Best RDTA VapeFinding the best RDTA vape isn’t quite as straightforward as finding other rebuildable atomizers.

Reason being that RDTA’s seem to have dropped off in popularity with many vapers opting for RTA’s or RDA’s.

Good news is there has been a few releases recently that will keep all RDTA fans happy.

What is the Best RDTA?

There are still a number of brands that continue to release RDTA’s.

Here are our top picks .

1. Vandy Vape Pyro V3 RDTA (Editors Choice)

pyro 3 rangeObviously when you see “V3” in the name you are aware this is the 3rd instalment in the Pyro RDTA series.

One of the main upgrades for this version is the airflow which is of course adjustable and features honeycomb style inlet holes on the barrel.

The airflow then travels to outlets below the coils and at the side of the coils to get air travelling around more surface area on the coils.

As for the deck itself this has a versatile layout for single or dual coil builds and on review was found to be easy to build on. During review the flavour was comparable with RDA’s and the airflow system worked beautifully.

For all you squonk fans the kit includes a hollow bottom feed 510 pin so you can fill the Pyro V3 from the deck fill port or the bottom.


  • Solid and bottom feed squonk 510 pins included
  • Adjustable honeycomb airflow inlets
  • Side and bottom airflow deck outlets
  • Single or dual coil easy to build deck

2. Wotofo Profile RDTA (Best Mesh RDTA)

Wotofo profile RDTA - Best Mesh>When Wotofo put their hand to rebuildables the result is usually a superb device to ape on. The Wotofo Profile RDTA is no different.

The main selling point of this RDTA is in its versatility. It can be used with Mesh or regular coils and as a dual or single coil RDTA or RDA.

The RDTA comes in at 25mm diameter and a pretty hefty 52.7mm in height. Not for the stealth vapers out there but that’s no problem for most vapers.

On review we struggled to find any negatives, the airflow is excellent, flavour very good and it wicks really well. What’s not to like!


  • Versatile RDTA
  • No dry hits
  • Excellent airflow
  • Single or dual / Mesh or regular coil – easy to use build deck

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3. Steam Crave Ragnar RDTA (Best RDTA for Cloud)

Steam Crave Ragnar RDTA - Best cloudsThis is one of the biggest RDTA’s available and certainly not one for the faint of heart!

Measuring in at a whopping 35mm diameter the Ragnar RDTA offers a huge amount of options for you to play with. So maybe a perfect for the hobbyist vaper.

This RDTA is capable of being converted into an RDA and can be used with single and dual coil builds. The flavour is good and the clouds can be huge.

Did we mention this can hold upto 18ml e-liquid? Wow…


  • 35mm diameter
  • Perfect device for the hobbyist vaper
  • Capable of huge clouds while still offering very good flavour
  • Mammoth e-liquid capacity

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4. Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA (Best Single Coil RDTA)

wasp nano rdta rangeThe Wasp range from Oumier have really impressed all round and the Nano RDTA proved to be “Flavour and Cloud Dynamite” when it arrived with Laura-Ann for review receiving the coveted 10/10 in all aspects.

This is one of the smaller RDTA’s on this list having a diameter of only 22mm but still manages the standard 2ml e-liquid capacity so no skimping there.

Styling wise with clear or resin barrel assemblies this also has a built in drip tip so not much scope for customising that but you can always grab a different colour barrel to pimp things up a bit.

The barrel rotates and feeds the side airflow inlets which then direct the air through tunnels in the deck posts and right at the sides of the coil.

The posts have slots in so you can slide the coil legs under with ease which I find a huge bonus on rebuildables as it is so much easier.

To refill a dedicated port is located on the deck


  • Single coil build deck chucking out the flavour and clouds
  • Slotted posts for easier building
  • Small diameter ideal for the majority of mods

5. THC Tauren BF RDTA (Best RDTA for Squonking)

tauren bf rdta rangeThe THC Tauren BF RDTA really impressed when it came to Ecigclick for review – chucking out the flavour and plenty of vapour.

The deck is for dual coils and has an angled post design – these posts make sure your coils are positioned perfectly in line with the 28 micro airflow outlets. Also being on an angle means the airflow is hitting the coils from the sides and below.

As the airflow inlets have a 45° angle pointing down as they enter the deck this should prevent any leakage through the airflow. You can also adjust the airflow by rotating the airflow control cap.

A 2ml e-liquid chamber is housed below the deck and the kit also includes a hollow bottom feed 510 pin if you want to use this on a squonk mod. If using with the solid 510 pin there is a port in the deck to add e-liquid. So this is in theory a top and bottom filling RDTA!


  • Gold Plated solid and bottom feed squonk 510 pins included
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to build
  • First class flavour and vapour

6. Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA (Best MTL RDTA)

galaxies squonk rdta rangeVapefly have kit appearing on a few of our top rated lists and for a new company they are really knocking out some quality items! The Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA lives up to its pedigree for flavour and vapour!

As this is for Mouth to Lung (MTL) vapers you will find the airflow control to be more precise. There is the standard rotating barrel airflow control plus two airflow inlet valves on the deck. Adjust the screws to close or open these valves to tailor the airflow further.

The name says squonk and this little beauty works a treat for squonking with the 2ml e-liquid chamber below the deck and the ability to store more e-liquid in a squonk bottle should keep you going for a while. If you are not a squonky type you can still refill the chamber from the top via the spring loaded fill port.

Being an MTL device this has a single coil deck designed for the higher resistance style coils and although only being 22mm diameter uses the space really well with two gold plated posts making coil installation one of the easiest out there.


  • Gold Plated solid and bottom feed squonk 510 pins included
  • Easy build single coil deck
  • Adjustable airflow via barrel and dedicated airflow valves on the deck.
  • Easy to use spring loaded top fill valve

What is a RDTA?

What is an RDTA vape?

RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer.

It falls under the RBA (Rebuildable Atomizers) category that includes RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and RTA’s (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers).

You can look at an RDTA as the result of an RTA and RDA having some funky time together. It offers dripping, like an RDA, and a tank that you can fill like an RTA.

How Do You Fill an RDTA?

It will depend on the RDTA you have. The majority are filled by removing the outer sleeve to access the fill ports.Filling up the Vandy Vape Pyro V3 With the fill port on the deck

Of course, if you have a squonk RDTA then it will be filled via the Bottom Feed (BF) pin.

How Do RDTA’s Work?

With RDTA’s, the build deck sits above the tank allowing your cotton to drop down into the juice filled tank.

As they also have a top cap similar to that of an RDA you can also drip e-liquid directly onto your cotton/coils.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it. Our Best RDTA vape list. It’s short and sweet but when the products are this good who needs a huge selection!

Do you have a favourite RDTA? We would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below!

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