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World Vape Day Announced – How To Get Involved

World Vape Day has been announced, and it’s on Saturday May 30th.

Organizers are hoping vapers from across the globe will get involved and promote vaping as an healthier alternative to smoking.

world vape day

They want your stories on how vaping helped you quit and in effect saved your life – check out the link below for more details on how you can take part.

The event is being organized by the excellent World Vapers Alliance, founded by journalist and vaper Paul Meller.

As an aside, his description of reporters in an old school newsroom all with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth really does chime with me! I began reporting when computers were a thing of the future and typewriters and tippex were our tool and everyone smoked!

Anyway, I digress…

world vape day paul meller world vapers alliance
Paul Meller – founder world vapers alliance

Paul founded the World Vapers Alliance to give vaping a global voice and says:

We want to bring vapers around the world together, to make sure they are heard.

Big decisions around the future of vaping will be made in the coming years, both at global level with the WHO considering regulating e-cigarettes like tobacco, and at regional level with the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive under review.

If our voice is not heard, then vaping may be lost.

And a massive public health opportunity will be lost with it.

Vaping can change millions of lives for the better and we deserve better from our lawmakers and public health officials.

As you can see from my recent article: WHO Praising Harsh Vape Regulations – Applauds Finland’s Tough Approach – the fight to eradicate vaping from the map is being led by none other than the World Health Organizations.

It is coordinating shameful scaremongering fake news and science media attacks on e-cigarettes and seriously wants vaping banned across the world.

By supporting both the World Vape Day and the World Vapers Alliance – you will be taking part in the start of the ‘fight back’.

world vapers alliance world vape day

Paul will be joined on World Vape Day by the great and the good from the world of vaping and will be running a VapeTV ‘show’ on YouTube , where you will be able to get involved.

Now would be the perfect time for your vape company – advocacy group – FB page or as an individual vaper to begin turning the tide of all the negativity around vaping and e-cigarettes:

The World Vapers’ Alliance amplifies the voice of passionate vapers around the world and empowers them to make a difference for their communities.

Our alliance includes groups representing vapers – our partners – as well as individual vapers from around the world.

Follow the World Vapers Alliance on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

Michigan Vapers Win Flavour Ban Appeal!

Vapers in the state of Michigan are celebrating after an appeal court lifted the current ban on flavours.

Governor Gretchen ‘wicked witch‘ Whitmer had brought the total ban into force back in September last year, using her ‘state of emergency’ powers.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer michigan vape ban
Whitmer flavour ban fail

The matter has been bouncing back and forth between various levels of judiciary and last week the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favour of vapers yet again.

Not only that, Gov Whitmer was accused of totalitarianism – a nice word for saying she’d acted like a tin-pot dictator.

Indeed Michigan residents are waking up to this trait of hers as they continue to protest her draconian and ridiculous pandemic lock down laws.

Welcome to our world people!

In a damming slap-down of the flavour ban order, the judges were quick to stick the boot in.

Judge Jane E. Markey wrote:

Bluntly stated, defendants did not produce evidence that an emergency situation existed such that a period of delay would make any relevant difference in preserving the public’s health, welfare, or safety.

Judges Mark T. Boonstra and Kathleen Jansen waded in too:

This case highlights for me a growing concern about governmental overreach, both in this case specifically and also more generally, and because sometimes we as Americans need a wake-up call.

According to the local media they questioned whether ‘totalitarianism has arrived in the U.S.’ adding:

Surely there must be safeguards to ensure that agencies like DHHS do not run amok.

Ha! Brilliant – not sure if Whitmer will be appealing – she kinda has her hands full at the moment…

Incidentally, Whitmer is hoping to get on the ticket for Joe Biden’s presidential run later this year.

Given good old ‘serial sniffer‘ Joe has already stated that if elected President he would ban all e-cigarettes outright – you might want to keep that in mind on polling day.

#WeVapeWeVote 😉

Riot Squad First To Join USA Advocacy Group

Riot Squad e-liquid has become the first UK company to join the USA Vapor Technology Association.

The company are now Platinum Members and will join the VTA’s Board of Directors.

riot squad e-liquid joins VTA

Riot Squad’s CEO, Ben Johnson, said:

The VTA is recognized globally as an advocate for highlighting the benefits of e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

VTA has made tremendous headway in educating the consumer of the importance of switching to e-cigarettes as they continue to promote safe and sensible regulation.

Riot Squad joined the VTA to ensure we, as a reputable manufacturing company, are at the forefront of the regulatory change, having our say in how our industry should develop and meet the needs of the end consumer.

Good news indeed – the VTA sure has a fight on its hands and could do with as much support as it can get.

Find out more and join in the fight to save vaping on the VTA website.

Double Worry For California’s Vapers

Not only is the state of California mulling over a total flavour ban, it also wants to raise the already astronomically high vape tax.

Bill SB-793 wants to ban all flavoured vape products [except tobacco] and has already passed through the California Senate Health Committee.

California e-liquid flavour ban

There’s two more steps to take before the flavour ban comes into law, and vape advocacy groups are gearing up for a fight.

The Consumer Advocates For Smoke Free Alternatives Association [CASAA] is calling on vapers to oppose the bill and say short fills could be under threat:

In our previous alert we speculated that the prohibition on sales of flavored vapor products would extend to DIY flavorings.

While the definition of “tobacco product flavor enhancer” is arguably vague, sentiment among those on the ground working this issue is leaning toward believing that this language is intended to target short-fills and flavor shots sold at brick and mortar retailers rather than online sales and DIY supplies.

But this sentiment does not change our cautious conclusion that the language is vague and ripe for exploitation by extremists within the tobacco control industry.

If this isn’t enough to contend with, the Governor of California is considering raising the already ridiculously high taxes on vaping even higher!

According to Jim McDonald over at the Vaping Post, this would mean adding:

…$9 to the price of a 60 mL bottle of 6 mg/mL e-liquid.

It would add $18.75 to a 30 mL bottle of 25 mg/mL vape juice, $8.25 to a four-pack of JUUL pods, and a whopping $2,500 to a 1-liter bottle of 100 mg/mL DIY nicotine.

Crazy doesn’t begin to cut it – greed and stupidity might be better words…

It’s pretty obvious any further tax increase will result in established vapers returning to the cheaper lit tobacco, and far less smokers making the switch.

A point picked up by a study of vapers in Minnesota from last year by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

It stated:

Our results suggest that in the sample period about 32,400 additional adult smokers would have quit smoking in Minnesota in the absence of the tax.

If this tax were imposed on a national level about 1.8 million smokers would be deterred from quitting in a 10-year period.

The taxation of e-cigarettes at the same rate as cigarettes could deter more than 2.75 million smokers nationally from quitting in the same period.

Now more than ever is the wrong time – if there’s ever a right time – to tax vape products so highly it stops people from using them.

Crazy times.


More Vape News on Wednesday…

Until then – here’s a vape meme that reckons ‘girls love vapers‘ – sadly that message seems to have passed me by *sniffs* Ha!

vape meme smoking yellow teeth

And speaking of vaping ‘memes’ – the poster chosen by the World Health Organization to promote World Tobacco Day 2020 has pissed a few of us off…

Can you guess why?

Praising Harsh Vape Regulations world no tobacco day

Using a little girl to promote its ridiculous anti-vaping ‘message’ is low even for those pompous ignorant idiots…

If you have any thoughts on the poster or any of the vape news – please let me know in the comments below 🙂

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