About Ecigclick

Launched in 2010 as a resource for fellow vapers and smokers looking to make the switch to get the latest product reviews, news and guidance to help choose a product to fit your needs.

This is a place to share your journey into vaping. We love to hear your comments on products and what you think.

Since our launch we have grown to be a trusted source for news and reviews with a superb team of avid vapers covering all levels of product. We are also home of the Ecigclick Vape Awards, our annual awards voted for 100% by you the vaper.

Who Are We?

ecigclickI’m glad you asked. I’m Jonny, founder of Ecigclick and currently based out of Manchester, UK.

After returning from a jaunt around the world in 2009, which increased my previous 10 a day smoking habit to 20 (I was a sucker for the cheap cigs in Asia) I accidentally came across an e cig online and loved the idea but didn’t give it much of a chance of working at the time.

After buying that cig-a-like kit it immediately helped me cut down but it was a three piece device that just wasn’t all that. Then I went into full on research mode. I was on a mission to see what else was out there (not much I can tell you).

After trying several LOTS of products, mainly ordered from the States, I was lucky enough to find an e cig that actually tasted great. All of a sudden this expensive exploration into the e cig world looked like it would be worth the while.

After 4 months of dual use, over which time I gradually reduced my daily cig intake, I finally had my last cigarette.

That was 2010. That was when I decided I would share my thoughts on the e cigs I had tried by creating this blog. Time has flown by and the e cig market has grown into a beast making the product offering even more confusing, even for seasoned vapers.

Our team of reviewers has expanded over the years to the point now where we have some of the most passionate vapers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, covering all levels of product. These guys really know their stuff and call it how they see it.


Just an all round top man. As a former 40 day roll up smoker, journalist, dog loving, book reading beach lover and all round good guy, Neil has a knack for making readers laugh out loud with his reviews and coverage of news in the vape world.

A passionate vaping supporter who’s as honest as they come. His e-liquid reviews in particular are a must read… I’m sure there’s a little Gordon Ramsey in there trying to break out:) Safe to say e-juice companies need to be on top of their game where Neil is concerned!

Check Out Neil’s Reviews Here

Dean – AKA The Devil Vaper

Dean - The Devil VaperA top dude who’s fighting it out with The Worthing Vaper in the impressive beard department.

Dean has been vaping since April 2014. It wasn’t until 2015 that he launched his excellent Youtube channel going by the name The Devil Vaper. His aim, like the rest of us, is to help people make informed decisions when choosing vape gear. Vaping is now so much more than just giving up smoking for him, it is a true passion and hobby.

If you haven’t already get your self over to his YT channel and hit subscribe.

Check Out The Devil Vaper Reviews Here

Kevin Jeffrey – AKA – The Worthing Vaper

Worthing Vaper - Kevin JeffreyKevin is a dedicated family man and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only that but he’s one of the most helpful vapers around and is may even be number 1 in the impressive facial hair department.

His YouTube channel (The Worthing Vaper) has helped thousands of vapers make a decision on their next vaping purchase. He is on a mission to help smokers make the switch and stay switched.

Kevin began his vaping journey way back in 2009 after he noticed his 3 year old boy copying the way he smoked a cigarette!

Subscribe to his YouTube channel for some straight up vaping reviews and advice.

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Laura-Ann (AL) has been on the Ecigclick team fro over 1 year now and knows her stuff. Hailing from beautiful South Africa, Laura-Ann is without doubt one of the most enthusiastic vapers I have ever had the pleasure of talking to and currently number 1 in the impressive tattoo department.

Vaping for 4 years Laura-Ann took a little time to take to e cigarettes due to not realising she was sensitive to PG in e-liquid. Since that discovery she hasn’t looked back and is now mixing her own zero nicotine e-liquid, although she hasn’t sent me any of her concoctions to try yet. hint hint…

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xmas-selfie-2-shellMichelle has been with us for a while and covered products of all levels. The thing with Shell is she knows how difficult it can be to fully make the switch from smoking to e cigs being a dual user for a while. Since 2018 though Michelle fully made the switch! Yay!

So it’s safe to say Michelle is a go to for those that are struggling to fully step over to vaping full time. Feel free to ask her for advice on how she did it and the products she used, she’s nice like that 🙂

You can check all Michelles reviews here.

Flat Cap VaperFlat Cap Vaper Reivews

Gaz AKA Flat Cap Vaper is one of the newest members of the team and another that has his own vape review channel over at Youtube.

Gaz started his e-cigarette journey almost 5 years ago after a 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day.

As a trained electrician ohms, wattage and voltage runs through his veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone. Flat Cap Vaper is definitely one to watch for on the YouTube Vape review scene and we are over the moon to have him on the team!

Subscribe to the Flatcap Vaper YT CHannel here.

Check Out Flat Cap Vaper Reviews Here

So Who Is Ecigclick For?

  • If you are finding choosing a product difficult then you are in the right place. We know what a difficult choice it can be. 2019 sees thousands of products on the market. While it’s impossible for us to cover them all we are having a good go! We are here to help you make an informed decision.
  • We have tested hundreds of products. We firmly believe there is a product for every smoker/vaper and today it is easier than ever to make the switch. As long as you are willing to give e cigs a could ‘crack of the whip’ we really believe they can help you cut down smoking or stop altogether.
  • We will show you individual product reviews in various categories ie: E-Liquids, Cig-a-Likes, Vape Pens, Box Mods, Sub Ohm Tanks, RDA’s and RTA’s to name a few. The great news is we have compiled a Top Rated list for each category to help narrow down your decision and make things that ‘little’ bit easier. This can be found in the top navigation bar.
  • All of our dedicated reviewers on ecigclick have 3-8 years vaping experience each and have serious passion for all things vaping.
  • Reviewers are sent the product via Ecigclick and are given implicit instruction to report back exactly how they found the product, warts and all.

Don’t stress! That’s what we are here to help with.

Join us to keep up to date with the latest reviews, news and vaping guides. Oh yeah… Did I mention we also have awesome giveaways and vaping deals on a regular basis?

Make A Start With The Following Posts and any questions don’t be shy, get in touch.

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