There are millions of users of electronic cigarettes worldwide with the numbers growing each day as more people discover the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes are not just another flash in the pan novelty destined to disappear overnight. Electronic cigarettes for most users are a satisfactory substitute for traditional smoking and a way to satisfy the urge to smoke almost anywhere.

Finding a Place to Smoke is Difficult

Smokers face a number of hurdles in public, at work or at home, just to have a cigarette. Many spend their entire break or lunch outside shivering or getting wet or sweltering while they huddle in the smoking area. Locating a designated smoking area while traveling or even enjoying a night out on the town can prove to be frustrating. Even at home, smokers are going outside to smoke.

Smoking outdoors at home is common when there are children or other non-smokers in the home. So for many the problems are multiple:

  • Smoking in public is almost impossible these days
  • Many smokers are concerned about the health effects of second hand smoke on their family
  • The odor of cigarettes is often objectionable even  to the smoker
  • Open flames and burning cigarettes pose a hazard in many areas

The Answer is Easy – electronic cigarettes

Now, it is time for the good part. electronic cigarettes can help a person not yet ready to give up smoking rejoin the community. And no longer are they forced to make those treks outdoors or reek of cigarettes. The term electronic cigarettes is short for electronic cigarettes. These devices are usually shaped like a cigarette or cigar and contain nicotine but do not utilize a flame.

Instead of setting fire to a dried plant; nicotine is delivered to the smoker by means of a vapor with electronic cigarettes. The vapor is created by a small electronic heater which vaporizes a small amount of the nicotine liquid in the cartridge. What this results in is a vapor that tastes like cigarettes and delivers nicotine in s fashion similar cigarettes. What makes electronic cigarettes different from cigarettes is that they do not require an open flame and do not emit the odor or many of the toxic byproducts that help make cigarettes so harmful to those nearby.

  • Reduce the odor and many of the toxic chemicals released by smoking traditional cigarettes
  • Use electronic cigarettes almost anywhere since there is no open flame
  • Electronic cigarettes are simple to carry along consisting of only a small e-cig cylinder and cartridge. One cartridge will often last as long as a traditional pack of cigarettes.
  • The user can take a puff from an e-cig and slide the cartridge right back into the carrying container. No ashes no mess and no heat.
  • No holes in clothing or furniture

The electronic cigarette can be slid into a pocket or a carrying case when not in use and used almost everywhere. There is no heat, no danger of fire and no holes in the carpet, clothes or furniture and no smell of tobacco with electronic cigarettes. Although a small amount of vapor is released when the user exhales, it contains little if any nicotine and is virtually odorless.

Now, the above listed reasons are why many e-cig users tried the smokeless cigarette. The reasons they have remained with them vary. However, most e-cig users prefer not reeking of tobacco. They enjoy the ability to use an e-cig almost anywhere. No more worries about ashes falling over the carpet or where to stub out the cigarette. The concerns many parents have about second hand smoke is greatly reduced since electronic cigarettes contain only an inert liquid to vaporize and carry the nicotine and a small amount of flavoring.

Electronic cigarettes do not make nicotine safe, this should be understood. However, for those who are not at the point of quitting, they can help reduce or eliminate some of the negative effects that smoking those who surround them.

Electronic cigarettes are not intended nor are they advertised as smoking cessation devices. They are instead meant to help the person who is not yet ready to quit smoking to enjoy their nicotine in satisfying and familiar way almost everywhere. However, it should be noted that some individuals have used the devices to help them cut down and or quit smoking.

E-cig users are also known as vapers. Individuals who have tried electronic cigarettes and enjoyed the benefits of smokeless cigarettes are often so impressed by the experience they have founded communities online. Although we agree that no one should smoke, the fact is that many of us do. Electronic cigarettes is one way to help smokers reduce the impact on those around them until they are ready to quit.

Do you use electronic cigarettes? If you do what benefits have you noticed most of all from making the switch? What e cig brands are the best for you?

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