So what are the best CBD oil drops and tinctures?

This list of the best is based on my personal experience after using a wide range of CBD oral drops and is of course purely subjective.

best cbd oil and tinctures

What I like you may not, but what I can say is when it comes to CBD oil drops, there’s something for everyone.

If the price is an issue, I’ve picked out what I think is value for money, and if you’re looking for a CBD oil with a specific use I’ve got you covered too.

Given this CBD is taken orally, flavour could be a key issue for you too – no worries, I’ve picked out some of the tastiest CBD oil drops and tinctures around.

OK, enough of the preamble…

Let’s dive right in and see what’s made my Best CBD oil drops and tinctures list.

BTW, I’ve added some more information about CBD and its use below.

sunday scaries cbd oil review vitamins added
  • Addition of important vitamins
  • Suspended in coconut oil
  • Great taste
  • Well priced
cbdfx wellness 2 1 tincture review

Includes CBG

  • Addition of CBG a bonus
  • Not at all oily
  • Subtle flavour
  • High strengths available
  • Save 15% With Code ECC15
dinner lady
  • Good range of strengths
  • Excellent flavours
  • Competitively priced
  • Ideal for brand new CBD oral drops users
  • From a trusted UK vape brand
  • Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK10

BEST Beginner CBD

  • Great for first time users
  • UK brand/UK made
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Organically-grown cannabis sativa L plants
  • Save 20% With Code 20%ECIGCLICK
British Hemp Co CBD Oil

BEST For Specific Use

  • Various options for specific use
  • Full Spectrum
  • Unique natural additives
  • Well priced

1: Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Oral Drops [Editors Choice]

sunday scaries cbd oil review vitamins added

I only recently reviewed the Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Oral Drops and was mightily impressed to say the least.

From the style of the website right through to the tasting, these deserve to be at the top of the best CBD oil drops as they definitely ticked all the right boxes for me and then some.

What really stood out was the addition of all important vitamins, and in this case Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 – the perfect combination for these ‘trying times‘.

Add to that the 500mg CBD per 30ml bottle is suspended in equally healthy coconut oil, and you have a great combination.

I have to admit the CBD oral drops from Sunday Scaries were close to being a little oily, but only just and certainly tasted great.


  • Addition of important vitamins
  • Suspended in coconut oil – good for fighting high cholesterol
  • Great taste
  • If you like marzipan/almonds you’ll love this!
  • Decent price

2: CBDfx CBD Wellness 2:1 [CBG Included]

cbdfx wellness 2 1 tincture review

I’ve tried and tested a whole host of CBD oil drops and tinctures however the two from the CBDfx CBD range included a bottle infused with CBG.

As I said in the review, that was the first time I’d heard of CBG…so what exactly is it and how does it help the CBD user?

CBG is an acronym for Cannabigerol and is a minor chemical found in the cannabis plant.

It might be minor on a chemistry level, but in simple terms it adds a bit of ‘zing‘ to this particular CBD oil.

CBG acts on a different level to CBD and together they create the so called ‘entourage effect‘.

What that means is as a combination, the CBD and CBG trigger the brains receptors in different ways, so technically it’s a more powerful hit.

Read the review for a more detailed explanation.

All the science aside, I found both the CBDfx CBD Tinctures had an extremely gentle taste and not in anyway oily – again ideal for new CBD users.

And again, you can choose your strength from 500mg – 1000mg – 2000mg right up to 4000mg.


  • Addition of CBG a bonus
  • Not at all oily
  • Subtle flavour

Save 15% With Code ECC15

3: Dinner Lady CBD Oral Drops [Best Value CBD]

dinner lady

Last but most definitely NOT least comes the Dinner Lady CBD Oral Drops and they tick all the right boxes.

As you might expect from a multi award winning e-liquid company, flavour and price is key here.

There are currently ten flavours to choose from – in my review I only had three to go on: Jelly Candy – Peppermint and Tropical.

There are x3 strengths, 250mg – 500mg and 1000mg and obviously the price is higher the stronger dose you choose.

However, when it comes to price, this range of CBD oral drops are without doubt the best value for money out there right now.

And as for the flavours?

As you might expect from Dinner Lady, the three I tried were bloody delicious – especially the Peppermint – wow!

If you’ve tried vaping CBD and didn’t get on with it I highly recommend this range – great price and great taste and ideal for newcomers to CBD oral drops.


  • Choice of strengths
  • Great flavours
  • Competitively priced
  • Ideal for brand new CBD oral drops users

Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK10

4: SMOKO CBD Oil Drops [Good for Beginners]

SMOKO-CBD-Oral-Drops-mintSMOKO have been making some of the best beginner vape kits for many many years and now they have entered the CBD market with a small range of oil drops.

We are glad they did. With 3 strengths (500mg | 1000mg | 2000mg) and 3 flavours (Mint | Orange | Mixed Berry) they have made a nice little range that is great for first time CBD users.

The quality is on point as well. SMOKO use organically-grown, sustainably and responsibly farmed cannabis sativa L plants from independent farms in Central Oregon. They then use a unique cryogenic extraction process to create their cannabinoid rich broad spectrum CBD oil that is then mixed with the finest ingredients and Made in the UK.

OK, I nicked the above text from their website but I definitely couldn’t have said it any better myself!

Summing up, flavours are good while being subtle, not too oily and if you use the discount code below they are decently priced.

This range has to be on the list of best CBD oil drops list!


  • Choice of 3 x strengths
  • Full Spectrum
  • Choice of 3 x flavours – all very tasty yet subtle
  • Decent price for the quality

Save 20% With Code 20%ECIGCLICK

5: British Hemp Co CBD Oil [Best For Specific Use]

British Hemp Co cbd oil review

One of the main ‘issues‘ with CBD oil drops and tinctures can be a kind of ‘shotgun effect‘.

What I mean by that is most CBD oils are designed as ‘cover alls‘ meaning the body will react to the CBD dosage easing a wide range of symptoms, from pain, to well being and sleep issues.

Each of the British Hemp Co CBD Oil bottles are designed to target just one issue the user may have.

In this case the varieties are:

  • Calm: to promote a sense of overall well-being and settle anxiety
  • Mend: to help ease aches, pains and as an anti-inflammatory
  • Natural: a general ‘catch-all’ CBD mix
  • Sleep: as the name suggests to help with a good nights’ sleep

This particular range of CBD oil drops are Broad Spectrum CBD which means every single part of the cannabis plant is used – minus the THC of course.

I’m not allowed to say how or indeed if they helped my specific needs, however as you’ll see from the British Hemp Co CBD Oil review – my sleep patterns were indeed helped.

The flavours are pretty good too and again not as oily as some I’ve used.


  • Each one designed for a specific need
  • Fresh natural flavours
  • Unique natural additives
  • Reasonably priced

International Shipping

6: CBD Ultra Vape Oil [For Oral AND Vaping]

cbd ultra vape oil review

Now I MUST stress here that you MUST NEVER try to vape any CBD oral drops or tinctures unless they are specifically designed for that purpose!

OK, safety speak out of the way, and the CBD Ultra Vape Oil range is indeed designed to take orally and to use in vape kits…but again ONLY in ceramic based ‘coils‘.

This particular range comes from the impressive For the Ageless team and I really did enjoy their Pharma Hemp CBD e-liquids.

There are currently 6 flavours in the dual use range: Lemon Haze – Blue Dream – Watermelon OG – OG Kush – Gelato and Pineapple Express and all are based on famous cannabis strains.

As to the flavours…

Taken orally I found them a little oily – only a tad – but when vaped they were bloody lovely.

Given they are dual purpose, these CBD oral drops are a decent price two and of course you’re getting the best of both worlds.


  • Dual use
  • Vape or drop on your tongue
  • Good flavours when vaped
  • Subtle flavours when used orally

7: DragonFly CBD Oil Drops [Budget Broad Spectrum]

As we’ve established, Broad Spectrum CBD means the whole of the cannabis plant is used.

Given the very subtle flavours here, I was going to pop the DragonFly CBD Oil Drops into the best for newbies category…but as you’ll see I changed my mind 😉

What I will say about this range is yes they did taste a little too oily, however the Orange flavour saved the day.

That acidity cut through the oil and left a very pleasant aftertaste in the mouth…a very tasty CBD oil oral drop.

And for those of us that adore those botanic flavours reminiscent of the cannabis plant, they were there as a lingering gentle back note.

There’s a choice of strengths too and if I’m honest for the amount of CBD you’re getting, this award winning British CBD company is very competitively priced.

BTW, I have to mention the company’s Dragonfly Community, an extremely important mental health project – see the review for more info.


  • Natural cannabis flavours
  • Choice of strengths
  • Great community presence
  • Competitively priced

Best CBD Oil Drops – Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to try the best CBD oil drops and tinctures this list will hopefully help you out.

There’s something for every budget and taste and a couple of drops under the tongue could help with a whole host of symptoms.

cbd none psychoactive

Taking CBD orally in drop form is ideal for those than cannot get on with vaping, who are smokers, or someone looking to try and get relief by using CBD.

Given CBD is still not technically recognized by the medical profession, I’m not allowed to say if they work.

However, I have used a variety of CBD products and continue to do so.


Let me know your thoughts on this list of the best CBD oil drops and tinctures in the comments below.

Have you used any of them?

Did they help?

Is there a brand not featured you recommend?

Let’s help each other out here 😉

CBD Useful Info and Links

I’ve written at length about CBD in many forms from CBD oil drops – gummies – CBD e-liquids – gummies and yes even CBD Face masks lol.

Here’s a few links explaining a bit more about CBD from dosage to usage:


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