best mouth to lung vape tankYou may know them as mouth to lung tanks or abbreviated to MTL vape tanks or simply an ecig tank.

You may also be a little overwhelmed by the number of tanks available right? Likely struggling to choose the best one? We aren’t surprised in the slightest. We have tested over 60 Mouth to Lung atomisers.

If you are on this page then you likely know all about the mouth to lung vaping style.  It’s where the majority of vapers will start their vaping journey.

This guide will focus on vape tanks that are great for beginners and for the more experienced mouth to lung (MTL) vaper.

What Are The Best Vape Tanks For Mouth To Lung Vaping?

If you are looking for a sub ohm (direct lung inhale) vaping experience then check out our Best sub ohm vape tanks here.

If you are thinking what’s the difference??? I’d recommend quickly checking out this mouth to lung vs direct to lung guide so you are sure what the best style of vaping is for you.

So let’s take a look at the best MTL vape tanks available in 2024.

zenith 2 colours

Editors Choice

  • 1 X 0.3ohm RDL coil and 1 X 0.8ohm MTL coil
  • Simple, slide top fill
  • Easy, clean coil swap
  • Excellent build quality
aspire nautilus gt mini best tank

BEST Tank For Flavour

  • Excellent flavour
  • Huge range of compatible coils
  • 2 X Coils included
  • Easy to fill & change coil
MTL and DTL options


  • Good for MTL and RDTL (restrictive Direct To Lung) vaping
  • Excellent build quality
  • UK company/brand
  • Top fill
  • New Customers – Save 15% With Code ECC
Best beginner vape tank - innokin T20

BEST MTL Tank for Beginners

  • Compact, portable device
  • Large, clear display
  • Powered by 18650/20700 battery
  • Save with code ECC
berserker v3

BEST Rebuildable MTL RTA Tank

  • Simple to build on
  • Top quality build
  • Top fill
  • Excellent flavour

1. Innokin Zlide (Editors Choice)

zenith 2 colours
One of the latest mouth to lung vape tanks from this vape giant is the Innokin Zenith 2. A collaboration with two of the best known vape reviewers (Phil Busardo and ‘The Vaping Geek’ aka Dimitris Agrafiotis) this is one of the easiest tanks to get to grips with.

This tank has all the features you would want from the easy top fill to the easy and clean coil swap. This updated Zenith tank also includes 2 new features. Removable glass, for easy cleaning, and an improved airflow control that offers a great MTL (Mouth to Lung) and RDL (Restrictive Direct Lung) vape.

The coils can handle a variety of e-liquid PG/VG ratios and the most important thing, the flavour is very good. While it comes with two coils in the kit there are a number of other coil options you can buy separately so you can be sure to find a vape just right for you.

It also looks great and has superb build quality, something that tends to come as standard with Innokin products.


  • 2 Coils included
  • Simple top fill and easy swap coils
  • Excellent build quality

2. Aspire Nautilus GT Mini (Best For Flavour)

nautilus gt mini feature imageNow we really love the Aspire Nautilus range of vape tanks and the GT Mini is a great addition to the line up. From the design to the performance this ticks all the boxes. It’s a beauty.

Not only does it give you an easy top fill (no poking an e-liquid bottle tip through a tiny hole) it also allows for a change of coils with e-liquid still in the tank.

The 22mm diameter Nautilus GT Mini offers a great mouth to lung vape with the coil options available. On last count there were around 9 compatible coils from the Aspire range so you should have no problem picking up a pack from most stores.

As with most Aspire tanks, flavour is on point as well.


  • 2 Coils included (1X 1.6ohm and 1X 0.7Ohm Mesh)
  • Huge range of compatible coils
  • Great flavour
  • Coils can be changed with e-liquid still in tank
  • Easy top fill

3. Jacvapour S22 Tank (Best for MTL and DTL Vape Options)

Best MTL Vape Tank - JAC VApour S22The Jacvapour S22 tank is a new release by the team at JAC Vapour and a very good one at that.

It’s a no nonsense design that is built to last. The S22 has a top fill design that allows you to change your juice easily on the move. Always a good thing.

The tank also allows you to dabble with 2 types of coil. It comes with both a 1.0Ohm coil and 0.5Ohm coil. Of course the latter will need an e cig that can fire sub ohm coils.

In short, the Jacvapour S22 tank is a worthy contender when choosing a mouth to lung e cig tank.


  • 2 X Coil heads – 1.0 ohm and 0.5 ohm
  • Easy to fill
  • Solid, well built tank

New Customers – Save 15% With Code ECC – Use The Link Below To Redeem

4. Innokin Endura T20 (Best Tank For Beginner Vapers)

Innokin t20 tankThe Endura Vape pen (T18 and T20) from Innokin has been one of the best kits for new vapers.

Here we have the T20 tank that will of course work on most devices, not just the Endura kit.

Simple to use with good flavour and widely available. Another tank that’s simple to use offering good flavour and a good starting point for new vapers or of course vapers looking to add a MTL tank to their setup.

The only real downside is that it only comes with one coil, however, it is a well priced tank from the outset.


  • Comes with 1 X 0.5Ohm tank
  • Well built
  • Top-fill design
  • Good MTL vape performance
  • Replacement coils widely available

UK – Save 5% With Code ECIGCLICK

5. Vandy Vape Berserker V3 MTL RTA (Best Rebuildable MTL Tank)

berserker v3
For vapers out there that like their rebuildable coils or simply fancy trying rebuildables out then the Vandy Vape Berserker V3 is a good place to look.

It’s very easy to build on and the flavour from this single coil setup is very good indeed.

Tanks like this usually don’t hang around and when the stock is gone it’s gone, unfortunately. So get yourself one while you can.

A welcome and much needed addition to the MTL vape tank world.


  • Very good flavour
  • Superb build quality
  • East deck to build on
  • True Mouth to Lung draw

Save 20% with Code ECC

6. Aspire Nautilus 2s (Best Selling MTL Vape Tank)

aspire-nautilus-2s-tank reviewThe Aspire Nautilus 2s is the latest in the infamous Nautilus line up of tanks and in one of the best mouth to lung tanks yet.

It is beginner friendly being easy to fill and change coils and the flavour it produces is spot on.

You do get drip tip options in the box so don’t worry ig the mouthpiece in the image looks a little long 🙂

Another excellent option from Aspire that should be considered carefully.


  • 2 X coil heads included: 1 X 0.8ohm and 1 X 1.4 Ohm Coil head
  • Easy top fill design
  • Great build quality
  • Excellent flavour
  • Perfect for beginner vapers

If you would like to see more mouth to lung RBA’s you can check out the following:

So there we have it. Our top picks for the best mouth to lung vape tanks and clearomizers. It’s only a small list but with the age of sub ohm vaping upon us many manufacturers seem to have set aside the clearomizer for new vapers to concentrate on sub ohm tanks. Hopefully we will see a change in this trend as these category of product is very important for new vapers.

There are others such as the Kanger Evod tanks and Aspire CE5 clearomizers that can be picked up for cheap prices. The above though listed product will offer more in terms of quality and performance.

If you are a direct lung inhaler then check out our best rated sub ohm tanks. Many are available with coil resistances over 1.0 Ohm so you can have a quality tank without the ‘sub ohm’ element.

Think we missed something? let us know what your favorite vape tank is in the comments below!

2024 – Best Vape Tanks / Top 6 Mouth To Lung For Flavour

Best tank for mouth to lung vaping

    1. Innokin Zenith 2
    2. Aspire Nautilus GT MINI
    3. JAC Vapour S22
    4. Aspire Nautilus 2s
    5. Innokin Endura T20
    6. Vandy Vape Berserker V3 MTL RTA
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Ecigclick Team

Ecigclick covers all the latest in vaping. The team have a combined vaping experience of over 70 years. We have personally tried and tested over 2000 vape products and aim to help you choose the right vape for your needs, whether you are a beginner or looking for a more advanced experience.


  1. Did a mistake in sending my question the first time. Plese read this one instead. I will repeat my question again here. Thank you.

    I’m a beginner in using vape and I wonder if you can mix Voopoo Finic 20 with the tank from other brands? I’m NOT quite satisfied with the flavour it produces and thinkng if maybe I can just switch the tank with some other tanks that could give more flavour. I have Vaporesso osmall and my e-juice tastes better with it. Any suggestions? Am using salt nic, btw. Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi I have a geek vape solo 100w and I have a aspire tigon tank on I was just wondering I have a.7coil in .77 now just wondering if you can tell me what is the highest amps and volts to let me know when to change coil thanks a mill

  3. Interesting article update.

    As of April 2020, anyone wanting an exceptional MTL tank, I would highly recommend you check out the following:

    – Vaporesso VM 22 Tank (or VM 25 Tank) – with the 1.0ohm EUC CCELL coil. (Supreme MTL vape.)

    – Vapefly Nicholas Tank – with the 0.6ohm MTL coil. (Flavour city. Avoid the newer 0.5ohm MTL coils. It’s not MTL.)

    – Eleaf iJust Mini Tank – with the GT-C 1.4ohm coil. (Hugely underrated.)

    – Uwell Whirl Tank (Standalone tank) – with 1.8ohm coil or 0.6ohm coil. (Very underrated tank.)

    – Aspire & Taifun Nautilus GT tank – with your favourite Nautilus coil. (Best Nautilus iteration yet.)

    – Joyetech Exceed X Tank – with the EX 1.2Ω coil. (Rock solid MTL vape. Dependable coils)

    – Innokin Zenith PRO – with the Z-coil 0.8ohm coil. (Perfects the Zenith. Big non-TPD capacity)

  4. Hey there, for anyone reading this thread, I will suggest a few real m2l tanks that were not on this list (it is an old list after all):

    1.Vandy Vape Berserker RTA All versions (Version 1 is kinda better than v1.5 but both are really great), there are Berserker Mini (22mm dia) and just regular (24mm dia), same for Berserker v1.5.
    2. Vapefly Galaxies m2l RTA, a great RTA that works with tobacco flavoured liquids (great flavour, dims the sweetness a bit).
    3. Vapefly Galaxies RDTA/RDA, good for dripping fans.
    4. Vapefly Nicolas m2l, although not RTA, it has great 1.8ohm m2l coils that last longer than any Ego/Cubis etc coils.
    5. Ehpro True M2L (has similar flavour performance as KF Prime as I heard),
    6. Cthulhu Hastur m2l RTA (24mm dia)
    7. Cthulhu Hastur Mini m2l RTA (22mm dia).
    8. Vandy Vape Berserker RDA (also great for dripping fans, maybe a better flavour than the RTA versions, but still a dripper).

    Siren V2 is already on a list, it is really a great m2l rta, that works best with creamy flavours.

    All RTA/RDAs and atomizers that I mentioned are really true M2L atomizers, except for Nicholas that aside 1.8 coil has an option for subohm coils (I think 0.5ohm).

  5. I’m not sure why the Innokin Zenith was left off the list. I have the Aspire Nautilus 2S also. It does not compare to the Zenith when it comes to throat hit and flavor. On top of that it has a 4ml tank. I bought the Zlide also. It’s not as good as the Zenith unless you care more about looks than performance. So why no Zenith on your list?

    • I too very much like the Zenith. Nice size tank and changing the coil is a breeze. I use the 1.6 ohm coils at a 8.2 watts for a Cooler vape. It is a satisfying Throat Hit and draw at 2 holes open. I don’t need to be lost in a Cloud of vaper and choke anyone around me either. Zenith is still a winner in my book. The best in all that I had used since 2012 and there was a lot of different ones out there to grow from cartos to tanks ( I even have several Vision Vivi Nova II 3.5ml tanks that can be still used as back up (and the coils can be rebuilt if needed). These were the top tanks to get back in the day of larger simple Top Fill Tanks.).
      The coils in the New Innokin Zlide look the same but with the smaller tank I suspect is the coils have to be shorter then the Zenith’s. I have had my Zenith for about 3 years now and had bought an extra one for a back up. So as long as I can still buy the Zenith’s coils I am more then satisfied with it.
      Still 10 stars in my rating for the Zenith.

      • Glad you’re enjoying the tank along with very many other vapers. It just shows what I know about vaping as I wasn’t really that impressed lol. Vaping like most things can be very subjective – what works for some doesn’t for others! Glad you’ve found one that works 🙂

  6. Good afternoon!

    I have a Vaporesso Revenger 220W. What if I change the tank for a MTL tank? Is it a good idea?

    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain.

      • Hi Jonny, I have been using Vaporesso target mini for 2 years now on MTL but would like something better that last longer in battery life, no problem with the target mini but I like the throat hit and I only use tobacco flavour any advice on an upgrade??


        • Hey Gerry,

          If the tank you are using is doing the trick for you then it looks like a move to a vape mod with a replaceable battery could be a good option for you. That way you can switch out just the batteries when the performance suffers. Plus you would be able to get some good capacity batteries if vaping at lower wattages for MTL.

          Goes without saying you will need to follow good vape battery safety practices.

          There are a couple in mind that still offer a compact device, although not on the level as the Target Mini!

          Check these out:

          Vaporesso Swag 2
          Innokin Kroma R

          Is that kind of device something you would consider? Let me know if you have any other questions.


  7. hi jonny i have vaporesso drizzle, and i have a problem which is i can’t find coil for it in egypt, so can i change it’s tank or something?

    • Hey Muhammed,

      We haven’t used the Drizzle kit but from having a quick glance you should be able to just change the tank.

      I’d suggest sticking with tank where the coil resistance is the same or near to the coils you use already.

  8. hi jonny i have an aspire zelous mod with the nautlis 2 tank. can you recommend a top fill tank to use for it as i cant get on with the nauty 2 tank as its a pain to take of and fill. thanks adam

    • Hey Adam

      The Jacvapour S22 Topfill tank should help with your frustration 🙂 It’s on the top of the list above and is a goodun.



      • I don’t get why anyone would recommend the JAC Vapour S22 topfill. It was the first tank I bought and fortunately I also bought an Innokin Zenith tank shortly afterwards if not I may have given up on vaping. The S22 spits, gurgles and floods, the coils (1.0 Ohm) don’t last long at all even if you get a decent one and they are physically quite fragile too.
        JAC Vapour also appear to suffer from frequent stocking problems so the coils can be unavailable for weeks on end (as can some of their eliquids and mods). The coils also seem to have batch quality issues and are only available from very few sources. The Zenith is a far better bet from my experience.
        After a year I tried going back to the S22 thinking it may have been my inexperience as a user when I started but no, it’s still useless and now lies in the drawer of death along with some unused JAC Vapour coils.
        For stock coil MTL I would recommend the Innokin Zenith (original) or Aspire Nautilus 2S tanks, they both have easy to use top fill, use stock coils that are easy to get, the 1.8 and 1.6 Ohm coils I use also last quite well, the Zenith ones being slightly more durable.
        Take care

  9. Hi Jonny,

    I’m currently using a Smok Stick V8 baby. I like a strong throat hit. I’m not a fan of huge clouds and would like to reduce my juice usage. Could you please recommend an economical MTL tank that will work with the Smok battery that produces a decent throat hit? Many thanks.

    • Hi Breda,

      I haven’t tried the SMOK Stick V8 Baby battery with lower resistance (MTL) tanks personally, has anyone else reading this used an MTL tank on a V8 battery?

      As a kit the battery has been designed to be used with the sub ohm tank.

      So while you may be OK to use a tank such as the Aspire Nautilus 2 with the 0.7ohm coil I would recommend investing in a small variable wattage box mod.

      This in turn will give you far more control on the type of vape you get ie; warm/cool etc.

      As for throat hit, your e-liquid will be a factor.The higher the nicotine strength along with PG ratio effects this.

      Sorry not a straight forward answer! Of course, any other questions please ask.

  10. I am surprised that the Joytech Cubis isn’t mentioned its an old MTL tank and can be used as sub ohm as well, no leaks whats so ever because the bottom is sealed. The coil comes out with the top so can change coils without having to waste any liquid. I have been using it for ages and would recommend it to anyone

  11. I’m using the Kangertech KBOX Mini, I’m looking for a good MTL tank to use that I can still pull on like I would with a cigarette.

  12. Is restrictive DL vaping a lost art? Favorite tank of all time is the original Herakles. The newer Smok tanks, Uwell Valyrian, etc. are just a mess of huge air with big but not dense clouds. Closing down the airflow on a tank that’s meant to run wide open doesn’t address the issue. Is there something, under the radar, that produces flavor and clouds, but with a little resistance, in the mid-wattage range, with top-fill?

  13. Completely left out the best MTL of all time, though it’s not necessarily a tank, it’s a coil: Triton 1.8 ohm. It fits many tanks, but it is the coil that is magic. I’ve done every MTL there is from Kayfun through to today and the Triton 1.8 ohm coil is the best. 2nd is original Nautilus coil, then Nautilus X. IF your into reuilding the new Berzerker is all right. I will try Siren II next. Hard to find good MTL reviews.

    • Good shout indeed. We reviewed the Aspire Triton Mini tank and totally agree on the 1.8ohm coil. It was also on this list for a long time but due to the availability of the tank we took it off.

      Although, as you know, the 1.8ohm coil is compatible with the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini so I’ll be sure to add that above.

      We’ve just posted a Digiflavor Siren 2 review and by all accounts it’s looking good.. Be interesting to hear what you think of it once you’ve tried.



  14. Hi, my husband is newish to vaping usually uses a vape stick but our son bought him a big vape (Coolfire I think?) that makes a hissing/crackling noise and puffs out huge clouds of vapour which is off putting. If he buys a different tank can he alter the amount of vapour and reduce the crackling noise?

    • Hi Mags,

      Yeah you can use the Coolfire with other tanks for sure.

      Crackling isn’t unusual and more annoying I guess than a problem. Be interesting to know the type of e-liquid (PG/VG ration) your husband is using in the tank?

      As for clouds, sub ohm tanks (I’m presuming you are using an iSub tank?) do emmit more clouds.

      If you are looking for a mouth to lung tank rather than direct to lung sub ohm tank (read about the difference here) then this will reduce the vapour output.

      The Jacvapour S22 tank sounds like it may be a good fit for your husband and is worth having a look at.



  15. Hi there, I have a smok alien v8 but I don’t really DTL vape very often, I really like the iclear 30s tank but unfortunately it doesn’t work on my smok. Could you recommend a tank that vapes the same as the 30s and that will be recognised on the smok mod please? Many thanks Angie

    • Hi Angie,

      Do you have the SMOK Alien or the SMOK V8? 2 different devices. If it’s the Alien then the iClear 30s should work on the mod.

      If it’s the SMOK Stick V8 then you may need a new battery, a variable wattage device preferably, as the V8 is really designed to pare with the sub ohm tank it’s comes with.

  16. I have been recommended a “Tron S” tank for MTL – and it arrived today – and OMG the vapour it kicks out is incredible -might be one to add to the list?

  17. Hi Jonny,
    Desperately seeking help so here goes.
    I am a smoker of 25 years 40 or so a day either rollups or fags doesn’t matter. I am looking for a vape pen and a mod box (both to be MTL as I have read). as I don’t know which I would like I have already purchased the House of Liquid Cigarillos flavour and am hoping this will mimic the taste of a real cigarette. Money to a degree is irrelevant as if it gets me off the fags then it would be worth every penny. I also do not want all the hassle of leakages messing about with coils etc. Could you please advise what vape pen and box mod to purchase that will help me kick the fags as I read one good review and then one bad review. Thanks for taking the time. Steve.

    • Hey Steve,

      Good to hear from you and good to see your looking to get off the cigs.

      Ok.. First up, there are only a handful of products that don’t require a coil change. How they work is you just replace the whole tank or cartridge once it’s run its life. So not sure if that’s what you mean by messing about with coils?

      Seeing that you are buying bottled e-liquid (good move) it only really leaves you with something like the V2 Pro Series 3.

      If you don’t mind changing coils, it’s easier than rolling up ;), then I would recommend the following MTL kits to get you started.

      Aspire Zelos Kit (Comes with Nautilus 2 Tank). I use this kit on a regular basis when I want a MTL vape.

      Aspire K2 kit.
      Jacvapour Series S Kit

      Or the Jacvapour S22 tank is also a very good MTL tank and can be mixed with most box mods. Can see our recommendations here and here.

      If you are also looking at other Tobacco flavours, I can highly recommend Black Note as well.

      If you have further questions on the above Steve please ask away!



  18. Hello there,

    Doing well with the vaping and not missing the cigs too much. I’m interested in a really small and robust vapor – looking at the coolfire pebble – I’m using the innoken t18 and I like a) the size of the drip tip eg not too big and b) you can vape MTL. Would the coolfire pebble be a good compact option ? It’s just the mouthpieces look too wide in the pictures I’ve seen.

    Many thanks


    • Great to hear Al!

      There are a few great little mod options about at the moment, the Pebble being one of them for sure.

      Others that are very good and very compact are:

      SMOK Q Box
      Wismec RX Mini
      Innokin Cool Fire Mini

      The mouth piece on the Slipstream tank supplied with the Pebble kit is designed more for Direct to Lung (sub ohm) vaping though.

      You can of course buy the mods alone in most cases and pair with another tank. Of course you can also continue to use the T18 tank you already have.

      The first few tanks on the list above (Aspire Nautilus 2 and Jacvapour S22) are very good options that offer mouth to lung. The S22 is also offers sub ohm coils that can be good for trying that style of vaping.

      I don’t want to confuse things too much but the Aspire Nautilus tank is available in a kit with the Aspire Zelos mod.

      This is a great pairing and while the Zelos mod isn’t as compact (tiny) as the Pebble it does still sit in the hand well and has better battery life. I’ve been using this on and off for a few months.

      Anyway.. There are a few to be looking at there. Have a gander and anymore questions please ask!



  19. Hi Jonny
    I am vaping with protank mini 3 , in terms off draw(tight draw) and cloud I am very happy with it but only problem is leaking even with dual coil.
    I am thinking to buy something similar even better than protank mini 3 , can you please recommend one please? Thanks

    • Hey Ali,

      What battery/ecig/mod are you using? Before recommending be good to know as the Pro Tank Mini is a very small diameter tank



  20. Hi jonny
    I’m on a Eleaf mod and a kangertech tank I’m thinking of getting the smok tv8 and 220 mod will it be to bigger step
    Thanks minty

    • Hey Minty,

      It is a big step in terms of performance and you will also need to brush up on your battery safety. But you have experience and if you are confident with using vape gear then you should be just fine.

      Just a couple of things to be aware of with the mod and tank you are considering.

      The 220W mod (I’ll presume it’s the SMOK Alien for now) – You will need to buy good quality batteries and an external charger. One with at least 2 charging points will be preferable so you can charge your batteries at the same time. If your mod takes more than two batteries by a charger with 4 charging ports. Xtar and Nitecore are trusted brands.

      Be aware of battery safety – Always carry spares around in a plastic battery case (they are very cheap). never leave batteries unattended when charging. Most importantly buy quality batteries.

      The SMOK TFV8 tank – The performance is superb. Just be aware this tank will go through juice a LOT quicker than your Kanger tank would.

      You will be fine if you are aware of the above though!

      Any other questions you have though please ask.

  21. Greetings, good sir.
    I graduated from e-cig to Ego but am now looking for a tank producing a better draw (mouth-to-lung). However, all I have seen are tanks with metal mouthpieces – I am not a fan. (The old cold steel – they don’t like it up ’em, Captain Mainwaring!) Are there any reliable tanks out there with the option of plastic mouthpieces?

    • Haha… Hey Philip, thanks for getting in touch.

      Yeah many people don’t enjoy the cold steel feel in the mouth!

      Many tanks such as the Aspire Nautilus Mini have removable/replaceable drip tips.

      So for instance, the tank in question, can be replaced with a plastic, Delrin, ceramic, wood drip tip (mouthpiece). They are known as ‘510 drip tips’. They are very cheap.

      The above is a great tank and if you can be bothered buying the extra drip tip then it’s recommended.

      Something else to keep in mind though with the Nautilus. Depending on the type of eGo you have the Nautilus Mini may be a little wider than the battery. You can search on Youtube to see what it looks like.

      If, however, you can’t be bothered with all that malarkey and just want to buy a tank ready to go then the Evod 2 fits the eGo well and provides good performance. You can also buy different drip tips to go with it.

  22. Hi jonny , I had aen eciggrate from a friend of mine but it didn’t come with charger , I don’t use it that much but still I can’t find articles about it it’s written on the bottom igreen , I tried to open to clean the tank but I couldn’t open it I dunno if it’s stuck or it just dosnt open !

    • Hi Taz,

      Do you have a link to the actual tank you have?

      If not, send over some pictures of the tank to us and I’ll see if I can shed a little light!



  23. Well I’ve had and discarded all these tanks as obsolete rubbish except for the Triton mini. The Nautilus x is of poor quality materials and engineering, they should have kept to their own previous high standard of engineering quality. The design of the drip tip/air-flow control is abysmal. I would recommend the Triton v2, eleaf melo 3 or ijust tank; all with aspire triton 1.8 ohm coils or vaporesso 0.9 ohm coil. My favourite carrying tank is the little eleaf gs-tank with 1.5 ohm coil (last for ever).

  24. We M2L users are completely forgotten. Our range is much smaller and more expensive. Why is that so? I think the M2L natural way, is not as attractive as D2L, but it would be nice if we had a wider choice.

    Thanks for the article.

  25. Where do you thing the triton mini and nautilus x will be reviewed and do you think they will be better than the nautilus mini


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