Everybody is talking about electronic cigarettes and in spite of their general popularity; lots of people are still mystified by them. What the heck is an e-cigarette is a question that is asked more often than you would imagine.

So let’s try and unravel the mystery and shed some light onto these odd little gadgets rapidly increasing numbers of people are sucking on. As the name so rightly suggests, they are electronic devices resembling cigarettes.

The Look Of Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarettesSome of them actually look a little more like a pen, but most of them now actually look like ‘the real thing’. In other words, they have a filter-colored end, they have a white bit and they have what looks like the glowing end of a cigarette.

What’s more, they actually taste like a cigarette when used and provide the nicotine smokers crave. So what’s the difference? Well first of all, they don’t actually burn tobacco, paper or anything else, for that matter.

This means they do not produce smoke as such. Let me explain what actually happens. As a rule, the end that looks like the filter can be removed. Inside it is a cartridge filled with propylene glycol, a substance that will produce a vapor when warmed.

This substance is infused with nicotine and tobacco flavor, as well as a range of other flavors if so desired. When the smoker takes ‘a drag’, a flow censor is activated and releases a water vapor containing said ingredients.

The smoker will feel exactly like he or she is actually smoking – they get to inhale a vapor, it hits the throat, they exhale it. Some electronic cigarettes will even produce a ‘real’ glow at the end with the help of an LED. Smokers get the full experience of smoking, complete with the nicotine fix they wanted.

The thing is, they get it without also getting all the cancer causing substances usually found in real cigarettes, like hydrocarbons, glue, tar and a host of other additives.

The vapour (not smoke) electronic cigarettes produce is subsequently harmless to them as well as everybody around them. To add to the joy, electronic cigarettes are also legal. Well in most places, anyhow.

Some have banned e-cigs, too, because they fear that they may attract kids (partly because some of the flavors available – anything from cherry, apple, chocolate and cappuccino to menthol, vanilla or strawberry and more).

Officially, electronic cigarettes are classed as replacements, or alternatives to real cigarettes, rather than as aids to stop smoking. It is, however, a well known fact that they can help to stop, because the cartridges come in different strengths and can be gradually reduced, right down to no nicotine content at all.

So in other words, you can eventually get over that craving altogether. The only thing left for the smoker to do is to find something else to do with their hands, so to speak.

Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes Over Other Stop Smoking Aids

The advantage of electronic cigarettes over patches and other aids to stop smoking is that they do take the ritual and the feel of smoking into consideration. E cigarette brands in the UK such as V2 Cigs and Green Smoke try and keep the sensation of smoking as close to the real thing through the appearance and smoke vapor they produce.

This does happen to be one of the reasons why smokers often fail to stop when they use other aids. They miss that routine of taking a drag, getting the hit in the throat and exhaling as much as they miss the nicotine.

To cut a very long story short, electronic cigarettes are devices that allow smokers to enjoy the feeling of having a cigarette without harming themselves, offending or harming others or breaking the law.

They are electronic, healthier alternatives to real cigarettes, which ultimately may even be able to help a smoker to quit the habit altogether. Even if they don’t quit, they are still doing less harm to themselves and no longer pollute the air for and risk the health of others living and working around them.

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