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Dame Dams Public Vaping – New Zealand Launches Pro Vape Website – US E-Cig Workplace Bans – Depressed Kids ‘More Likely To Vape – Beverley Hill Bans Tobacco and E-Cigs – and finally Vapegasm – Getting ‘Off’ On Your Vape!


UK’s Chief Medical Officer Wants Vaping Banned In Public

Thank goodness Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England is retiring in a few months time because we don’t need her blinkered thinking here!

The lady was speaking to the House of Commons Science and Technology – a great supporter of vaping – in a session where politicians were drilling down on her work.

Asked by Stephen Metcalfe MP on her thoughts about vaping and if the NHS should be using them as a quit smoking tool, the Dame went for her 15 minutes of fame and seemed completely out of step with the majority of the UK’s health organizations:

They [ecigs] are clearly much safer than tobacco smoking and they have become a much-liked way of stopping smoking. I’m quite relaxed about that.

If they help people stop, they’re so much safer, I’d encourage them to use them.

Nothing wrong with that you might think, however she let her personal opinions slip in and as you can imagine this has been gleefully latched onto by the small but vocal anti-vape crowd of the UK.

The dame said:

I would have them not smoked in public places.

I hate it when I walk past someone and they waft vapour over me.

First up it’s vaping and not smoking and secondly, I doubt anyone ‘wafts’ vapour at bypassers lol.

And thirdly and as the Chief Medical Officer should know – there’s no evidence of any harm from passive smoking.

Dame Davies leaves her post in October…thankfully.

New Zealand Vape Company Angry at Bans

The country might have a more relaxed attitude to vaping than its neighbours Australia however there’s a slow creep of public vape bans and this has angered a leading manufacturer.

Alt New Zealand says the recent public vape bans in various districts are putting the brakes on the country’s plans for a smoke-free future.

This comes as the Government launches the new Vaping Facts website aimed at busting the myths around all things vape.

vaping facts nz

This mixed message is confusing smokers and indeed vapers and Ben Pryor the co-owner of Alt New Zealand says:

We are all for World Smokefree Day and Smokefree New Zealand 2025. Sadly, however, too many decision-makers still fail to understand that vaping is absolutely critical to society becoming tobacco-free.

However at least one district politician – mayor John Tregidga from Hauraki District Council says the bans are to – yeah you guessed it – protect the children:

We don’t want to see vaping as being normalised. We just think any form of smoking shouldn’t be normalised in any way and we should be discouraging it.

However, Mr Proyrs hit back:

It’s alarming that we continue to see so much snobbery and ignorance around vaping. Until some people in decision-making roles get over themselves and do some research, New Zealand will struggle to become smoke-free.

It’s as simple as that.

Indeed it is mate.

As to the new Vaping Facts website, Associate Minister of Health Jenny Salesa said:

In New Zealand, 5,000 people die each year from smoking-related illnesses. While vaping products are not harmless to health, they are much less harmful than smoking,” says Jenny Salesa.

This website will provide a centralised, credible source of information, with facts and advice on vaping in New Zealand. We know through Google data there is a massive unmet need of search requests for information on vaping. The ‘vaping facts’ website means people won’t have to resort to unreliable sources like YouTube videos and overseas sites.

It is designed for adults who smoke and their whānau, as well as people with questions about what vaping is and how it is different from smoking.

Good to see a government embracing and taking serious the benefits of vaping.

SourceSource and the new Vaping Facts NZ website.

US States Begin Banning Vaping In the Workplace

There are currently just 4 states in America that ban vaping in the workplace, however, more are expected to follow as the hysteria around all things vape continues.

Florida, New Mexico, South Dakota and Minnesota have the laws in place with several others including Wisconsin, ready to slam down the ban hammer. Other states have limitations on where e-cigarettes can be used and could simply introduce a blanket ban.

no vaping

Alex Clark, the CEO of Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association [CASAA] said:

Vaping doesn’t pose a public health emergency to users or bystanders.

Joelle Lester a legal expert in tobacco simply stated:

There is no right to vape.


As I keep saying, very worrying times over the pond with a constant attack on vaping.


Depressed American Kids ‘More Likely To Vape’

Another new study into vaping and smoking among American teenagers suggests those with mental illnesses are more likely to smoke or vape.

The research published in the American Association of Paediatrics is called: Mental Health Problems and Initiation of E-cigarette and Combustible Cigarette Use.

kids and vaping

The findings conclude that:

Amongst those with mental health illnesses aged between 12-17, those who expressed at least 4 externalising symptoms of mental ill health – such as impulsive or disruptive behaviours and substance use – were more likely to use these products compared to teens with low externalising behaviours.

Comparatively, adolescents with 4 or more internalising symptoms, such as anxiety or depression, were more likely to begin using e-cigarettes, but no more likely to begin using combustible cigarettes compared to teens with no or nominal symptoms.

For the record, nicotine is far more harmless than those mind bending drugs most kids in America are prescribed.

And according to the Harvard University health website, nicotine has very many positive effects, particularly among those with mental illness:

It’s widely believed that people with certain mental health problems are self-medicating with cigarettes because the nicotine helps their minds function better.


Beverley Hills Cops Out Of Tobacco and E-cig Sales

It’s the first city in America to bring in an almost total ban of all tobacco and e-cigarette sales and other cities may follow.

The ban will come into force in 2021, however, those high-end cigar lounges will not be affected…if you can afford ’em ‘smoke ’em I guess is the message there…

E Liquid Tobacco Flavours

Service stations and shops will no longer be able to stock or sell any vaping or tobacco products, but hotels will be allowed through room service.

Chris Bostic from America’s Action on Smoking and Health [ASH] was delighted:

We’ve been watching with bated breath.

I think that [City Council members] were fully aware when they were voting that they were making history.

Another day and another ban. In this case and like San Francisco, smokers and vapers will simply hop over city lines to buy their chosen products.

Except of course those bigwigs who can still chomp and smoke on their ridiculously priced cigars inside exclusive clubs/lounges…one law for them it seems…



and finally…Vaping Is Now Officially ‘Orgasmic!’

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the world of vaping, along comes the VAPEGASM…

And yeah it’s exactly what you think it is!

The Vapegasm links via Bluetooth to your vape device and sex toy and depending on how long or often you draw in the vapour – the more the vibrator er vibrates.


It has been invented by CamSoda [a XXX site so be warned] and VP at the company Daryn Parker said:

Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years and quickly become part of today’s culture.

Considering how much euphoria it provides people with, it only makes sense that we couple it with sexual stimulation to deliver an experience unlike anything before.

Now, with Vapegasm, people can get off while getting high.

I guess by that he means the app would be best suited to ‘herbal’ vaporizers…

Sorry guys at the moment the Vapegasm is only available in female sex toys, though the company plans to bring out a male version in the near future lol.

Not sure what it’ll be called…a VapeLight maybe? Or if SMOK is eyeing up this potential revenue with the SMOK Sex-Stick TV69…the mind boggles…

To be honest I’m not sure if this is a spoof or maybe a publicity stunt and I’m not sure if we’ll be reviewing either of them to be honest…though you never know lol.


More vape news on Wednesday!

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