WHO Says E-Cigs Are A Gateway To Smoking…

The WHO in this case is the World Health Organization who have just doubled down on their decision vaping is as bad as smoking and leads kids to lit tobacco.

Despite the raft of evidence – many of which I’ve reported on – the WHO still believes vaping is a gateway and points to America as proof.


Not only that they say the driving force behind the vape scene is Big Tobacco who have ‘just changed clothes‘ – ignorant to say the least.

Dr Vera Luiza da Costa – the head of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control said:

It now has a new outfit but the content is zero again. The impact on adolescents is huge and on young people in general. See what is happening in the US.

…in reality, the tobacco industry objectives and the public health goals are irreconcilable.

They now say they want to leave the cigarettes market. This might be a good argument for the European developed countries but in fact, their promotion is even more aggressive in the developing world, in Asia, Africa and Latin America countries.

So, it’s an empty argument.

I take her last point – it’s very true whilst companies such as PMI are making the right noises about quitting the manufacturer of lit tobacco products here in the west they certainly are marketing hard in developing countries.

However and IMHO rather than using the false argument that vaping leads to smoking – it’s about time the WHO took another look at the benefits of e-cigarettes to the worlds health…just sayin’


LA Public Spaces Vaping Ban

Los Angeles has now lumped vaping in with marijuana banning it pretty much anywhere in public so take care if going there for your holidays this year!

The new laws mean you can’t smoke a joint or vape on any public beaches – including car-parks – and strict no vape zones have been put into place.

ban all the vaping things

These include a ban on using e-cigs:

  • Within 25 feet of outside tables in bars and restaurants
  • 40 feet from street food stalls
  • All county parks and beaches
  • 50 feet from the entrance to county buildings

Just how they plan to police this I’m not sure – vape cops with tape measures?

However given the fines for those caught vaping within the zones will be as much as $100 – I’m sure the cops will be making a cash grab when they can!


and finally…Mickey Mouse Bans Vaping

It had to happen!

Vaping and smoking will become frozen out at all Disney amusement parks as tough new visitor rules come into force.

I say frozen out as a bit of a play on words but Disney has banned dry ice too – I guessing that was because vapour does look a bit like it…maybe?

disney smoke ban via dailymotion
via Daily Motion video

Not only that if you thought you could have a crafty fag or vape under the hood of your large baby carrier – pushchair or pram – forget about it as those too are banned…huh?

That sounds a bit big babyist to me…

At the moment there are smoking and vaping areas within all parks however these will be removed and smokers and vapers only allowed in designated areas at the entrances and in certain parts of some hotels.

walt-disney-florida-vaping ban

The way things are going with all these Mickey Mouse anti-vape laws you’ll only be allowed to smoke on Pluto soon…

And this just in…there’s no truth in the rumour that to protest the vape ban SMOK is bringing out a Mulan pod kit…probably…


*Shuffles Papers*

By the way Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there – especially Jonny’s partner Carla who’s enjoying her first! Hope you’ve been spoiled rotten 😉

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  1. One good thing about Big Tobacco getting into the vaping game – is you will start to see a lot of the restrictions dropping! They have a lot of clout!


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