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WHO Calls E-Cigs ‘Harmful’ – JUUL Grilled By Congress – India Vape Ban ‘Detrimental’ – Facebook Vape Clampdown – Magic Tricks Ads ‘Ineffective’ and Empire Vape Co Burglary


WHO Says Vaping Is “undoubtedly harmful” ?

It’s been anti-vaping since day one and now the World Health Organisation is doing all it can to prop up Big Pharma’s failing stop smoking medication, patches, gums and sprays.

In a quite remarkable statement, this unelected body of so-called medical professionals has used the 2019 Global Tobacco Report to slam vaping as “undoubtedly harmful” and doing nothing to eradicate cancer!

As for helping smokers quit – the WHO says there’s “insufficient evidence” that e-cigs and vaping do indeed help – lol.

nicotine patches dont work
Medication Good – Vaping Bad! WHO

Yeah, I know *rolls eyes* *sighs* and bangs head on desk*.

What is really quite shocking is the WHO REPORT ON THE GLOBAL TOBACCO EPIDEMIC, 2019 is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies – the same ‘charity’ behind the Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products [STOP]. Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire with a real anti-vape streak and thought to offer funding to many of the anti-vaping groups across America – but there’s nothing to see here…move along.

A spokesman for the WHO said:

Although the specific level of risk associated with ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) has not yet been conclusively estimated, ENDS are undoubtedly harmful and should therefore be subject to regulation.

In most countries where they are available, the majority of e-cigarette users continue to use e-cigarettes and cigarettes concurrently, which has little to no beneficial impact on health risk and effects.

Absolute BS – but hey this is a supposed medical organisation with strong ties to Big Pharma so little wonder the overall message from this report is to turn to Big Pharma backed medications and those patches – gums and sprays that simply don’t work.

As I said at the start – the WHO has been anti-vape since day one and it’s not rocket science as to why. They have a vested interest in keeping Big Pharma’s profits intact and by continually slamming e-cigarettes they hope the wider public takes note.

Unfortunately for them vape advocates and indeed much of the public are waking up to this and ignoring what is after all an inflated – unelected bunch of junket travelling idiots.

dr moira gilchrist

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what Dr Moira Gilchrist the VP of Phillip Morris International had to say:

Group of unelected bureaucrats issue report funded by an ideological billionaire. They’re all in harm reduction denial.
Out of step with science.
Out of step with public opinion.
The question is: Why?

Could it be the money?

Oooh hush my potty mouth!

Read the full report here.

JUUL Grilled By US Politicians

Executives from vape giant JUUL were hauled before a hearing of Congress for two full days last week.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s Economic and Consumer Policy subcommittee sat under the title “Examining Juul’s Role in the Youth Nicotine Epidemic” and as you might expect it was a pretty one-sided affair with plenty of soccer-mom led anti-vape groups giving evidence.

src=”” alt=”anti-vape groups” width=”2048″ height=”1536″ /> anti vaping soccer-moms and kids

The truly worrying thing from what I saw was the absolute lack of any knowledge of vaping the politicians had, with all sorts of unsubstantiated and at time bizarre claims – as well as the usual unopposed outright lies!

One that made me splutter on my JUUL – just me being ironic whilst reading the reports lol – was the claim that for every adult smoker that quits, 81 youngsters take up vaping!

Doing the math that means if 2million smokers have quit there are 160million kids vaping in the US right now – WTF??!!

To be honest the whole thing was a pantomime with politician after politician stating complete BS as fact thinly disguised as total lies.

I could go on but it makes my head pound – checkout the #juulhearing hashtag on Twitter for more info.

A spokesman for JUUL said the company welcomed:

…concerns about youth vaping and welcomes the opportunity to appear and share information about our commitment to eliminate combustible cigarettes and our aggressive, industry leading actions to combat youth usage.

And added far from trying to hook kids the aim of JUUL from day one was to:

…engineer a product that would help adults switch from combustible cigarettes.

And the bottom line is that’s what vaping is all about.

India Vape Ban ‘Detrimental’ Says Top Doctor

A senior doctor at an Indian chest clinic has called on the Government to rethink a ban on vaping.

The Indian government is currently mulling over a countrywide ban of all things vape, however Dr Bharat Gopal, Senior Pulmonologist and Director of the National Chest Centre, says politicians must meet with everyone involved before finalizing their decision.


He says:

A lot of my patients want to quit but fail with the standard tools of smoking cessation.

Do I have something to at least reduce their harm? E-cigarettes and other types of harm-reducing alternatives have been available since 2003 and have helped millions quit the habit of smoking.

These products meet the needs of some ex-smokers by substituting physical, psychological, social, cultural and identity-related aspects of tobacco addiction.

Much scientific evidence is available for them, but surprisingly our Indian patients are kept away from these due to the prevailing laws.

Wise words!

And he didn’t stop there adding:

The important aspect is to bust the myth that these are the same as cigarettes- it is the elimination of combustion which is important.

It is imperative that all stakeholders sit together and formulate policies as a way forward to benefit our patients in reducing risk and leading a healthier life.

Samrat Chowdhery, Director of Association of Vapers India agreed:

There is ample scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are at least 95 per cent less harmful than smoking, with negligible second-hand risk.

Over 65 nations including the US, all 28 EU countries, Canada, UAE and New Zealand have regulated their use, with the UK raising awareness about them through its public health network.

We hope the Delhi government takes an evidence-led view which respects consumer choice and the right of citizens to reduce health risk

Denying people access to these alternatives will worsen the smoking crisis by ensuring smokers has fewer effective options to wean away from the deadly habit which kills 8 million people globally and over a million in India every year.

I say it often but man these are crazy times we’re living in.


Facebook And Instagram Tightens Vape Rules

From Wednesday next week two of the biggest social media sites out there will be clamping down on all things vape.

The news has spread like wildfire among vaping groups on Facebook and Instagram with many shutting up shop or changing the group name.

The new rules are as you might expect a little grey as to what and what can’t be posted or even talked about.

ecigclick facebook

For instance, as far as the EcigClick FB page is concerned we’re a little in the dark if we can show our regular Vape Deals or at least with the price showing!

FB is banning the sale privately or in the marketplace of all vape related gear – however the exception is:

…and is not posted by a Page representing a real brick-and-mortar store, legitimate website or brand

FB says it will be policing the new rules with:

…a combination of technology, human review and reports from our community to find and remove any content that violates these policies

We ARE a legitimate website – but until Jonny can get clarification on FB at least we’ll post deals without prices, for now.

Be really sad to see vape groups removed from social media to say the least.


FDA Magic Trick Ads Will Be “Ineffective”

A pro vaping doctor says the new FDA backed ‘magic trick’ ads warning kids of the dangers of vaping will be ineffective.

The new videos show a street magician turning e-cigs into lit cigs with a clever sleight of hand and are part of the FDA’s $60million campaign to tackle the alleged teen vape epidemic in America.

fda magic trick vaping videos

Dr Michael Siegel says the kids aren’t easily tricked:

I do not find the ads at all compelling.

The promise of the ad is that if you vape, you are going to suddenly find yourself smoking.

But the experiences that youth are having are not consistent with that. Kids who are vaping are not seeing all their friends who vape starting to smoke.

Nicely put!

As I said in the piece The Illusion Of A USA Teen Vape Epidemic Tackled With FDA Magic Tricks – the so-called ‘facts’ behind the ads are quite simply lies.


Empire Vape Co Burgled

There seems to be a rash of burglaries at vape shops around the world and EcigClick award-winning vape reviewer Chris Bell aka Empire Vape Co is the latest victim.

Chris’ Liverpool based shop was hit in the early hours of last Thursday morning leaving a wake of destruction and the theft of expensive vape gear.

empire vape co burglary

Thieves apparently ‘cloned’ the shop’s shutter control fob – which has since been tightened up including deadbolts and trembler devices.

But it was the sheer devastation left by the thieves that suggested this was most definitely a targeted attack with fridges and furniture tipped over and hundreds of pounds worth of e-liquid bottles strewn across the floor.

Chris has received support from the wider vape community with his followers donating cash and vape companies sending out boxes full of vape gear to help replenish his stock.

Around £2,000 of stock was stolen and items to keep an eye out for include Chris’ bottles of own e-liquid brand EVC especially Killer Custard and new flavour Enigma – as well as, Asmodus Minikins v2 and v3’s, Ultroner devices, YiHi SXMini G-Class and YiHi SXMini Pod systems, Asmodus Lustro and Lustro Kodamas.

Any info contact Chris at Empire Vape Co

More Vape News on Wednesday!

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