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The Natural Flavours and Sweeteners Of The Fruits Come Through In This Refreshing Pair Of E-liquids

The duo of juices created by Vaptrix are pretty well known in the states but not so much in Europe until now.

I first met Ray Paez the guy behind this new brand at Vaper Expo a couple of years ago – he was still sore after having his range of Pop e-liquids confiscated by US customs en route to the NEC!

The Pop brand came in soft drink style canned packaging and I seem to remember really were fruity if a little on the sweet side for me.

Ray Paez
Ray Paez at Vaper Expo 2016

Packaging is key again with the Vaptrix brand with a play on the Matrix film on the bottles – do you take the Red Drip or Blue Drip?

They come in short fill 50mg zero nicotine bottles and are mixed and bottled in the USA under Ray’s careful eye and are 70% VG 30% PG.

The two flavours are fruit and lemonade based and are currently being distributed exclusively here in the UK by AB Distribution in Merseyside and here’s a link to the Vaptrix Facebook page for more info.

OK these were sent to me free of charge by Phil over at AB for the purpose of this review – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

For the record I used the VandyVape Bonza RDA freshly wicked each time.

The Vaptrix Red Drip E-liquid

red drip vaptrix

Omg nicotine

Flavour Profile:

Strawberry, Grapefruit & Lemonade.

I say:

On hearing the flavour combo in this one I was more than a little excited – I’m down on record as liking a tarty taste and grapefruit is one of my favourite fruits around.

You do indeed get a real mouth slap from the citrus tartiness of that grapefruit with absolutely no sweetness whatsoever – this is as real a taste of that plump fruit you’ll get.

Just before you pull that sour face the taste of natural strawberry washes in to save the day.

Again this is definitely not one of those unnatural over sweetened strawberries – instead its a proper fresh strawberry that just has enough natural sweetness to take that tang away.

There’s no fizz to this and I’m guessing that’s down to this being what our American friends call ‘real lemonade’ that grandma used to make!

One for the real fruit lovers most definitely – an all day vape for sure.

The Vaptrix Blue Drip E-liquid

blue drip vaptrix

0mg nicotine

Flavour Profile:

Blueberry, Raspberry & Lemonade.

I Say:

I’m guessing the aim of this one is to create a kind of blue slush maybe especially given once again there’s no fizz to the lemonade.

What I can say is once again Ray has let the natural sweetness of the fruits come through without any sweeteners and he just about pulls it off.

It’s the raspberry that has your mouth tingling with tartness before the just enough sweetness of the blueberry balances everything out.

And again the natural still lemonade creates a lovely just right refreshing exhale – lovely stuff.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an over sweet fizzy pop based e-liquid then forget these.

Let’s put it this way one of my favourite soft canned drinks is the San Pellegrino Sparkling Grapefruit – take the fizz away and the taste of the Red Drip is very similar to that one.

Of the two that is my absolute favourite but that’s not say the Blue Drip isn’t good it’s equally delicious and both are as refreshing and naturally fruity as you can get in an e-liquid.

Perfect for summer vaping and highly recommended.

Vaptrix Red Drip
Vaptrix Blue Drip
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