Batteries For Sub Ohm VapingWho Is This Sub Ohm Vaping Battery Guide For?

This is aimed at those who have bought a Sub Ohm style tank, such as the Kanger Subtank Mini, Innokin iSub or Aspire Cleito that takes a coil head in the 0.4/0.5 Ohm range and want to use it safely.

This is not a definitive list, there are other batteries that can be used, as you will discover on your sub-ohm journey.

Can I Use Any Battery for Sub Ohm Vaping?

No, please don’t.

Why Not?

A battery is an energy store; different batteries are designed to release that energy in different ways. A sub-ohm coil places a demand on the battery to discharge itself quickly – using the wrong battery can cause it to damage itself.

How Can I Tell If My Battery Isn’t Coping?

First sign is that it gets excessively hot – then expands before (finally) venting gases. Any battery that has done any of these requires recycling.

If you have heard about or read a story of an e cig exploding then it will be because the battery vented only the gas had nowhere to escape the mod. If you have heard about ‘e cigs exploding in pockets and bags’ then these are likely the batteries, not the e cig.

If you are carrying spare batteries then carry them in a protective case. They cost next to nothing. If you don’t and they come into contact with keys, coins or other metals they can short, which in turn can be dangerous.

What Do I Want To Avoid?

Anything cheap: it makes no sense to save pennies when it comes to batteries. The branding actually does mean that the battery will do what the company claim it will do.

Anything fake: Might sound obvious but the term ‘too good to be true’ generally rules here. Not only does cheap definitely mean fake but some brands can only be bought through certain suppliers. Some vendors are unaware of what to look for so it pays to only buy from strongly recommended battery dealers.

Inadequate venting holes on mods: some mods have the atomizer directly contacting the battery. This isn’t a bad thing, but a number of them have been associated with problems in the past. Batteries vent from the positive end – mods with holes for the gases to escape at this end are better.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

On a discharge graph, only the initial slope is important. This shows you how quickly a battery will reach 3.8V, at which point you will be swapping it out of a mechanical mod – although this is not the case in a regulated device. Take a look at regulated devices suitable for sub ohm vaping here.

Many people will talk about how the Sony VTC5 is the best battery going. You do need to be very careful though as the market has been inundated with fakes. The same could be said for the VTC4 but there are a few trusted sellers as you will see below.

Efest have a guide to spotting fake batteries on their website and there is a guide for AW here. The AW guide also gives an email address so you can check if your seller is an official stockist.

If buying from Ebay: Torchy and Ecolux are both highly respected and recommended suppliers. Torchy includes discharge graphs and sound battery advice on all of his items.

Jacvapour have also just released their selection of ‘advanced batteries’ that cover most options and are of course a company that have a track record of sourcing and retailing quality products.

So, Which Batteries Should I Buy Then?

18650 Batteries

Jacvapour 18650 – 2500 mAh

Jacvapour 18650 Battery 2500 mAh

Discount – Use Code ECIGCLICK15 for 5% Off all orders

View Product

Sony VTC4 2100mAh 30A

Sony VTC4 18650 Battery 2100 mAhView Product

Samsung 25R 20/35A 2500mAh

best 18650 battery for vapingView Product

LG HG2 3000mAh 20A

Best 18650 batteries for vapingView Product

Efest Purple 2100mAh

Efest 2100 mAh sub Ohm BatteryView Product

Efest Purple 2500mAh 35A

Efest Purple Sub Ohm capable battery for vapingView Product

18350 Batteries

Jacvapour IMR 18350 Battery

Jacvapour IMR 18350 battery

Discount – Use Code ECIGCLICK15 for 5% Off all orders

View Product

Efest Purple 18350 10.5A

Purple Efest IMR 18350 batteryView Product

18500/18490 Batteries

Jacvapour 18500 1100mAh

Jac Vapour 18500 IMR 1100mAh 15a

Discount – Use Code ECIGCLICK15 for 5% Off all orders

View Product

Efest Purple: rated 15A

efest 18500 IMR 1000mAh 15aView Product

*You will find you need a few 18500s if going out for the night. DO NOT carry them loose in your pocket or bag. Buy a cheap plastic battery carry case.

26650 Batteries

Jacvapour 26650 – 4200 mAh

5% Off Code – ECIGCLICK15

Jacvapour 26650 Battery 2500 mAh

Discount – Use Code ECIGCLICK15 for 5% Off all orders

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Recommended Chargers


Nitecore D4 Charger For E Cigarettes

View Product

Any Final Things I Need To Remember?

  • Prevent spare batteries from shorting in your bag or pocket by storing them in a small plastic battery case. Very important.
  • Keep batteries dry at all times.
  • Do not use a battery if the wrapper is damaged, if it is a tight squeeze to insert it or if it has become very hot previously.
  • Use a quality charger and do not overcharge them.
  • Do not ‘run a battery to empty’ as over-discharging batteries damages them.
  • Always remain near a charging battery. Do not leave them on charge overnight and unplug the charger if leaving the room.
  • Recycle old or damaged batteries at your local tip in the appropriate container. They can poison the ground if placed into land-fill.
  • For more info take a look at our Beginners Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping




  1. Love the Konions or the 25R from Samsung – these Cells have enough A for me.. In my Cuboid i have the new Avatar-Cells from Wismec with 20A and i´m feel safe

  2. Some say it’s a religion. I say it matters. Using the right batteries for vaping is alfa and ohmega. Knowing Ohms law and using it properly can not be said too often. Safety first.


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