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As Vaping CBD Based E-Liquids Goes Mainstream Here’s the Best CBD Vape Oil Brands We’ve Reviewed

Judging from what I’ve been seeing the vaping industry has begun to embrace the whole concept of CBD infused e-liquids.

Compared to last years Vaper Expo and indeed the one in May – CBD has jumped out of the shadows and into the light with very many more companies popping up and the more established ones increasing the size of their stand – customer and distributor base.

If you’re unsure of just what CBD is – then we have a Detailed Guide to All Things CBD – as well as a number of reviews on both the e-liquids and kits.

For a quick recap scroll to the end of this post.

OK so here’s a look at what I believe have been the best CBD vape oil / e-liquids I’ve tried over the past year or so – but please do your own research before deciding to try them for yourselves.

Recommended CBD Vape Oil/E-Liquid

CBD Asylum

best cbd e-liquid uk
CBD Asylum is a UK based company and one of the latest 100% natural CBD e-liquids we have tested and one of the best. They have a variety of CBD strengths from 100mg upto a huge 2000mg.

As can be expected the higher strengths come at higher prices but for some it’s definitely money well spent.

CBD Asylum have one of the best ranges of flavours from any CBD e-liquid brand we have tried with the Infuse Strawberries and Cream one of the best versions of this flavour Neil, our reviewer, has tried to date.

Definitely one to keep in mind when looking for a CBD e-liquid in the UK, they also have an excellent sub ohm CBD e-liquid range too.

Read Our Full Asylum CBD E-Liquid Review Here.

About CBD Asylum:

We believe if CBD becomes more accessible to a wider audience then it no longer has to remain as the worlds’ “best kept secret”! Our mission over the next few years is to keep innovating to ensure that CBD products and the benefits that they provide can be experienced by more and more people on a daily basis.

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Harmony CBD

harmony CBD-E-Liquid
One of the pioneers in all things CBD and especially when it comes to vaping – Harmony are undoubtedly a perfect port of call for anyone looking to try CBD.

I was able to review the company’s full range of flavoured CBD infused e-liquids and was knocked out [not literally lol] by the taste and the effect they had – certainly on my anxiety.

Fruit lovers will be happy as lemon – strawberry & mint and mango flavours are extremely tasty and as well as being effective.

Whilst the eau naturale’ types will love the OG Kush range which smells like a spring morning in the Hindu Kush valley – I should imagine – very earthy with a strong botanical smell and taste – perfect!

Since that review I was able to meet the team at Vaper Expo last May and was given a bottle of their CBD Pure Base.

Now this can’t be vaped on its own – it’s designed to add a couple of drops to your normal go to e-liquid.

I have used this for the past few months and find myself adding 3 drops to my e-liquid once a day.

This has kept my levels topped up and whilst of course my mental health issues – PTSD – depression – anxiety – complex trauma and what’s been called Hypervigilance – which might I add is both scary and exhausting – aren’t cured – the symptoms are dulled somewhat.

I say dulled – that’s not me walking around in a zombie state like I was on those heavy meds – instead I can cope slightly better – I am more alert and I’m not poisoning my body with those hard hitting drugs.

As I’ll keep saying I’m no doctor and I can’t say if CBD will work for you – however of all the products I’ve tried so far Harmony and in particular the CBD Pure Base are the best I’ve found.

About Harmony:

CEO/founder Antonin Cohen developed Harmony after realizing the urgent need to expand access to qualitative cannabinoids. By targeting the human endocannabinoid system, Harmony’s products can help many people on this planet to restore their internal balance and overall well-being.

Now available in full kit form.

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VSAVI CBD oil is flavourless, indeed the company recommends adding a drop or two of your flavoured e-liquid to make it palatable.

I reviewed this brand during a particularly stressful time – moving home lol – and used it exclusively for the week or so prior – during and after the move.

As I said in my review as a larger bloke I was pretty sure I really needed a much stronger does of CBD – this being just 1% in 100mg – they do also do a 200mg which I haven’t tried that would be a better option for those requiring a higher strength.

vsavi cbd oil 100mg

I received this with a really old style vape pen set-up complete with the silicone wick style glasomizer but it still vaped well. You can of course use this in your own tank!

For me, 100mg is a relative low dose of CBD for your money but for those new to CBD e-liquid 100mg is a good place to start.

VSAVI say:

If you are discovering the benefits of CBD then our Pure CBD e-liquids may be the best place to start. Vaping is the recommended and one of the most effective method of consuming CBD as vaping facilitates absorption into the body. Our CBD vape liquid is produced for VSAVI in Europe in “Clean Room” laboratories. It is safe, natural, pure and free from both contaminates and THC.

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Cannadorra CBD E Liquid

Cannadorra CBD e-liquid offer natural hemp terpene flavours that offer a more ‘realistic’ experience you may or may not be used to. Based in Czechoslovakia all of their products are EU Certified and Bio production so you can be safe in the knowledge they have been produced to high standards

The flavours include Spearmint, Skywalker, Mango Kush and Kush OG. The latter two offering the familiar hemp flavour.

They are only currently available in 50mg strengths so for those new to CBD it’s a good starting point but for those that already use it may not be quite strong enough.

Cannadorra say:

CBD obtained by alcoholic extraction from technical cannabis. The taste and flavor are supplied by natural hemp terpenes of the Mangokush variety.

Kanavape and Satijah CBD Oils

A quick update on these two ‘companies’.

All links now lead to Harmony – literally – as this is the team behind both brands who have decided to bring them both under the Harmony CBD umbrella.

harmony cbd eliquid

I spoke with Clara Herbaut from the company who said:

We just decided to gather Kanavape and Satijah under one strong brand: Harmony. We are not selling Kanavape anymore, indeed we are working on an improved version: The Harmony Pen and it will be released soon 🙂 We have now different starter Kits, to begin with, CBD vaporisation.

I had a quick look at the kits Harmony has available and they do indeed look like nice set-ups.

The Growth of CBD Vaping Oils

I was extremely pleased to see just how well the CBD market is doing here in the UK.

I don’t have any fancy graphs or stats to back that up – instead I have my experience of the last 3 Vaper Expos.

I barely saw one stand in October 2016 but fast forward to May 2017 and one or two were dotted about – though in the main e-liquid companies adding a few token bottles to their range.

harmony cbd vape e-liquid

Harmony were there with a tiny stand and it was great to meet the team behind such a success story.

Fast forward to Vaper Expo this October and whilst it wasn’t a CBD invasion – there were a number of large stands and all doing brisk business from a knowledgeable crowd!

Harmony for instance had gone from an almost table top stand to a very impressive set-up that was busy every single time I walked past – especially it seemed out back where the men in suits were doing the deals!

I was able to sample a few of the newer brands and indeed the guys from Aztec CBD – a UK based company – were kind enough to let me have a bottle to sample further.

So here are the three standout CBD vaping companies I spotted and chatted with at Vaper Expo…

My deepest apologies for a lack of quotes – I did indeed lose my notebook containing every single interview I did [there were many].

Aztec CBD

I was able to meet up with the extremely enthusiastic and very knowledgeable team behind Aztec CBD and was very impressed.

They’ve called this ‘Full Spectrum’ meaning absolutely every single part of the plant – minus the high inducing THC – is used giving they say a completely natural and potent dose of CBD.

The strengths are 100mg – 300mg and 500mg and I have currently been using the stronger Full Spectrum OG Kush.

aztec cbd

This isn’t one for the faint hearted as it is has an extreme terpenes taste but my goodness does this one do the job!

They also have more taste-bud friendly flavours [for those not into the strong herbal flavour of OG Kush!]: Ice Mint – Super Lemon Haze and Sweet Strawberry in the same strength options.

I’m hoping to get those to do a full review – suffice it to say the 500mg OG Kush is doing its job beautifully for me at the moment and I highly recommend it.

Sam Kahm from the team said:

We have each batch of products independently tested to confirm they are pesticide free and contain the stated amounts of CBD and Zero THC (0.02% or Less). Third Party Lab results are available on our website. We only stock products which have been Co2 extracted to ensure only the highest quality and most premium product.

Aztec CBD say:

AZTEC CBD produce a range of premium hemp products in the EU.
AZTEC CBD began producing hemp products in 2016. We are one of the first brands in the UK to offer affordable lab-tested Full Spectrum hemp products imported from the EU. Since then we have sourced the finest EU legal hemp with the best levels of CBD and set up our own fully licensed production facility in Europe – taking our products to the next level of quality and effectiveness.

Total CBD

I was extremely impressed by Total CBD and indeed did a full interview with the man in charge.

Sadly and yeah you guessed it – that has gone along with the rest of the interviews I did as I somehow managed to lose my treasured notebook.

I plan to contact the team very soon to try again!

total cbd
Total CBD at Expo – Impressive

Until then what I can say is Total CBD is a very classy set-up indeed offering not only delicious CBD based e-liquids but will be rolling out creams – balms – oils and lotions very soon.

I do remember asking if the vaping crowd were taking to CBD and if they/we had a basic understanding of why they might benefit from using it – to be told they were extremely impressed with the knowledge shown by both customers and distributors with in particular the elderly keen buyers.

Guess that’s me covered lol.

OK I was able to sample three flavours of CBD e-liquid: Berries – Menthol and Fusion..

I can remember my eyes lighting up as whilst there was a back note of that herbally terpenes taste the prominent flavour was indeed the er flavouring!

A definite case of a spoonful of sweetness helps the medicine go down!

These were extremely flavoursome and very smooth vapes and one I highly recommend at a good price too.

Total CBD say:

Based in Manchester and supplying products to retailers and customers around the country, it is Total CBD’s mission to bring cannabidiol (CBD) to a wider audience. We do this by creating the best quality products, using the best quality CBD, and making them accessible to as many people as possible.

We are passionate about what we do, and we believe this passion translates into high quality products.

Total CBD’s products all make use of genuine CBD crystals which we purchase from reliable and reputable sources from within the EU. Each batch of CBD has been independently checked and analysed, and we only use crystals which are certified to be at least 99.8% pure and free of any dangerous contaminants.


I spent a brief time at Vaper Expo with the team from CBD-Deluxe but was particularly impressed with the flavours they had – very tasty indeed.

Strength wise they currently seem to only offer 100 and 200mg CBD in 10ml bottles however these certainly tasted much more like a ‘normal’ e-liquid than other flavoured CBD liquids I’ve vaped on.

There’s currently 30+ flavours and the two I tried a very icy menthol and a lovely fruity mixed berry – were delicious – they also come in non flavoured mixers [or drips].


Whilst the company has a website they aren’t actually selling from it at this time but there is a link to their distributor – not sure if those are wholesale prices but at £15 for 100mg and £25 for 200mg the prices aren’t that bad.

CBD strengths available: 50mg right through to the 1000mg.

A good company with a nice set-up and hopefully the full range of flavours should be coming to a vape store near you soon.

CBD-Deluxe says:

Made with 99% pure CBD crystals and full spectrum cannaboid rich hemp extract. CBD Deluxe e-liquid is non-psychoactive and will not make you feel ‘high’.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is what’s left of the hemp/cannabis plant when the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is removed.

This means you cannot get high on CBD – nor has there ever been any reports of serious side-effects from overdosing on the product indeed it is classed as a non-toxic substance.

History suggests that marijuana does have some medicinal properties but the side effect as many of us know means it’s not exactly the best option if you need to stay shall we say serious and alert.

To date the powers that be in the medical world refuse to officially recognize either marijuana or CBD as having an medicinal effect – however that is slowly but surely changing.

There’s vast amounts of so far strong anecdotal evidence that CBD in any form – but particularly vaping – can help alleviate very many symptoms.

I’m not a medical practitioner but read any of my CBD reviews and articles and you’ll see it’s use has helped me considerably – again that’s purely anecdotal and what works for one may not work for another.

Over To You!

So, what is the best CBD e-juice you have used, featured or not featured here?

Let us know in the comments below how the whole experience was for you!

Personally I’m thrilled to see what I think is a remarkable and totally natural product entering the mainstream.

Of course you don’t need to vape to try CBD – it’s available in a variety of options including drops for the tongue.

So I hope this has helped you decide to give it a try – I for one am a huge fan.

CBD E-Liquid / Vape Oil: The Best 4 Brands for 2019

Best CBD Oil E Liquid

  1. CBD Asylum
  2. Harmony CBD
  3. Vsavi CBD
  4. Cannadorra CBD
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  1. Have you not tried Canavape ? You want to try that – they pioneered and introduced the concept in 2013 . (Or so I am told)
    Canavape make some other brands …. loads of them and their Vape additive is amazing – maybe do a review or start stocking their liquid – amazing stuff I would but it from your website anyway . Their website is just one n and I rate it the best CBD e liquid ever.
    Amazing service , I also rated harmony but never heard of the other two

  2. Brilliant to see this!

    The stigma of CBD is now starting to go – when you tell people Holland and Barrett even sell it now because it is perfectly legal – they start to warm to the idea.


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