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We have 2 giveaways up and running! The first is for a chance to win 1 of 5 of the excellent Veiik Airo Pod kits and the second to win some tasty e-liquids.

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Veiik Giveaway – Open WorldWide

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 Veiik Airo Pod Kits

Veiik Giveaway – 5 Airo Pods

Ecigarette Direct Giveaway – Open WorldWide

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 E-Liquid Bundles

ECigarette Direct E-Liquid Giveaway 2019

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  1. Hi everyone, just thought I would like to let you know I have won one of the Freemax Twisters in a recent comp, it took a little longer than four weeks to arrive because of Chinese New Year, and Jonny was a big help when I enquired if this was the reason. Just a bit of waiting is worth it as they are free to enter comps and you will get your free prize. Mine was worth the wait. Thanx Jonny

    • Thanks Deby, glad all was received OK.

      Just a quick one to anyone else wondering. Prizes can take 4-5 weeks to arrive as standard even without Chinese New Year holidays. So please be patient, it will definitely get to you 🙂

    • Hey Kevin,

      Can take approx 3-4 weeks as it’s being shipped directly from Smok, China.

      If there is no sign by the 4 week mark please email me on the address you have already contacted on.



  2. Won a Vandy vape simple kit 5 weeks ago,i was contacted by Jonny himself to get my full details answered the same day, was fast to answer and very polite, 5 weeks after still nothing delivered and surprise Jonny does not answer me anymore neither by email, facebook or twitter,if no news this week i will consider going further. this is not serious or fair, a win is a win no matter where it come from.
    very disappointed.

    • Sebastian, the emails you refer to that I didn’t respond to were sent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Today is Monday. Did you take into consideration that I may not be around to answer at the weekend?

      Not sure what that you mean by going ‘further’ but I guess it relates to you accusing me of running a fake giveaway in your last email.

      I have worked with over 30 brands and vape businesses over the past 8 years running vape giveaways and successfully delivered winning prizes to over 120 happy vapers, probably more.

      Is 5 weeks a long time to wait? Yeah I’m not denying that and waiting for free vape gear can be annoying. I am more than happy to work with you to chase up your free prize but be real, have patience and cut out all that threatening BS. There is a way of going about things. You will receive it even if it’s a little later than you expect.

  3. I would be grateful to win anything at all! They are all amazing prizes! 2 reasons I cant afford or buy any new vape gear 1 I had a house fire 2 months ago with my 2 kids and fiance and we lost everything so all money goes to rebuilding from scratch and 2 I was recently diagnosed with chrones disease and medical bills are very costly! So a chance like this is very appreciated. And to win something to help quit stinkies is a blessing if I do win thank you again!

  4. Jacvapour Series S-22 cool set!
    Nice giveaway! Awesome prizes ! Thanks for the giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!

  5. I’d like to win the JacVapour DNA75 Sandstorm Edition Mod! I’d love to try a DNA mod and this one is very sleek and well built!

  6. Thnx for this great giveaway. I would love to win the Jacvapour DNA75 Sandstorm Edition mod because iv heard a lot the the NDA chipset. I would love to vape it 🙂

  7. I would be thrilled to get any of them, being new to vaping and the vaping community I only have one real mod so far, a Smok MAG 225 that I picked up on Friday, but I would love to get my hands on other mods to try out, especially as I want to get into RDAs so I will want something that could run a sub ohm tank while I use the MAG 225 with the RDA

  8. Thanks for the awesome giveaways!! Good luck &happy holidays to everyone!! I’d be ecstatic winning anything,lol. But the sandstorm would be an amazing Xmas gift!!

  9. Great giveaway, 1x Jacvapour DNA75 Sandstorm Edition mod + Battery + 3 X Packs of Bryn’s Special Sauce (90ml in Total!)
    VAPE ON 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I would LOVE the Jacvapour DNA75 Sandstorm Edition mod + Battery + 3 X Packs of Bryn’s Special Sauce please!
    It will be the perfect Xmas present for my missus, who is trying but failing to give up the stinkies!
    Thanks guys!

  11. I would love to win any kit but if I had to choose one it would be Jacvapour DNA75 Sandstorm Edition.thank you for this amazing giveaway much appreciated

  12. Nice website with many useful info regarding the products as well as I think i’m going to swap over to a different brand I used saving money and having a bigger choice of tastes 🙂 . Thanks

  13. I would love to win N1 PRO 240W KIT because I need something better and stronger and this mod seems to be up to the task. Plus I like the way it looks and the features it offers (color display being one of them).

  14. I think it’s an Awesome Giveaway, Thanks for the chance. I would like to win the N1 Pro 240 nice capable Device much appreciated.

  15. Honestly, I would like to win any of these. I haven’t had new vape gear for at least a year and a half. The one mod I use has been dropped so many times, I’m surprised it still works. Well, “works” maybe isn’t the correct word haha.
    Good luck, everyone! And thank you for the ones who provided the goods for the giveaway and put it on for all of us!

  16. I would want GTRS GT150 Mod becouse is very suitable for my needs, but I wouldn’t by angry to win whatever you give me! Thank you very much!

  17. Hello from California!
    Got my winning eye on that little GTRS fella, looks like a solid compact on the go banger. Heard great things about the Serpent SMM too.
    Thanks for the chance(s) mates, good luck to everyone and keep offa them stinkies!

  18. actually would rather have the tesla the other mod doesnt look that good and the tank looks better. so
    1. Tesla mod
    2. Serpent TRA
    3. GTRS GT150 Mod

  19. forgot to add that i would like to win any of the mods the Tesla Invader 2/3 VV MOD
    or the GTRS GT150 Mod to replace my not so good mod

  20. hey not been vaping long thought i would pick up a vape instead of a cigarette after smoking for 14 years of my life and not wanting to start again i was referred to vaping by a work mate and it not only helps but it intrigues me i want to learn and know everything about it have been trying to mix my own liquids waiting on the result after the 7 days in darkness using the bulldog winston liquid while i wait but i need a better mod to go with my cleito exo tank don’t usually win giveaways but thought i would give it a try thanks go out to the people who made vaping happen

  21. I have been vaping for a short time (less then a year) but I think it is time for an upgrade. I would love the 2 X GTRS GT150 Mod.

  22. Love this vaping lark. Smoked for nigh on 50 years and now been smoke free for nealy 3 years. If I can do it anyone can. Trust me. Good luck to all

  23. The GTRS GT150 would be my choice if I was unbelievably lucky but it’s a great selection of products and any of them would be awesome. Great giveaway, guys! 👍

  24. that’s a tough choice but I think id like to have the wotofo serpent smm rta because of the 4ml capacity, single coil build and looks very easy to build on.

  25. I want the GTRS GT150 Mod because i stopped smoking but i want another habit started and i want to start with ecigs 😀

  26. 2 months smoke free. New to vaping. Looking to experiment with new gear. I’d go for the WOTOFO Serpent SMM RTA. Been enjoying doing my own builds. However another mod would be ok too.

  27. Check out estock tank on heaven vapes i get this

    Example Domain

    This domain is established to be used for illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in examples without prior coordination or asking for permission

    Entered every other way except twitter 🙂 thanks for the chance


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